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Ombre “Tea Party” Cakes

Sometimes I don’t bake because I want a delicious sugary treat. Sometimes I bake for the sheer enjoyment of it. That’s what I did when I made these. I was feeling quite whimsical and channeled by inner- Mad Hatter and baked cakes that my 11 year old self would have killed to have at a tea party.

ombre mini cakes many stacksmini cake with tea close up
What You’ll Need:
Cake batter
Food Colouring
3 bowls
3 cake pans
cookie cutter

It was way more simple than you would ever think to make these tiny cakes. First I started with my standard vanilla batter.  And then to create the ombre cake layers, I split my batter into three different bowls. (Or however many colours you want in your cakes.) For the darkest layer I added 5 drops of Dr Oetker red gel and 2 of hot pink. For the middle layer, 3 of hot pink. And for the top layer, just one drop.

I then very lightly greased the cake pans and poured the various batters into each. After baking, I set the cakes on a wire rack to cool. While the cakes were cooling I made my buttercream. Then I took a shot glass (I only have silly shaped cookie cutters, no round ones so that’s the best I could do) and cut out individual circles from the cake. (Lining one cut up against the other so as to not waste cake.)

Then I set the the darkest layers on a tray, generously spooned buttercream on them and topped with the medium layers. Then repeat the process for the last layer. Then dollop with an extra generous amount of frosting.

A word of advice- if you are making ombre mini cakes like these, they don’t support height well, so I wouldn’t go beyond 3 layers!

mini cake with teacloseup of ombre mini cakes

What do you think? Enjoy them now or at the age of 11, am I right?

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