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Harry Potter Studios Tour (Part 2)

Last week I brought you (Part 1), which mostly consisted of the first studio, plus my recommendations on how to sort out your day. Now let’s take a look at the outdoor lot and the second studio of the Harry Potter Studios Tour!

We were extrodinarily lucky and the weather during our visit was gorgeous! But there are some great things to explore outside so try not to skip it even if it is raining. Plus that’s where the butterbeer stall is. And it is DELICIOUS. It’s seriously good. Obviously is inordinately expensive, but it’s a once in a lifetime chance. (Unless you go to Harry Potter world in Orlando. These are the only two licensed official vendors of butterbeer.)

And then you go into the robotics and mechanics part of the tour, which is incredible. The fact that Hagrid was sometimes just a robotic head on a very tall (6’10”) man’s body still blows my mind a little. After that you reach Sam’s favourite part of the tour, Diagon Alley, followed by the giant model of Hogwarts.

Until “Deathly Hallows” Hogwarts was not CGI. All the amazing shots of the castle were filmed with care and precision on this perfectly scale, replica model.

Harry Potter Studios
Excuse my derp, derp face. I was just so excited to be on Diagon Alley.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
Make sure to take a peak inside the Knight Bus. It’s fully kitted out inside.
Harry Potter Studios
Hanging around #4 Privet Drive with butterbeer in hand!
Bag: Coach. Skirt: Target. Top: Joy Shoes: Converse
Harry Potter Studios Tour
 #4 Privet Drive is being attacked by a zombie child whilst I just freeze smiling in terror!
Harry Potter Studios Tour
My neighbor at #3 Privet Drive greeting me (also with butterbeer in hand).
Harry Potter Studios Tour
On the Hogwarts Castle bridge.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
Throwing the elderwand off the bridge.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
Sam and his new friend, Buckbeak.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
 Diagon Alley with all it’s quirky Dickens influences.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
 Entrance to Gringotts.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
 Ollivander’s wand shop.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
Owl emporium.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
Harry Potter Studios Tour
If you look at the far right corner of the photo you’ll see a man taking a picture. That should give you an idea of the sheer scale of this model!
Harry Potter Studios Tour
Sam admiring the castle.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
Hogwarts castle bridge.
Harry Potter Studios Tour
Admiring the view.
Harry Potter Studios Tour

 Each of these wand boxes has the name of a crew member from any of the 8 films on it. What a great way to be remembered!


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  • Hooray for part 2!! Just like I imagined the place – absolutely magical! And I didn’t know that about Hagrid! Can’t believe it either!

  • I want to go to the Harry Potter studios even more now after seeing your posts on it! Looks like you had a fab time! I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about butterbeer, think I will have to try it myself! xx

    • Butterbeer is very sweet- it tasted like a cream soda with butterscotch and whipcream on top. Mmmhhmmm…. I hope you get a chance to go soon! x

      • sounds incredible! I hope to go soon too 🙂 thanks for replying!! xx

  • That castle model is amazing! I love the idea of having each crew members name on a wand box. This just sounds like an amazing day!

  • I’m not a Harry Potter fan and haven’t even read any of the books (I know shock horror!) but I have to admit this does look like a fun day out!

    • Someone else commented that they hadn’t read the books or seen the films and they still had a great time there- so apparently it’s true! (Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you 😉 ) xx

  • Haha the photos of you ‘hanging around’ 4 Privet Drive are so cute. You look so happy!

    • Hahaha thank you! I was embarrassingly happy! Like way more happy than all the kids there…. x

  • These pictures are making me want to go back for another visit!

  • One word: BUTTERBEER! So, so good. Now, you have to come back to the States for a visit and go to the Universal Studios version!! 🙂

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    You are totally in your element here – I can see the look of joy on your face! What a way to celebrate your birthday! xx

  • aaaah this is so extraordinary! You look so excited and it’s contagious! That model is just breath-taking! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • Hahaha thank you! I was like a kid in a candy store! (Or me in a cake shop.) But seriously, I thought it was incredible! x

  • It’s brilliant isn’t it, a great setup! I got really overexcited (no doubt making lots of derp derp faces) over the Butterbeer!!

  • The attack of the zombie kid line had me laughing out loud 🙂 This looks like such a blast! Thanks for sharing!

    • Haha, thanks! When I saw that photo afterwards on my computer, it cracked me up because I don’t remember that kid being there at all! x

  • Oh my gosh, I squealed with excitement for you at every picture!! I’m definitely adding this to my bucket list!! 🙂 SO glad y’all had fun! (but how could you not?!)

