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The Charles Dickens Museum, London, England

The Charles Dickens Museum
dinning room plates
The Dickens Museum is located in Bloomsbury, London in the house that he resided in for many years. to be honest, I didn’t have extremely high expectations. I like doing kitschy things but hadn’t really heard anything about the museum. It blew me away. I had an amazing time and learned so much about Dickens that I never knew!  And it was amazing to see how the Georgian house would have looked during his lifetime and how it work have been run. It’s so beautifully presented. Plus all the volunteer gallery attendants were amazing and incredibly knowledgable!

I really felt like I got a better understanding of the man himself and why he wrote what he wrote. Of course, it’s amazing to get to see his writing desk as well. It’s quite small and you wouldn’t need loads of time to go through it, but I’d definitely still recommend giving it a visit if you have time to see something a bit different in London. It’s laid out beautifully and authentically (to my naive eyes at least). A must for any literary buffs!The museum also had quite a few costumes from the film “The Invisible Woman” with Ralph Fiennes, which Sam loved seeing. (I haven’t seen the film)

It also provided me ample opportunity to play and my dedicated readers know that I love any museum that allows me to indulge in my more childish impulses.
historical plaque
I’d kill to live in a home with a historical marker on it. There. I said it.
museum exterior
antique mirror
Hamming it up in an antique mirror.
dickens writing desk
Dickens’s desk. If those drawers could talk…
in the kitchen
In the kitchen, where we learned, sometimes servants slept on roll up mattresses.
Contemplating the finer things in life.
dickens parlour
Dickens was also heavily involved in the amateur dramatics scene and would hold readings in his parlour.
dickens portrait
The man himself.
dickens silhouettes
All around the museum are all these Dickensonian silhouettes, just ripe for copying.
dickens funeral and lock of hair
If you look closely, you’ll see a lock of his hair in the bottom right.
dickens bedroom
Dickens’s bedroom.
children's nursery and jail bars
Nursery and jail bars from location where Dickens’s father was incarcerated.
children's clothing

Children’s clothing.(See below for I was wearing on today’s excursion)

wall of dickens quotes
The wall of Dickens quotes.
wine cellar
Wine cellar.
please sir,
My best, “Please sir,….”

*Entrance to the museum is £8 and they do also have concessions. 
**This post was in no way sponsored by the museum. I just like museums. 

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