Yes, I Did Eat That

The internet has been a buzz with the popularity of the instagram account ‘You Did Not Eat That‘. The account has only been up and running a few weeks but it already has over 100,000 followers as well as being featured in major publications online and in print. Basically, the premise of the account is that it re-blogs pictures of famous, thin, bloggers/models eating decedent desserts or greasy foods.

I get the anger that’s behind the creation of the account. I really do. I don’t think most of it comes from a place of jealousy, but from a place of disgust at the new “idealised” image of womanhood. Now women are supposed to be effortlessly thin, with an appetite that can pace any man’s. Some bloggers even famously admit to buying food solely for use as props and then throwing it away. Some pretend to eat like crazy while actually be really careful with what they eat, making their throw-away diet tips quite dangerous, in reality. But…..


I think this is a dangerous veer deeper into the realm of shaming women about what they eat, and about their bodies in one go. It feels like another attempt to police my behaviour and body image as a woman. And that is something that the world doesn’t need. The more you police what is going into someone’s mouth, the more awareness they will have of every morsel they are eating, along with a heightened sense of guilt. Judging a person’s diet based on how they look doesn’t make sense. I’m no stranger to poor body-image, and this smacks me of feeding the fire. You can be overweight and healthy, just like you can be slim and unhealthy.

i did eat that #youdidnoteatthatIt was delicious.

Frankly, I am exceedingly biased on this issue. Part of me would hate to show up on the account. It’s embarrassing. And I don’t want to be embarrassed of what I’m eating. If I was reading a recipe post from an overweight blogger I would never think it okay to comment, “If you only eat salad why are you fat?” However, on nearly every recipe that I post on this space I get a very good-natured comment wondering how I manage to stay slim.  I eat cookies, I eat cupcakes, I eat potatoes, I cook with butter, I love bread. But not every single day. At this point in my life, I am okay metabolism-wise; as long as I am eating in moderation, having a dessert after dinner isn’t a big deal. Yes, some days I eat hyper-creamy pastas with bread and wine. And yes, somedays I just have salads.

It helps that I do most of my own cooking/baking from scratch. It’s easier to take care of your body when you know what ingredients are in your food. You know what you are indulging in more specifically. Eating out is a treat for me, and I rarely eat fast-food. (I’m not fast-food shaming, there just isn’t any close by me. I love McDonald’s breakfasts.) I don’t go to the gym, but I do lead a fairly active lifestyle. Basically, no one knows what goes on behind close-doors in my home food-wise, so why make assumptions about other bloggers or models or celebrities?

I think that it should go without saying that everyone, even the skinniest amongst us, indulges occasionally and that’s okay.  And everyone occasionally cuts back on what they are eating.

In short, food doesn’t need to be any more angst-ridden than it already is. Leave food alone. Today I had a bowl of ice cream. Maybe tomorrow I won’t. And yes, I ate that.

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  • Love this. I’ve heard about this account but haven’t actually looked at it yet. It’s terrible the way people nowadays shame women about what they eat. To be honest, I eat what I want. Somedays I want to be healthy and other days I don’t. Everyone should just do what makes them happy and not feel ashamed about it 🙂

    • Exactly. People are varying sizes and that can be completely unrelated to the fact that they have a donut every now and then! x

  • I love this post! As a person who is shall we say curvy I do sometimes feel self conscious when I post recipes like mac n’ cheese but they are the best recipes to post I mean everyone knows how to make a salad right!?!
    Also I think there is a huge lack of understanding about how each person has a unique body just like their facial features. My mom is very slim because that is how she is genetically and while I got some of my genes from her those were not in the package, my youngest brother though is slim like her and will be his whole life which I am sure as a teenage male is hard for him. I am currently trying to get myself fit but being realistic in my shape and what fit means for me is not what it would mean for others.

    • Yes, yes, yes, yes! And frankly, I love salad but it’d be sooo boring to blog about!

      My mom is very thin. She could easily eat and entire box of Chips Ahoy cookies (her favourite) and it wouldn’t make a difference. But my dad has to be a lot more conscious of what he eats or he’ll gain weight. It’s the luck of the draw gene wise! x

  • Brava.

