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St Anne’s Manor Spa

Actors can’t pick their schedules to suit them, my birthday was the fourth year running that Sam had a show on it. Which just meant that we got to celebrate a few days early by getting out of London for a few days. As a special birthday treat Sam booked us in to the St. Anne’s Manor Spa (a Hilton in Berkshire).


Despite the fact that the hotel was very busy because it was hosting both a wedding and a golden anniversary party AND it was a Bank Holiday weekend, the staff were very attentive. In fact, we were even given an upgrade on arrival which suited us perfectly! Not only that, but we were also informed that we were more than welcome to stay and continue to swim in the spa pools after check out on our last day before our train back to London. 

hotel review wokingham country house hotel berkshire, england
The back gardens of the hotel.
hotel review wokingham country house hotel berkshire, england
Hotel lobby.


hotel review wokingham country house hotel berkshire, england
Enjoying the sun, even though it was possibly the only hour of sun all weekend.
hotel review wokingham country house hotel berkshire, england

Our room had been recently refurbished, but the highlight of it was the bathroom. The shower was amazing! The shower itself was bigger than the entire bathroom in our London flat Apparently other rooms in the hotel are still awaiting refurbishment, so if at all possible, request one that’s already been done up. 
The weekend break location drew us for two reasons. One, it was a day spa and all we really wanted from the weekend was relaxation. And two, the hotel had acres of ground for us to explore. (And despite the pouring rain for the vast majority of our time there, explore we did. If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen some of these wet weather adventures.) The massage therapist at the spa was wonderful. She made me feel quickly at ease and if I was ever super wealthy I’d employ her to come round at least 3 times per week. The pool and hot tub made for some enjoyable swims, but they could use a little TLC in a future refurbishment. 

We ate dinner in the restaurant one night and it far exceeded my expectations for previous Hilton dinner fare! Both of our mains were lovely (beef for me, pork for him) but the dessert was the star of the show. The only complaint I have about that meal was that the entree course was a bit too small, and some people might think the desserts were a tad large. (Although I’ve never met a dessert too large for me.) The first breakfast we had at the hotel was wonderful and the second standard. I was a bit disappointed, to be honest, because after the first morning’s breakfast I was so excited for the next day’s and it didn’t live up to my expectations.  The second night of our stay, we dined elsewhere and loved our choice. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend going to The Three Frogs for dinner. 
My rating of the Hilton St Anne’s Manor Hotel- 3.5 Stars 

hotel review wokingham country house hotel berkshire, england
hotel review wokingham country house hotel berkshire, england
More of the grounds.
hotel review
Sam soaking up the sun.
hilton hotel review
Playing in the playground. It was my birthday weekend after all.

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  • Amy @ the tide that left

    He’s a good egg, your fella. What a treat to take you to a manor spa for your special day.

    • What a good birthday present right? That’s the kind of present I’d take any day πŸ™‚ x

  • What a fun weekend getaway! That room looks awesome, love getting a hotel room with a big bathroom since ours at home is so tiny!

    • Yes! Our shower is sooo shitty (to be perfectly honest) so this felt like such a crazy luxury! x

  • The Starving Inspired

    What a beautiful manor…

    Country Girl’s Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

  • What a stunning location! It sounds like you guys had a great stay with some delicious food!

  • Heather Young

    Sounds so relaxing! Early birthday celebrations are the best. By the way, has anyone told you Sam looks like the lead singer in Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds? Especially in the video Top of the World. I have a weird penchant for facial similarities in people…it’s a gift (haha).

    • No! But I just did some googling of various picture and you’re right! That’s a great celebrity doppleganger for him! x

  • It looks beautiful! I just love English manors! Definitely not similar to any Hilton I’ve seen before!

  • I lurve hotel rooms with generous bathrooms!!

    • YYyyyeeeessss! The shower head itself was the size of a small pillow set into the ceiling. Basically it was amazing! xx

  • This looks beautiful! I’ve never stayed in an English Manor, and this may be now on my bucket list! Happy Birthday, too!
    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  • For some reason I was not following you on Instagram!?! See this is what happens when I’m trying not to be a super stalker and I miss out πŸ™‚ Looks like a nice way to have a relaxing birthday weekend!

  • That is a beautiful hotel! I’m glad you had a really enjoyable and pampering birthday weekend

  • What a great way to spend your b’day weekend! Your room looked really, really nice!

    • It was so nice! I was really pleased with our free upgrade- and it was only because we had to wait 30ish minutes because our original room wasn’t ready yet when we arrived to check in! x

  • I love a good spa visit. Great idea for your birthday weekend getaway! I’m not going to get away but I’m definitely booking a massage for my birthday!! xx

    • Can you believe it was only my second ever massage in my life?! What a fool! What else have I been NOT wasting my money on?! xx

  • Ohh, I’m so glad you had a good birthday weekend! The photos are lovely!

    belle + compass

  • It is soo pretty!!! I love it!!! So jealous!

  • sometimes a weekend away can be so rejuvenating, this looks like such a pretty place to stay!