Who’d Play You in The Movie Version of Your Life

Long ago, during the Boys Behind the Blog linkup, Sam answered that he thought a good question of the future would be to answer, “Who’d play you in the movie version of your life?” And I totally agree. That is a great question. 
In terms of celebrity dopplegangers I get “brunette Kirsten Dunst” a lot. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that I “look like the girl from Spiderman”, I’d have a lot of dollars.  Unfortunately, the last film of Dunst’s that I truly enjoyed was “Interview with a Vampire”.  I also sometimes get Emily Deschanel, which makes me a lot happier (sorry Dunst). But if I could pick, I’d chose Zooey Deschanel. But more specifically Jess from “New Girl” because I am Jess and Jess is me. Sometimes it’s like they’ve “Truman Show”ed my life but then cast more famous glamorous people. 

And this: a typical pose in my life.
Although a lot of people say his lookalike is Sean Astin, I personally disagree.  And think that’s unfair to Sam. Sam wants Dane DeHaan to play him, which is weird because he could have picked anyone in the world. I also refuse to let whoever is playing Sam in my biopic to be skinnier than me. Sorry.

Sam is my precious though.
My mom would be played by an older Kristen Wiig. 

My dad would be played by Sean Bean. Which is kind of cool, but I can pass on all the House of Stark tragedy. 

My family motto would be “Winter is Never Coming. But if it does, there will be snacks.”
My brother would be played by a young pre-chiseled Ryan Reynolds. Which is a bit weird because that’s Sam’s man crush. But it is what it is. 

And my bestie (you know who you are G) would be played by Rose Byrne because she is beautiful and hilarious. Just like G. 

Who would play you and your nearest and dearest?

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  • Haha I’ve been told that I look like Sara Silverman, Olivia Munn, and Aubrey Plaza, so I guess one of those. Haha and I’ve been told that I remind people of Aubrey Plaza.

  • New Girl’s Jess is just brilliant!! I personally see myself as Tessa from Suburgarory (love her sarcasm) and wish I had her hair!! 😉

  • Eline Punt

    Haha such a good post 🙂 If I had to pick a tv character I’m most like it would be Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. So I see myself being played in a movie version of my life by Alexis Bledel. I wish I had her body though.

  • “I am Jess and Jess is me” is pretty much exactly how I feel about her too! Lol

  • Jess is just amazing! I have no idea who would play me but now I am going to spend my rainy day off thinking about it!

  • The Starving Inspired

    Sean Austin <3 Zooey <3 (She is one of my musical idols.) And Kristen Wiig is fabulous. Have you seen Secret Life of Walter Mitty? It's my current favorite movie (tied with Silver Linings Playbook).

    I took the quiz on BuzzFeed, and apparently Jennifer Lawrence would be my doppleganger. Nooooo qualms there.

    Country Girl’s Daybook

  • Hmmm I would want Mila Kunis to play me, when I was in high school and That 70’s Show was still having new episodes everyone said I was just like her character Jackie. I was totally ok with that even though I think everyone meant personality rather than looks! If not her than Natalie Portman Garden State style as she played that role so well and a few of the things she wore in the movie I actually owned too!
    O and I would want Fredrik played by Jason Statham even though he is older but he is bald and hot so you know it works!

    • Hahaha I loved Jackie in That 70s show, she was blatantly the best character. Donna and Eric always bored me. Ooh what do you own that Portman wore in the film? Did you alrady have them before the movie came out? I can totally see Jason Statham playing Fredrik. x

      • Yep when I went to see the movie I was like hey I own that shirt and that one too, they were from Urban Outfitters when they had clothes that were not totally insane and expensive!

        • Ah the good ole days of Urban. I miss them. Although they do still sell my favourite jeans and when you find a jean that fits your body just right, you can never turn your back on it. x

  • amitygardens

    Usually I get Christina Ricci as far as look a likes go, but I did have someone say I looked like Alison Pill (Still not sure if that was a compliment). I think if I could cast a movie to play me then I’d definitely have Jennifer Lawrence (because I can!) and Damien Lewis as my husband (Both are Ginger and English!). Gordon Ramsay would play my dad (because Alistair thinks that’s who he looks like), Brooke Shields as my mom, a very young Kristin Chenoweth as my oldest sister, Reese Witherspoon as my other sister, and Johnny Simmons as my brother (they look a lot alike).

    I tried to pick people who look most like my family members, except for me because I do what I want.