  • Cheers to this! Seriously love everything about this post it is all so true. I get so annoyed when my co-workers comment on how I am having yet another salad and how boring and healthy that is. I eat in moderation so I can have a little of whatever I want so keep your food comments to yourself. Exactly what you said, I don’t comment on how they are having pizza for the fourth time that week then complain about being overweight. Comments about food is a sensitive topic for me as well so I bow to you for this post!

    • People sometimes just jump to crazy correlations between food and people which aren’t true. You eating a salad can become you must be dieting, but you are already skinny so you must be obsessed with how you look. OR maybe you just like salad? You eat more healthy than I do, but you’re really passionate about it as well, so who cares? x

  • Amen to this. I eat every item of food I post on my blog (unless I specifically state that someone else ate it!), but I don’t eat the cookies and cakes that I provide recipes for every day… or even every week. Most days we eat fairly healthily but honestly… most of those meals aren’t worth a blog post! Anyone can steam some carrots!

    And buying food as props just to throw it away. Are those people INSANE?? Apart from the sheer waste of food, there are people starving out there and people are actually spending money on food they have no intention of eating? THAT makes me angry!

    • So true. Nutrition aside, that seems irresponsible.

      • It makes me angry as well. Obviously, I am a consumer, but I find it socially irresponsible to be so wasteful. I mean the devil’s advocate argument would be that they can do whatever they want with their own money, but come on! x

    • Yes to all of this. That’s how I feel. Yesterday I had a salad for lunch. I’m not a healthy lifestyle blogger so why on earth would I write about it.

      Food as props is okay with me, as long as you’re going to do something with it afterwards! If you just want to post a photo of a trendy food, can you honestly not pick one that you enjoy eating and can snack on later? And if it’s that important to use a food that you don’t like, shouldn’t a baseline level of responsibility be to at least see if a neighbour/family member/friend wants it before throwing it in the trash? Aside from the fact that awful considering the amount of people who go to bed hungry every night, I have more respect for my own money that to literally trash it. (This is a tangent rant really….) x

    • YES to your second sentence. In terms of the body-shaming, I think the account is abhorrent. but there are so many food/recipe posts and photos that also horrify me because of how wasteful they are. like… you opened three ice cream bars for that photo so you could arrange them artfully between sprinklings of chocolate chips. Are you really going to eat all three ice cream bars or do you have two friends over? or you’re showing me the fancy pasta you made and you’ve styled it with a few halved lemons and a handful of chopped parsley across a cutting board. do you have plans for those lemons and that parsley? If not, that is a HUGE waste of money and resources.

      • Agreed. I naively just assumed that if some has a halved lemon in the photo that they then wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for later (because I am super averse to wastefulness. I have 1/8th of an onion wrapped up right waiting to be thrown into something last minute.) But then I read a post where some mentioned they bought food stuff X just because it looked pretty, opened it up, took an instagram and then threw it away. That makes me rage inside. But this account, to me at least, doesn’t have anything to do with consumerism and trendiness in food as much as it has to do with “if you look like _______ you must eat ____________ .”

  • The Starving Inspired

    I love this! As much as I’m into clean eating and organics and such, I don’t judge others for what they eat – Lord knows I’ve indulged more than I should have anyway. 😉

    I’ve heard about folks buying food solely for props, and that angers me… for the same reasons bevchen mentioned. Even if you don’t end up using it, for goodness sakes, there’s people on almost every street corner who would gladly welcome that food!

    Country Girl’s Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

    • Yes to both your points! And you should never be in a position where someone judges you for either indulging or eating clean. Sometimes I’ll cook something I don’t like, but it will be for someone else, so I know they will be eating it and loving it and it wouldn’t go to waste! x

  • Alex @ She’s His Co-Pilot

    This is a really important post and I feel like we see eye-to-eye on this subject. Like you, I love food, I eat a lot of unhealthy meals and I’m still slim. I’ve gotten every comment in my personal life from, “How do you stay so skinny?” to “So, do you throw it all up after you eat?” We are all born with different metabolisms. That’s just how it is. I think that this “skinny shaming for eating unhealthy food” (that’s what I’m label’ing it as) comes from a place of jealous. I’ve been told many times that it’s “not fair” that I can eat “whatever” I want and not gain an incredible amount of weight.

    Amen to you. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a bagel covered in cream cheese that’s calling my name.

    • But also, I know that you go to the gym and actually make an effort to be healthy. You care about your health. And you can splurge. It’s not like you are eating donut hamburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But you lead a pretty damn active lifestyle anyways!

