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Fulham Palace


When the weather is nice in London, you really have to make the most of it! So recently, on one sunny day I went to Fulham Palace. It’s the historical residence of the Bishops of London, and the gardens and home are free to enter! The building is usually only open Monday-Thursday and a few hours on Sunday, but the gardens are open every day from dusk till dawn.

The site has been home to the Bishops for over 700 years. However, Fulham was mainly used as a summer palace until the 20th century when it became the primary home to the Bishops of London.

While it won’t take you too long to go through the home. (It seems a bit grand to use the term ‘home’.) The gardens are lovely, and hours could be spent outside! The nearby allottments used to be part of the grounds of Fulham Palace, but they were donated by a former bishop to the people. You can also see the “Great Tree of London,” a holm oak, that is supposed to be over 500 years old! There are also some funky tree carvings done by the sculptor Andrew Frost, that can be seen around the gardens.

london, england travel
Tudor Courtyard
london, england travel
Fulham Allotments
london, england travel
london, england travel
london, england travel
18th century toys.
london, england travel
Bishops Robes.
london, england travel
Back of the home.
london, england travel
You can see where the chapel is attached to the building.
london, england travel
Inside the chapel.
london, england travel
Fulham Palace Library.
london, england travel
‘The Bishops Tree’ carved by Andrew Frost.
london, england travel
One of the thrones that has been carved into the ‘Bishops Tree’.
london, england travel
Within the walled gardens.
london, england travel
Skirt: Modcloth (sold out, similar). Blouse: similar. Shoes: Coach. Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Bag: Longchamp.

london, england travel
london, england travel
The ” Great Tree of London”. Looking pretty good for 500 +
london, england travel
A sneaky run through the sprinklers a la 1995.

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  • Looks like a great destination for a Sunday afternoon! And I love your skirt by the way 😉

  • Haha, I love the last two pictures!

  • What fun, that tree is a bit creepy though it seems if the moon is right they make start talking!

    • The tree is really weird. Ha, but that’s one of the reasons I like it- it’s creepiness! x

  • What a great way to enjoy Londons (too rare) sunny day! I’d never heard of Fulham Palace before, I’ll have to add it to the to-visit list 🙂

    • Too rare is true! I think Fulham Palace isn’t super popular as a destination because it was never a royal residence and it just isn’t as grandiose as some other options around! x

  • I love places like this with their beautiful gardens.

    Oh, and the duck picture is great. I also really like the one of you in the library.

    • Thank you so much! Both here and at Hampton Court I think the gardens are what really makes the properties special! x

  • The bishops’ tree is so cool! That looks like such a fun afternoon.

    • Thanks Belle! It’s a great art installation. There’s also a carving of a bishop laying like a sarcophagus lid but my photos of it turned out poorly. (Unfortunately!) There’s also a tiny seat carved into the tree around the corner from the throne. x

  • Alex @ She’s His Co-Pilot

    I love that this is free to go through.

    You’re adorable!

    Also, that library looks pretty awesome.

    • Thanks Alex! It’s great that there’s free entry! I was bummed out by the unusual hours (aka closed when most people have time to visit) but I suppose it let’s them run on volunteers, letting it be free! x

  • Cute skirt!

  • I love all old things, so I’d be all over this! You look like you always have so much fun–frolicking through the sprinklers is always a must. 🙂 And I LOVE that skirt!

    • Thank you so much! (It’s from Modcloth a few years ago.) I know my roaming and frolicking is pretty child-like but I spend a lot of time being serious so why not enjoy a bit of freedom every now and then, right? x

  • Your skirt is adorable! Looks like a fun place to run through the gardens on a sunny day!

    • Thanks Kiki! It’s from Modcloth which was one of my favourite online retailers and they do ship to England but it just costs a bazillion extra dollars. Needless to say, I haven’t had anything shipped here. It’s a lovely place to visit- you have to make the most of the sun when it’s here! x

  • I love all these pictures! I’m so jealous of your adventures. Thank you so much for taking over my blog today!!

  • I’ve always wanted to be in London and sadly I was not able to be in London for more than a handful of days when I was in the UK, but I’m happy I can live vicariously through you 😉 I’m making a list of what I want to visit based on your blog posts! This does look like a fun afternoon in the sun! And love your outfit 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the compliments all around! It’s just a sign that you are meant to come back to London and get to spend a lot of time here! xx

  • Hima

    Lovin’ those last two photos haha- it’s fun to be 5 years old again every once in a while! I’m also obsessed with your skirt! Love your blog, definitely following along now!

    HCxo, Hima

    Hima Hearts

    • Aww thank you so much! The skirt is from Modcloth but it’s a few years old now. And maybe it’s childish, but you have got to let go and have a little fun every now and then, right? I hope you enjoy reading in the future! xx

  • Need to mark this down as a must-visit when I get there! Also: I waaaant your skirt!!

    • Just think- you’ll be able to visit it so soon! The skirt is one of my favourite Modcloth purchases to date. x

  • Wow, what a beautiful place! And a run through the sprinklers is a must! I really love that skirt!

    • Thanks Rachel! A little child-like joy every now and then just to keep people wondering about my true acceptance of adulthood. The skirt’s from Modcloth but it’s a few years old now. x

  • Coffee Beans High Heels

    this place looks so beautiful! and your skirt is so pretty and looks so good on you!

  • I just love reading about the little pieces of London you share with us! It’s so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these little gems!

    • Amy that’s too kind! I’m only sharing the things I like to go and see- but I’m so glad that you get something out of it as well! xx

  • Thank you on both counts! It was a Modcloth purchase from a few years ago. x

  • Hopefully you’ll get a chance to go back! The closest tube station is Putney and then it’s still about a 10 minute walk. (Which may be why you never passed it!) Where did you study/stay while you were in London? xx

  • The Starving Inspired

    What a beautiful place!

    Country Girl’s Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

  • You must living there.. there’s just so much for you to discover and blog about. I’d feel really bad for you if you lived in my town. You’d take yourself to the beach aaaaand you’d be finished exploring. lol!

    • Haha ‘d just have to focus on the weird, awesome and tiny things nearby. Like when I was at in Stratford last year. Although that seems like another lifetime ago! I love the beach. I’d definitely set up shop there for the rest of the summer. x

  • You always have the cutest outfits! I can never resist sprinklers, it must be something engrained in my mind, see a sprinkler, must run through.

    • Thank you!!! And Yes! it has to be a 90s kid thing! See a sprinkler, want to run through it! I was just thinking the other day about the joy of the slip n’n slide. I must ask Sam if he’s ever experienced one! x

  • Gorg! When I first saw the title of this post I thought you meant the soccer stadium. I didn’t even know this existed. Thanks for sharing x

    • Ha! Fulham stadium definitely wouldn’t be my first choice of destinations but I’ve never seen a premier league game live and I think that’s a right of passage I need to experience! x

  • msmelaniemarie

    Did you get a new camera? These pictures are beautiful! x

    • I did! And thank you! I upgraded from my iphone to a legit DSLR (Canon EOS 1100 D- a beginner’s DSLR but that’s what I am!) I was using the kit lens but I’ve just purchased the 50 mm. x

  • Kelly Michelle

    I didn’t even know that Fulham Palace existed; it’s great how other peoples adventures teach you something new. As they say everyday is a school day!

  • Oh cool, this has gone straight on my ‘to visit’ board – for those carvings alone!

    • I didn’t even remotely do the carvings justice. They are really, really cool. You’ll love them! x