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The Hidden Cash Hunt, London + Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

On Saturday morning, before going about our regularly scheduled Saturday activities, we decided that we would participate in the Hidden Cash hunt in London. After looking at the first clue, knowing it instantly, and thinking “Hey finding, £100 would be pretty sweet!” we headed over to Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park.
Hidden Cash is run by a San Francisco millionaire with the goodhearted intention of making people smile. It’s a treasure hunt. With actual treasure. I’m in. It’s all done through twitter, and you can see the account here.  It’s been done all over the US, and London was the first international destination.
Whilst we didn’t find any cash, we had an awesome time searching, and that’s the whole point, really. Plus, whilst hunting for money, people were picking up rubbish and throwing it in the bin, so helping clean up Hyde Park was an inadvertent, but good side-effect of it all!
the hidden cash hunt london
Double checking the first clue.
the hidden cash hunt london
hyde park horses
the hidden cash hunt london
The searchers centered around the Peter Pan statue.
the hidden cash hunt london
The Peter Pan statue.
the hidden cash hunt london
Some very enthusiastic looking!
Top: Joy. Shorts: H&M old (similar). Shoes: Joules. Socks: TopShop. Sunglasses: RayBan.
the hidden cash hunt london
Sam decided to have a bit of a rest after frantically searching the woods, while I was still running around like a mad woman.
along the serpentine london
hyde park, kensington garden
Eventually, we both gave up.
I walked around Hyde Park barefoot. Hope that doesn’t gross you out.
After giving up the hunt, but before returning to our Saturday plans, we took a much needed wade into the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. (It’s not disrespectful, you’re encouraged to put for feet in.) There were hundreds of kids in their swimming suits splaying in the fountain, as well as quite a few grown-up kids as well!
Here’s a brief history of the fountain: The goal of the memorial was to be inclusive; a place for all walks of life to come together to have a nice wade or a lovely spot for to sit and think. But it’s quite controversial because it’s been plagued by error. It’s flooded, dried up, been vandalised, and several people have gone to the hospital for slipping since the monument opened in 2004.
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
That’s actually an optical illusion. Sam is not exercising his excellent footballing skills in this photo.
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
The water is pretty chilly. Sam learned this the hard way after being splashed by a passerby.
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
Has anyone else participated in the #hiddencash hunt?

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  • What a lovely idea!!

    • I’d like to think that if I was rich I’d spread good cheer..but this is a really fun thing to do! x

  • This is the most awesome thing ever, do you think they will do it in small remote towns in Northern Sweden? Yeah me either but man o man finding money would be so cool!

    • Yea…. probably not. I think the next international location is in Spain. But maybe if you tweet them asking nicely 😉 x

  • The cash hunt sounds like a blast! You two are adorable, love your outfit!

    • Haha thank you! I bet it might come to you one day, since you’re living in a capital city! (Hopefully before winter…) x

  • The Starving Inspired

    What a fun idea! …What a lovely millionaire. 😉

    Country Girl’s Daybook

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    The hidden cash hunt sounds like so much fun. I love that it made you change your plans (or at least put them on hold) and to get out and do something different.

    Love the pic of Sam with the football. Awesome!

    • Ha, put them on hold… It sounds fun and spontaneous, but it’s also pretty selfish. I mean if we had both found envelopes that would have been £200! That’d be a good hour’s work! 😀

      I had NO idea the football was even in the picture until afterwards. x

  • That sounds like so much fun!! Reading about all of ya’lls adventures in London really makes me want to go – not that I didn’t want to go before, Helllooo HP. Anyways, you should submit (if you haven’t already) your stuff to London tourism publishers.

  • Fun! I want to live in London- there’s just so many cool things you can do there!! I love the idea of the fountain. In my mind I thought- Diana would have loved the idea behind the fountain. She would want people to come and think, enjoy and splash around. But then I think- what do I know!! I never met her. But I think a lot of people sort of think that way about her. She just seemed so down to earth and everyone really loved her, even though they had never met her.

    • I know exactly what you mean! I feel the same! She seemed to really love kids so surely she’d love a place that everyone can get together and just have a really nice family day. But like you said, I never met her so……! x

  • I love that fountain! Except when I went to it, it was January, soooo I didn’t get to wade. 😛

    • It was my first time actually going into it because all my previous visits had been too cold. There were 100s of kids there in bathing suits. It was really, really fun to see people gathering at the memorial for family picnics and a nice day out. x

  • How neat!! I have never heard of this! Following now!! 🙂 Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous! Love love love this entire post 🙂

  • I think so too. She famously loved kids so it just feels really appropriate now (even if it was semi-contreversial when it first opened). x

  • The treasure hunt is such a cool idea. I’ve never heard of it before, and now I’m all about getting somewhere to try!

    • I think Spain is next abroad and they’ve done them all over California, New York and Chicago so hopefully there will be one near you soon 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of that treasure hunt, but it sounds fun! I love your top btw.

  • Oh wow that’s so cool! I had never heard of such a thing! Looked like a beautiful day to be doing that as well and walking around the grass and dipping your feet! London looks so good right now! It’s hard to imagine it being that warm in the UK haha

    • Hahah the warmth really comes and goes. Last July was really, really, nice weather-wise and I’m hoping for that again! x

      • Oh my gosh yes I remember I spend a weekend in London last summer and it was SO hot! Like dreadfully so! But I do wish you good weather for the upcoming months 🙂

  • That sounds like so much fun! I would love to do a treasure hunt.

    • Your exact location is a secret so I can’t say off the top of my head (having stalked the hiddencash twitter account rather obsessively) if there will be one near you soon, but you should check! x

  • That seems like such a fun idea! Also, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your shoes!

    • Thank you so much! It was a great day. I love my shoes but they aren’t thoroughly broken in yet, so they can get pretty darn uncomfortable! x

  • that sounds so fun! and it looks like it was the perfect day for a treasure hunt:-) xx

  • Alex @ She’s His Co-Pilot

    I really want to do the Hidden Cash search in Toronto! But every time I see the clues come up on Twitter, I’m stuck in my office at work 🙁

    That looks like so much fun though! I hope you get to do it again and actually find the cash!

  • How fun! I love scavenger hunts, but have never heard of this. BTW, cute shorts.

    • Thank you so much! Follow the twitter account and maybe it’ll come to a town near you soon! I was so surprised that it crossed the Atlantic and came here! x

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