      But they are skinny people that are skinny because they are skinny genetically and eat unhealthily and have really high cholesterol because of their diets, etc. And there can be people who are bigger because genetically they are on that side, but eat really healthily, so have better heart health than a skinny person. It’s just ridiculous. I’m sure because I eat sugar, carbs, etc there are people that are bigger than me that are much healthier internally…. x

  • I had not heard of that account. Honestly, I think in general people just need to shut it on judging people online or in general about their weight/eating…it is none of your business. If you are heavy you eat too much and if you are thin, then you don’t eat. Everyone is different. I’ve pretty much have always eaten whatever I want and have always gotten comments about it, as I’ve been thin. Honestly I weighted pretty much the same (except for now) since I was 18, I’m at my heaviest now and still get comments. Either way people judge, though it is more acceptable to say back-handed things about those who are thin. The focus should be on healthy practices not what people are “caught” eating…food should be enjoyed.

    • Your last sentence so resonates with me. Everyone has to eat, and I am firmly of the mind-frame, that if possible food should be enjoyed! x

  • I think this is a really good point. I have Crohn’s Disease, so my weight is only partly in my control. At this point in my life and disease, I can’t gain weight. I can eat whatever I want, unless my stomach hurts, at which point I can basically eat cereal and bread. But I also get full really quickly. I joke that I eat high fat and high caloric foods because if I filled up on only healthy food, I wouldn’t consume enough calories to sustain me… Except that’s actually half-true. Beau doesn’t have an IBD, but he has a high metabolism, and he also fills up very quickly. We go out to restaurants and order a meal to share and still can’t always finish it.

    • Okay, having looked at the account, I would love it IF they only stuck to models and marketing. They have some very valid points about the gorgeous supermodels pretending to eat greasy fast food. But it’s pretty rude to scour the Internet to shame bloggers for their food pics. They lose credibility by attacking normal people and not just the modeling industry.

      • I would say yes to the ads and marketing (the supermodel devouring a hamburger on the beach? COME ON), but to attack models PERSONALLY for what they eat based on their PERSONAL accounts? It’s still not okay. So Gisele wants to eat a doughnut every now and again. No one should make her feel bad for that or assume that she doesn’t eat it simply because she’s a model.

        • I only meant models in ads. I thought I made that clear. Sorry it didn’t come across.

          • There are a couple of photos on the account that are solely ads/marketing. If the account was just talking about the ridiculous sexualization/marketing of food in the media I’d totally be on board with that. Calling out an ad that has a model with a pretend mouthful and the entire burger still intact in the photo is just as absurd as any photoshop fail.

            But, it’s that most of them are personal photographs that I can’t support the account in general. x

    • I’m right there with ya Belle. Having Crohn’s means it’s really difficult to control my weight. But I’m the opposite of you. I’m a bit on the rounder side and if I even try to diet, i.e. eat whole grains and more veg, my body freaks out and I can flare up. I have issues with a lot of foods that other people see as “healthy” (me and fibre are always at odds) and I absolutely HATE getting comments from people when they see that I indulge in ice cream or donuts on occasion about how they didn’t think I’d eat that kind of thing because of my health issues. My body just doesn’t act like other peoples. I’m somewhat okay with that. But really….can we not have so many comments on what people are eating? x

      • Yeah, people try and tell me that if I eliminate gluten then I can fix my Crohn’s. Newsflash: I eliminated gluten AND dairy in high school, and I still had to go back on prednisone. Now I’ve been off prednisone for six years, AND carbs are often the only thing I can eat without getting sick. It’s frustrating how many people who don’t even have an IBD think they know everything about it. Modern science knows very little about it! How could a person off the street know more about it than we do?! It’s such a personal disease that affects each person differently.

        • I literally knew nothing about the existence of Crohn’s until I started reading both of your blogs, and even the two of you have vastly different symptoms/conditions/reactions/foods you can eat, that it flabbergasts me that people would even think to dole out medical / dietary advice to you! (Also gluten free is the trendy catch-all health-food fix to everything in people’s minds lately, which I usually eyeroll at because obviously, that’s not going to work for everyone.) x

  • Love this!! I follow the account and think it’s funny sometimes. Like when you can truly tell that food was purchased solely for the shot, is when the posts are perfect and I think that was the initial point. Now, it sometimes goes a little overboard when it’s mildly obvious a girl is eating something and the account is just being a turd. But anyhow, I don’t know if you follow @weworewhat but she now shoves food in her mouth and uses #iatethat. It’s fun to see who is using that hashtag. Thanks for this post!