  • How freaking cool!!! I just love it!

  • Chelsee

    Oh this looks like so much fun! I would love to visit this place. I do love some Harry Potter! Thanks so much for linking up for the Let’s Be Friends blog hop today!

  • stopping over from the Travel Tuesday Blog Hop (my first time participating), I just had to see what the HP Studios tour was.. I will be going to London in a couple of weeks and I’m adding this to our list!!

    Diana | Life in German.

    • Hurray! I hope you do get a chance to go and enjoy it! Just be aware that you have to book tour tickets ahead of time (you can’t get them at the doors.) xx

  • I love these photos, they remind me of last year when I was there. It’s such an amazing experience! Harry Potter is the best!

  • oh my god, i cannot get over how amazing the place looks! just thinking about making a visit makes me so excited, haha. these are such great photos and you look so happy! xx

    • Haha thank you! And don’t worry- I’ll have huge second hand excitement for you when you go! xx

  • Alyson

    looks magical!;)


  • Hima

    AHH it all looks amazing, especially for a huge HP nerd like me! I went to the Orlando one a couple of years ago, and LOVED the giant outdoor Hogwarts!

    HCXO, Hima

    Hima Hearts

  • Absolutely incredible!! Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about HP! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is in my “backyard” here in Florida, but I’m hoping to cross the pond and see the real sets soon!

    • We just need to switch lives temporarily! I need to go to Orlando and you need to go here 🙂 xx

  • msmelaniemarie

    The Hogwarts model was my favorite part of the whole thing. So magical! Also, they’re building a bit of London (from real London landmarks to Grimmauld Place) at Universal Studios here in Orlando as a part of the new Diagon Alley installment! I got a peek of some of it over the construction walls and am so excited for it to open soon! 😀

    • That’s so crazy! I’ll have to arrange an Orlando trip after it’s finishes 🙂 The model just blows my mind a little bit because it’s so intricate and the photos just don’t do it justice! x

  • How absolutely amazing and incredible.. and exciting all wrapped into one. No wonder you were rocking a derp derp face…. I would have been soooo excited to visit Diagon Alley! I mean really! I’m so glad I got to peek in on your experience through your pictures. But I can imagine that the pictures don’t do it justice. Okay, let’s be totally nerdy for a moment (a moment.. pretty sure we’re always nerdy…) how magical was it!? I mean, you must have felt like you were somewhere actually magical…… I’m sure there was a magical buzz floating in the air…!!

    • Hahaha I was like a kid on Christmas Day times a million. Sam said he didn’t think that there was anyone in the history of the world that was as excited as I was at that moment in time. I just went nuts for it, plain and simple! 😀 xx

  • It’s crazy that most of the castle shots were filmed using that replica model! I bet seeing it in person was absolutely thrilling. Although, much like everyone else, I wish Hogwarts castle was a real place that you could actually visit 🙂

    • Hahaha and that it was a real school that we all could have been shipped off to as kids would be nice as well. I was really surprised to learn that most of the shots were with the model- I had just assumed they were CGI! x

  • Did you get a wand? I’m totally getting one when I go (gonna hardcore geek it out)

    • Ugh no. I wanted to- I wanted to buy pretty much everything from the giftshop- but it was all sooooooo expensive. I did meticulously go through all the options that they sold, just in case I every go back with more money 😉 Haha and I’d like this awesome set of deathly hallows pajamas. x

  • Yay more Harry Potter studios! I love that the wand boxes all have a member of the crew on them–that’s so cool! I’m glad the model is so huge because I’ve seen photos and I always thought it was tiny 🙂

  • YEEAAAHHH! And you should use that Diagon Alley photo for every profile pic. Seriously the best. This whole post makes me want to go back. Which I will be in August with an American friend. Cause I’m just nerdy enough for three visits. xx

    • Go again! Go again! Go again! Have you seen the latest adverts for it on TV? The people in it aren’t that pumped to be there. Clearly the makers just need to follow you and I around for the best commercial ever! x

      • Oh we would definitely make the best commercial ever! ‘See folks, even adults can get ridiculously nerdy over here!’ x

  • I feel like I’m in the Harry Potter studios through your photos! I want to go!

    • Hopefully you get the chance soon! (And I get the chance to follow in your footsteps in Italy!) x

  • oh my gosh that castle is amazing! I love seeing those “Bigatures”. I know that LotR used them a lot as well. So amazing!

    • Agreed! I found all of it so fascinating! (Although I suppose I would find anything to do with HP interesting…) xx

  • Amazing pictures! Makes me want to watch all the movies again!