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Iced Coffee is Love

There’s pretty much nothing better on a warm morning than an iced coffee. Awesome iced coffees are super simple to make at home. With a little forethought you can save yourself a fair bit of money! Everyone says that the key to awesome iced coffee is cold brewing it, and here’s what I do:

coffee close upWhat You’ll Need:

1/3 cup of whole coffee beans

1 1/2 cups of water



any desired sweetener (I use a dash of caramel flavouring in mine)


drip filter or french press

Grind your coffee beans finely, but still coarsely enough to be filtered though a French press (if that’s what your using). On Sam’s coffee grinder aka his pride and joy I pulse for about 30 seconds.

Combine the ground coffee and water into the French press. If you are going to drip filter it, just put the coffee in a jug with the water and seal it with plastic wrap.  Place the French press or jug into the fridge overnight.

In the morning, plunge the press or pour through your drip filter to separate your coffee from the grounds.

Fill you glass with ice cubes and partially with milk, then fill the rest of the glass with your cold brewed coffee.iced coffeeDo you have a summer morning drink?


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  • I’m not a fan of iced coffee (or frappes and things). I just don’t like the taste of cold coffee!

    • I don’t often order blended frappes, just because they feel like a milkshake, not a delicious morning beverage. (I love milkshakes, just not for breakfast?) But iced definitely! x

  • I sometimes take the lazy way out and make instant coffee and chuck it in the fridge. Otherwise I make iced lattes with freshly brewed espresso. I’m all about the easy haha. Iced coffee is my jam in the summer though!

    • Until I moved in with Sam, my coffee making was 100% instant based. Haha. The first time I used his grinder I was like “what is this magical and wonderful contraption!??” x

  • I have never heard of this and am amazed, going to try it tomorrow so no pressure or anything!!!

  • Delicious!! Dan and I made ice coffee yesterday and it is so refreshing in this weather!

  • Delicious!!

  • Claudz


  • Laura Evans

    Hmm, now wondering if I have been making my iced coffee wrong! The idea of making it the night before sounds genius! Will be doing this asap!

    • I’m sure there’s no wrong way to do it! I know making iced coffee with hot coffee first leads to different flavours, etc (cold brewed is less bitter because it has less of the good coffee acids.) It’s just your taste preference! 😉 xx

      • Laura Evans

        That’s really intriguing about the bitterness. Definitely going to give this a try just to see the difference and then decide which I prefer. Plus it will give me more time in the morning if I make it the night before! xx

  • Add the grounds and the wanter to the French press (with the plunger up) in the fridge over night, then in the morning plunge and you are good to go! 😉 x

  • erica

    ermergerd coffee all the livelong day.

    • Too true! Although I will drink anything with caffeine in it, frequently. Or else I get the caffeine addict headaches. Every year I tell myself that I’ll cut back……. x

      • erica

        I hear you on ALL of this. I am one addicted little coffee bean. I drink a cafetiere (meant for 4 cups) before 11am and then 2-3 more cans of diet Coke every damn day. life is tough otherwise.

        • Never calculate how much money you’d save if you didn’t drink Diet Coke. I also have a 2-3 can per day habit.

          • erica

            I have a DC budget outside of my regular groceries… it’s that extreme.

  • I don’t like coffee. And the thought of iced coffee sounds even worse. But somehow you’ve made it look really appealing! I reckon it’s the photos. They are beautiful.

    I just stick to water (boring, I know!). But honestly, I don’t drink enough as it is so I try to stay hydrated by choosing water every time. :o)


    • Ah, thank you! I KNOW that I need to be better at drinking water. I’m awful at it. My excuse is that I say “water tastes boring” like a child. And don’t drink enough. Sigh.

      I’ve always loved the smell of coffee even before I liked the taste of it. But that’s probably because it reminds me of my grandmother who was a coffee-fiend! x

      • Hey, we’re all allowed our little vices right? Especially when they are tied to such fond memories.

        I don’t go anywhere with out my camelbak! It’s the only way I get enough water. My toddler and I have matching ‘sippy cups’! Ha. :o)

  • I love iced coffee, not so much regular coffee. Its kind of weird. This looks delicious.

  • That looks so yummy. I can’t believe it never occurred to me to make cold-brewed iced coffee! Most of us in Europe right now can’t stand to make anything hot, so it just makes sense. Definitely will try 🙂

  • MagicCatJenny

    Ooooo, I need to try that.

  • Yes, yes and yes! I often make iced coffees much to the disgust of everyone around me. They just don’t know what they’re missing. Oh well, more for us!

  • Kyla

    For summer I love making iced fruit tea. I hot brew raspberry or blueberry celestial seasonings tea in half a thermos for about 10min then fill the thermos with ice and top with cold water. Sugar to taste during hot brewing. It’s perfect for my walk to school and work in the morning!

  • YUM. we will be getting a coffee grinder and this will be our first hoorah!

  • Thank you! I’m using a Canon D1100, and a 50mm lens. x

  • I don’t drink coffee, but I like anything iced! I was so shocked when I was in Spain and people ordered coffee with a side of ice cubes and then poured their coffee into the glass of ice!

    • Haha, I don’t think i’d ever order hot coffee with a side of ice (I’d rather just drink it hot in that case?) Maybe if you had most milk and a dash of coffee then iced coffee would be for you 😉 x

  • Thank you. Thank you for explaining properly brewed iced coffee. Nothing irks me quite like hearing about people throwing ice into hot coffee and calling it iced coffee. *Starbucks, I’m looking at you* xx

    • Anything for you, darling. Although this post had your name all over it. I’m telling you, your calling is in coffee blogging. xx

  • You changed your look again! It’s nice. You waited so long for your one design and just decided it wasn’t totally you…? I’m still waiting for mine. The designer sent me the header but I’m waiting to see what she’s done lately.. it’s going to be a YEAR in September. You did say it might be awhile…..
    I loved iced coffees! It is totally the time for them.. mm mmmm!

    • That’s insane. I placed my order in July and got it in September- so it was a 3 month wait which I thought was too long. (I can’t believe that’s over 10 months ago! I remember I got mine a week after you placed your order.) To be honest, I’d definitely say something…. or ask for a refund because a year without real updates/ communication is ridiculous. And it shouldn’t take a year.

      But I didn’t change because I was tired of it, I changed because I moved from the blogger platform to the wordpress platform and they can’t support the same design. (I couldn’t keep it as was no matter how much I wanted to.) But I am currently.

      But. Hurray! Iced coffee. (To summarise) xx

  • I keep seeing all these multi-step instructions for iced coffee! here’s how I make mine:
    1. make twice as much hot coffee in the morning as I need.
    2. put what I don’t drink in the fridge.
    3. drink the leftovers the next morning, with (coffee) ice cubes added.

    • Perks to your method a)way more convenient and b) some people prefer the taste of it hot brewed to cold brewed c) I think cold brewing gets rid of some of the good acid. (I think I read that somewhere. I have 0 scientific facts to back that up.) x

      • I am not enough of a coffee connesieur to notice the difference, I don’t think!

        • Close your ears to this blasphemy @LindsayDinsyDay:disqus. Actually. Maybe Betsy, you can help me bully Lindsay into blogging about coffee as she is the most knowledgable person I know about it and I’d definitely read it. x

          • Haha, just read this feed. Oh dear, oh dear. I, too, once did the hot coffee in the fridge and add ice cubes method. But i have learned a newer and better way. Cold brewing, man, is just SO TASTY. If you like black coffee, I’d highly recommend….though if you’re more of a iced latte kind of person…then you are beyond any help haha x