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

    • If the account was solely about pointing out how ridiculous and trendy food can be, I’d find it really funny. I love macarons, but I think it’s hilarious that the formula for getting a million likes on instagram is by taking a photo of a macaron. I read an article with the ‘anonymous’ person who started it and she said at one point “Let’s lift the curtain here on Oz. If you’re a size zero, and you’re frolicking in a tiny bikini on the beach, you probably did not eat the doughnuts that you posed with the sunglasses.” If it was just about making fun of the over-stagedness of the photos then there wouldn’t be a need to explain a correlation between tiny size = not eating. Like if you look fatter it’s fine to say you eat cake without being called a liar? Surely then some mean person will just say “no wonder you are fat”. It’s just such a sensitive top. x

  • I totally agree. I haven’t put on much weight while pregnant and I’m 3 weeks away from giving birth and no one believes me that I’m that far. They tell me how jealous I am and ask me what I do (nothing different than I did before I was pregnant). But, it makes me nervous. Am I gaining enough weight? Is my baby gaining enough weight? Will he be healthy because I’m still small? I’m not going to stuff my face because that’s not healthy. So, this idea of what a 9-month pregnant woman should look like is also part of the problem.

    • There’s such a crazy standard of pregnancy. People (pinterest) wants your arms, legs and face to be EXACTLY the same size as it was pre-pregnancy but for you to have a huge and perfectly round jutting out tum. If it makes you feel better, my mom didn’t put on much weight with me and I was normal sized 🙂 x

  • I do enjoy that account a little too much, mainly because of the ridiculousness of the poses some people have with food. But I am not okay with food shaming. Getting kind of sick of it really. Also, I have a director friend from college who is mega skinny and I hear from her all the time the horrible, hurtful comments she gets from people about her weight and how she must not eat at all. People can be mean about weight, period. I am definitely okay not being around people that talk too much about weight and diets, or people constantly talking about other people’s weight. Puts me in a right funk. Blerg. x (P.S. I’d never let diet talk get in the way of what I want. And tomorrow, I’m gonna want a Dum Dum Donut damn it.)

    • And I hope you ate that Dum Dum Donut! One of my friends from school is just bigger naturally. She eats so well, in the right portions, doesn’t really indulge (ever!!) and is a runner and she accepts that she’ll never be a “thin” size. Also part of me doesn’t want to believe people are that wasteful. Throw all that food away?! Seriously! I mentioned in the conversation with Samantha and Belle, that the account was just of focusing on something else like “Why did you sexualise that piece of cookie?” I’d be like, “Yes. Why did you? That’s so weird” But it’s the eating/not eating aspect of everything that turns me off.

  • This is beautiful. As an overweight woman, I get comments like that all the time. I’ll post a picture of a piece of cheesecake, my all-time favorite dessert that I only let myself have MAX once a month, and I’ll get a comment saying something like, “hope you didn’t eat that whole thing yourself; that’s how people get to be so fat.” It hurts. BAD. But as much as I hate it, I’m just as guilty of saying things casually. I think I commented on one of your recipes saying something like, “if you keep posting these recipes, you’ll have to roll me out of my house!” They’re more self-deprecating than what most people dole out, but they imply the same thing. It’s saturated our culture so heavily, and I hate it.

    I like what you said too about making things from scratch as a way to be more in touch with what you’re allowing yourself to indulge in. It’s a great way to simply be MINDFUL instead of ASHAMED. Not even making a decision about it but simply acknowledging its substance and impact.

    • The thing that most upsets me about the account is that so many magazines and newspapers have been writing about it lately with applause. In one of the few negative articles I read the author wrote ” This account doesn’t make light of the silly billy world of fashion where people take pictures of food they don’t eat to gain as many Instagram likes as possible, it’s just a place for women to critique other women’s bodies without feeling like total bitches” and I completely agree.

      If it was an account making fun of the staged-ness of people’s food, unwrapped donuts in purses surrounded by peonies, etc that would be a totally different story. (How do you not have sprinkles all over your expensive bag?!) But that’s not what the account is doing.

