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Green Chain Walk + Nunhead Cemetery

While the weather was sunny and lovely Sam and I did the last section of the Green Chain Walk. The Green Chain Walk is a 50 mile route that links all of South East London (starting at the Thames Barrier). The beauty of the walk is that you almost never leave a park, woodland, field or nature preserve. So the section of walk that we did today was about 5 miles one way. We walked about halfway back and then caught the bus- after almost 7 miles, no wander my legs were tired!
Here’s another embarrassing fact to admit: Last week I said that I’d never heard the word ‘lido‘ until I moved to England. Nor had I ever heard the word ‘stile’. What a doofus. Now I’ve not only worked the word into my vocabulary, but I’ve also climbed up on many a stile now.
The reason we chose this section to do today is because we wanted to go to Nunhead Cemetery as the next stop in our visiting “The Magnificent Seven,” the seven famous, private Victorian cemeteries in London. We’ve now visited Highgate, West Norwood, and Brompton with only Kensal Green, Tower Hamlets, and Abney Park left to visit.
Nunhead was owned by the same company that owned Highgate. Nunhead basically became full and was closed down and fell into disrepair when the original private company was bought by property developers. Nunhead was closed from 1969-1980, when the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery was formed to try to preserve and protect it. It was in such an appalling state that work repairing paths began in 1980, but the cemetery didn’t reopen to the public until 2001. It’s now a nature preserve.
walking the greenchain walk between crystal palace and nunhead cemetery
Crossing over a stile.
walking the greenchain walk between crystal palace and nunhead cemetery
Headband: Modcloth. Top: Joy The Store. Shorts: J Crew. Shoes: Converse.
walking the greenchain walk between crystal palace and nunhead cemetery
walking the greenchain walk between crystal palace and nunhead cemetery
Sweetly sucking like a suckerfish.
walking the greenchain walk between crystal palace and nunhead cemetery
Nunhead main avenue.
walking the greenchain walk between crystal palace and nunhead cemetery
walking the greenchain walk between crystal palace and nunhead cemetery
WWI memorial wall.
walking the greenchain walk between crystal palace and nunhead cemetery
Asking Sam if he thought he was related to the 5 men who shared his surname.
walking the greenchain walk between crystal palace and nunhead cemetery

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  • I love Nunhead Cemetry – it’s right by my neck of the woods! And have toyed with the idea of volunteering as it’s such a wonderful place! Going to all of the Magnificent Seven cemeteries is on my list – I’ve been to Abney Park, it’s where Amy Winehouse shot her video for Back To Black! And also, that Green Chain walk sounds VERY interesting…. I’m off to google it 🙂 x

    • I’m hoping the weather will be good this weekend so that I can do another leg of the walk. It’s so nice and you go by some true South London gems. I’d love to volunteer at Nunhead. West Norwood is my closest one but it doesn’t have the same vibe that Nunhead does. (Glad you don’t think that’s weird. Sam used to live in North London and I looked in to volunteering at Highgate before we moved.) x

  • Wow, that photo of old graves is fantastic.

    Sooo… do you know what a country pancake is? If you do, you’ll be able to answer this question correctly: “Which would you rather? Run a mile, jump a stile, or eat a country pancake?” 😉

  • Hey there miss adorable! Love those blue shorts. And now I have learned some new British words as well, I had no idea what either of those words were!

  • I had no idea anything like that existed in London. I love the idea that you walk through the city while being in green spaces!

    • It’s so awesome! There are other versions around London (The the Capitol Ring Walk, etc)! x

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    What a beautiful area. 🙂 I love your outfit!

    Country Girl’s Daybook

    • Thank you! And urban London is beautiful too, but there are these spectacular pockets of nature all over! x

  • 10 points for that cute little headband! 🙂

  • What an adorable outfit. Wish it looked half as good as me!

  • amitygardens

    You Nunhead! Sorry, I just wanted to say that. 😛 Love your outfit- super cute.

  • Great photos. I really love this summery outfit. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful English summer. Funny, I don’t remember ever having such an awesome summer when I lived there…


    • The summer has been very off and on this year- two days in shorts the next week solid in sweaters. Sigh. 🙂 x

  • wow this place looks so cool and creepy – those overgrown graves are pretty in a shabby sorta way. and i love your cute outfit!

  • Omgosh, this sounds fantastic! I will definitely be making many visits here – thank you for sharing! Also, while I’m admiring the nature and all things around, I can’t stop loving your outfit! So cute!

  • well aren’t you just the cutest. and that place is incredible! it sort of reminds me of the Secret Garden 🙂

    • Ah thank you Amy! I love the Secret Garden. (The book and the film) They were my favourites as a kid. x

  • What a great place to photograph! Creepy and cool

  • Ah I saw one of these photos on Instagram and wondered where it was taken! Gorgeous. Also, I had never heard the word lido before, you taught me something last week! 😉

  • I love visiting old cemeteries! This sounds like a fun outing!

    • It’s a blast in London. There’s just so much history and they used to invest so much money in cemeteries that they really are beautiful! x

  • And I thought I was the only one who went wandering in old cemeteries! 🙂 There’s something so Victorian and creepy and yet relaxing about walking through a really old cemetery. I really like reading the headstone inscriptions, too! I have sadly never been to any of the Magnificent Seven in London, but they are on my to-do list. One of my favorite books, “Her Fearful Symmetry” by Audrey Niffenegger, is set in Highgate, so I have to live vicariously through her descriptions until I get the chance to visit myself!

    • You have to take a guided tour of Highgate then! It’s amazing. Really, really cool. I can’t recommend it enough! x

  • you look super cute in that headband! The place looks nice too 🙂

  • You looked super adorable that day. I too, love how you wore that headband. That cemetery! What a beauty. Those gates leading up to it, are breathtaking. Again, I love London for all of its history..

    • Ah thanks Haley! You are too sweet as always! The plethora of historical things to do is one of my favourite things about London. x

  • I’m learning so much about London through your blog! I didn’t know there was so much greenery so close to the city centre! Loving your outfit too 🙂

  • oh that CEMETERY! I love old cemeteries. what a gorgeous walk! your SE London is so much prettier than I remember it.

    • Don’t get me wrong, SE London can be grim and gross looking (I’m looking at you Penge) but parts of it are gorgeous. One of the best/weirdest tourist activities I ever did was take a tour of Highgate Cemetery. I still recommend it to people who want something different to do in London. x

  • Thank you so much! x

  • I freaking love that pic of you and Sam. STOP being so adorable. Also, like all the other said, love that headband xx

  • TheJessaOlsonBlog

    I love that last picture of you!! Seriously you are so adorable.. I love all the couple pictures too..