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Iced Coffee is Love

There’s pretty much nothing better on a warm morning than an iced coffee. Awesome iced coffees are super simple to make at home. With a little forethought you can save yourself a fair bit of money! Everyone says that the key to awesome iced coffee is cold brewing it, and here’s what I do:

coffee close upWhat You’ll Need:

1/3 cup of whole coffee beans

1 1/2 cups of water



any desired sweetener (I use a dash of caramel flavouring in mine)


drip filter or french press

Grind your coffee beans finely, but still coarsely enough to be filtered though a French press (if that’s what your using). On Sam’s coffee grinder aka his pride and joy I pulse for about 30 seconds.

Combine the ground coffee and water into the French press. If you are going to drip filter it, just put the coffee in a jug with the water and seal it with plastic wrap.  Place the French press or jug into the fridge overnight.

In the morning, plunge the press or pour through your drip filter to separate your coffee from the grounds.

Fill you glass with ice cubes and partially with milk, then fill the rest of the glass with your cold brewed coffee.iced coffeeDo you have a summer morning drink?


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