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Last week,  Lindsay and I went to see ‘Wedding Dresses: 1775-2014″ at the V&A. I’ve mentioned before that the V&A is my favourite museum in London, coupled with a love of weddings and all things girly; this was an exhibition there was no way I was going to pass up. After a remarkably unhealthy lunch of sweet crepes Lindsay and I went to the museum for our allotted time. Which segues me to this important point: you need to book tickets in advance as you are given specific times to enter the exhibition to prevent overcrowding. Tickets are about £13 and you can get them here.

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the special exhibition. (Though if you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen a sneaky little something something. And if you check out Lindsay’s post here you’ll see multiple sneaky somethings.) It was definitely worth seeing, and it retrospect I’d go again, but I do wish it was a tiny bit larger. You could comfortably see everything in under an hour. Highlights for me included seeing, Dita von Teese, Kate Moss, and Gwen Stefani’s wedding gowns. Kate Moss’s was my favourite due to it’s amazingly intricate beadwork and stitching. Lindsay’s favourite was Dita von Teese’s absolutely show-stopping purple Vivienne Westwood gown. 

If you have the luxury of time in London, I’d suggest never trying to see all of the V&A in a day. It’s impossible. So I’d recommend breaking up your visit into chunks. Besides the wedding exhibition, Lindsay and I also wandered around the Fashion and Theatre & Performance Galleries. (Where photography was allowed.)

 I’d never want to wear a corset all day, but I’d love to wear one around briefly.
fashion dresses
 Ah, an era of clothing flattering to my body shape.
fashion swim suits
 1920s wool swimsuits. That’s right, wool.
fashion red dior
 There’s nothing like some red Dior and a tiny Lindsay reflected in the mirror.
fashion dresses
 Please, let there me a period film in my near future with a costume resembling this.
fashion hoop skirts
fashion shoes
theatre and performance the producers
You might recognise this costume from “The Producers”.
war horse theatre and performance

Joey from “War Horse” is right there to welcome you in to the Theatre & Performance section.

Have you ever been to the V&A? If so, what was the most memorable part?

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