      Someone could be any size and have a healthy relationship with food, for all I know. It makes me angry that someone would snarkily comment on your cheesecake, because I bet you worked hard for it. There’s just no need for it and it certainly riles me up! xx

      • I can see that it does! And I personally think that’s a good thing. The more people there are who refuse to tolerate it, the less it will show up. People do it to receive validation from others, and if those others refuse to acknowledge or accept that bitchiness, they’ll eventually stop.

        • Ha, that’s what I hope anyways. food acceptance seems to be a very two steps forward one step back kind of deal which is obviously frustrating, but…… it everyone is a little less bitchy, that’d help greatly! x

  • Ala

    I haven’t heard of that account but I love this post. You are so right, it all comes down to judgement, who the hell am I to judge anyone else about how they look despite what they might eat?

    Surely shouldn’t we be saying ‘good on you girl, chow down that burger?’ who even cares, as long as that person is happy within themselves and you know doesn’t eat burgers or any other kind of junk all day everyday then what’s the ish? There isn’t one in my eyes x

    • Yes, yes, yes! Like someone said below, if Gisele wants to eat a damn hamburger let her! She’s worked hard for it. x

  • AMEN TO ALL OF THIS! I’ve always been thin and that Instagram account bothers the crap out of me. Does my thin-ness mean that I can’t eat a burger? Or a piece of cake? I have a fast metabolism, good genes and generally try to eat well, so if I want to eat nothing but unhealthy stuff for one meal, I make the executive decision that I’m allowed to! Being thin doesn’t mean eating rabbit food 24/7. I think people don’t realize that skinny-shaming is just as real as fat-shaming, and this Instagram feels to me a whole heck of a lot like skinny-shaming. (But let’s not talk about people that buy food just to use as props. That’s so incredibly wasteful and dumb and just all-around stupid. Ugh.)

    • I just think any stigmatisation on food/eating is dangerous. And there’s seriously no point! x

  • I completely agree with this. There is such a double standard about being able to shame thin people for what they eat or what they do, and it is just as damaging as shaming an overweight person. I think that people get wrapped up in the lifestyle they see portrayed in blogs and instagrams too, and think that if the woman is eating a giant order of fries, that must be all that she eats. You can’t tell the whole story from one photograph; maybe the woman has been eating lightly or has done a lot of activity and she is just really, really hungry? Why shame her and say that she could not have eaten that? Maybe she just has a fast metabolism; this doesn’t make her a bad person. The double standard needs to end.

  • msmelaniemarie

    Beautifully written! Couldn’t have said it better myself. x

  • amitygardens

    I will continue to eat ice cream whenever I damn please even if it goes straight to my thighs. It is delicious, and I don’t even care that I have a lactose sensitivity. Yes, I am nothing if not a masochist. So you keep on eating what you want, and fuck everybody.

    • I love you. If I have too much diary I get a really sensitive tummy but sometimes it’s totally worth it for the right cheese/ice cream 🙂 As long as no one is hurting themselves ie starving or overeating themselves to death, why on earth say anything about it? (And even in those cases it should be an issue of concern not shame!) I think it’s a real shame that this account has gotten so much positive media attention. x

  • Well written. I can also see where they are coming from but it is so sad to me that the internet can so quickly gang up on people and pretty much bully them for the way they look. It honestly just breaks my heart and I do not want to be a part of that!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. I think the original point of the account from what I’ve gathered from interviews was about the staged-ness of food pics nowadays (macarons in front of the Eiffel Tower, etc), which I can see making a hilarious and thoughtful account. But the account has quickly turned into “she can’t be eating that for this reason _________ ” which is it’s own form of bullying. x

  • Great post Amanda! i love food and I’m going to eat that too…maybe just not every day!

    • Exactly! I love funnel cake, but I know I can’t eat it every day. Or even every month, but when I eat it I’m going to enjoy it! x

  • Yeah I agree. I always hate it when people say things like- you’re skinny, you lucky bitch. It irritates me because guess what… I’m in shape because I’ve been working for it. Someone is fat because they just are. It’s no one’s business how they eat, if the exercise, etc. I do hate how people automatically think that they can comment to a skinnier person about how Skinny they are. Yet, people would never (usually) comment to someone about how fat they are. Either way- if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That little tidbit our moms taught us goes a long way, try practicing it every once in awhile there haters.
    Okay-rant over. I’m not sure if I just went off a bit from what you were really talking about. But I just find the whole weight game exhausting. I hate how much it matters to us. I can even admit that it does. But in the end, PERSONALLY- I find working out up to three times a week is perfect for me. I eat pretty much whatever I want, in moderation of course.. yet, I work out and feel good at the end of the day.

    • And frankly you work effing hard for it! You’re a mom, you are working and you’re working out routine is awesome. Some people have the metabolism to do nothing and eat whatever they want, some people don’t and exercise, watch what the eat, and some people just don’t care. And frankly, why do we care? Surely you’d only be really fixated on what someone else was putting in their mouths and why if it can from some sort of insecurity within themselves. *****Although I’d say an exception to that would be if someone was giving out dieting tips, while actually lying about what they do, because then that could just be dangerous! And then it’s fair enough to be concerned if you’re trying to follow this diet**** x

  • Thanks so much for weighing in! It sounds like your lifestyle/ approach to food is healthy, reasonable and works for you. There certainly shouldn’t be instagram accounts devoted to shaming people about food. Maybe they work hard like you do. Maybe they don’t. But I can’t think of any good things that can come out of an account like this. x

  • I think it’s just an all-around ridiculous account and it’s a shame that it’s getting positive media attention. Maybe I’m getting it all wrong, but I fail to see the positive message… x

  • Great post! I’ve never heard of that instagram account, but it’s just another example of why the internet is driving me crazy. So much “shaming” going on. Someone is shamed for being too fat, someone is shamed for being too skinny, people get flack for their clothing and makeup choices, etc. etc. The internet is great and all, but it has given people the excuse to be mean and rude, and it drives me crazy!

    • Agreed! There’s far too much shaming going on in the world! But it really grinds my gears that this account gets generally positive media accolades. Sigh. x

  • I love this. There’s so much shaming about food and body image, no matter what you look like, and it’s crazy that people still don’t realize it’s wrong. And you can’t make snap judgments about what people do in their everyday lives just by looking at one captured moment. I think the Instagram account had funny potential – I read that it used photos of models, who probably DIDN’T eat that, just because of the realities of photo shoots. Reminds me of that one photo series I saw where regular people imitated model’s poses with food to show how ridiculous they can be. But at the same time, it sends the wrong message because the majority of models are still of a certain body type. Also, using random photos of regular people is just wrong.

    • Agreed. At first I think the account did have huge potential! There are a couple of photos on the account that are solely ads/marketing. If the account was just talking about the ridiculous sexualization/marketing of food in the media I’d totally be on board with that. (Why does all our food need to be objectified and sexy? Can’t a woman eat a hamburger without it being a sex act?) Laughing at an ad that has a model with a pretend mouthful and the entire burger still intact in the photo is just as hilarious as any photoshop fail.

      But then in actualisation it became photos of extremely photogenic people eating in their free time. Maybe each one of those ladies has super human metabolism. Maybe they work out really hard and watch what they eat 99% of the time. I certainly will never know, nor do I think it’s my business! But it’s another aspect of the food fixation that leads to potentially dangerous eating habits x

  • Well said! It is important to take care of yourself, but there is no reason to be ashamed of what you eat. When I begin reading this post, I was expecting the instagram to be about people eating crazy dishes like fried bugs or snake heart, not normal foods. What it actually is, that’s nuts that it is so popular and so many peoples views are twisted about food. In the end food is fuel and its up to individual to decide what kind of fuel they want to put in their body without being ashamed of it.

    • Is it weird that I would definitely read about people fake eating things like snake hearts? Maybe I should start that account…. 🙂 x

  • I think this account was at first quite good, pointing out the ludicrous photo shoots with food that people do, but like you’ve said, it’s spiralled into just making fun of pretty people with food in their pictures. I do think that some bloggers portray really unhealthy eating habits on their blogs though, and still keep their perfect image and don’t talk about exercise and what not, and it can be unhealthy for some of the younger people that follow them. I don’t think it applies to bloggers that post recipes, but more going out to eat all the time and posting pictures and excessive amounts of food they’ve ordered.

    • I always wonder how they can afford to eat out all the time / don’t they ever get tired of it?! x

      • I would never get tired of eating out, I love it. But I could never order as much food as some bloggers do. They can’t possibly fit it all in!