    • Hahahahahaha. Your movie star family is so filled with personality. I’d totally want to hang out with them. I can definitely see the Christina Ricci in you though. I was obsessed with “Caspar” when it came out…. 😀 x

      • amitygardens

        Thanks! 🙂

  • This is such a good question!! I have no idea who I look like or who would play me. Hmmm…

    Kimberly | Kimberly’s Chronicle

  • This is such a great idea for a post! I have no idea who would play me but I know what I’m going to be thinking of for the rest of the day!! I love Zooey Deschanel in New Girl! And although I’ve never actually met you (or Zooey Deschanel!) I can really imagine her playing you! 🙂

    • Haha well thank you! Have you come up with anyone for yourself? x

      • Carey Mulligan, although I don’t look anything like her and my personality isn’t like her! But I love her, she’s a great actress!

        • She’s in a play here in London at the moment that’s gotten brilliant reviews and I really want to see it, but tickets are so expensive! x

          • I know! I would love to see it when I come to London in August because her and Bill Nighy are two of my favourite actors but it is just too expensive 🙁

          • A friend as waited twice to get us day returns but no luck so far! x

  • What a cool idea for a post haha that’s a bunch of good looking people you have there!

    • Haha maybe not Sean Astin though 😉 Whenever my brother and I would hang out last summer when I was home, girls would come up and flirt with him which was weird to me, and then jealously enquire if I was his girlfriend. Gross! *gag* x

  • Julie @ Artwork by JM

    Oh my gosh, you really do look like Emily Deschanel! I love the Deschanel sisters. They are adorable! Love this post!

  • “My family motto would be ‘Winter is Never Coming. But if it does, there will be snacks.'”


  • I LOVE Zooey Deschanel and just by following your blog for a long time, I think she’d be perfect to play you!

  • So, at first I saw that Emily Deschanel photo and thought it was you! Got all confused for a minute. Also, love that motto!

    • Snacks (or maybe food in general) is an important part of anything to do with my family. All gatherings must have snacks ;D x

  • Yes! I love Jess from New Girl. I don’t know who would play me – I’ll have to think about it

    • Haha good! I know a lot of bloggers who’ve written about how annoying her character is and I always slump down a little in my seat when I read that. x

  • Ohh, this is a great idea – and I totally get Dunst for you! I get Julianne Moore or Gillian Anderson but I’m thinking it’s just the red hair.

    • I get Gillian Anderson for you (besides the red hair) which you should own because Anderson is a great actor, super beautiful, really intelligent and I love Agent Scully. x

  • In the past few years I’ve gotten Taylor Swift a lot… which is actually loads better than when people used to say I looked like Tara Reid. Boooooo. I would agree with Emily Deschanel for you 🙂

    • I can definitely see Taylor Swift for you…..but not so much Tara Reid. I dunno, even if you don’t like her music T Swift is a pretty lady so I’d take it as a compliment 🙂 x

  • This is a fun post! I love Jess from New Girl, she is such a cute character.

    • Haha I’m glad you don’t find her irritating! A lot of people say they don’t like New Girl because they find her twee-ness obnoxious *shifty eyes* x

  • I can totally see Zooey Deschanel as you, looks-wise and personality wise!

  • I definitely vote Emily Deschanel, especially viewing that picture of her alongside your blog profile pic. Bones for the win 😀

  • Emily Dechanel and you are very similar. I was going to mention that having your button and her picture side by side sure helps to see that! Although, I still think you look like Emily Blunt too. I love this idea and have to do it.. I’m not sure when, but it would be fun (and hard) to do!

  • Right on! I’d have a Zooey play me, too, but she’d have to dye her hair. I can totally relate to the rest of her adorkable nature, though:)

  • This is so great. Love all three of the girls that could have played you but Zooey is always the favorite.

  • I can TOTALLY see Emily Deschanel in you! or you in her… whatever. I can see it 🙂

  • GB

    My favorite bit is your family motto – it still makes me laugh. As it would also be my life motto. Honored and touched that you would choose Rose Byrne to play me. Of course, I also think Meryl Streep would be an excellent choice. love you, GB

  • I love this. I’d have to think a bit about who would play me but my first thought was Halle Berry. 🙂

    You and Emily can pass for sisters! 🙂

    • It’s be pretty awesome to be played by Halle Berry 😉 I’d love to be a Deschanel sister. They’re family holidays must be pretty great! x

  • I’ve always said Emma Watson (with an American accent). More than a few people have told me my fiancé looks like Channing Tatum – guess I can’t be upset about that! 😉 great idea for a post! This was fun to read.

  • Picking people for my immediate family is easy:
    Dad-Bruce Willis
    Mom-Julianne Moore
    Brother-Adam Brody

    As for me and my boyfriend… gosh, I have no idea!

  • This is pretty fun to think about. Sean Bean would make a cool father!

    The only one I can really think of is Sandra Bullock for my Mom–she’s actually a few years older than my mom but the resemblance is pretty good. Then we’d need a whole bunch of lookalike brunettes for me and my 5 sisters, haha!

    • Whoa! That’s a lot of girls! I thought my mom having three sisters was a lot but you definitely win 😉 Sandra Bullock would be a pretty awesome (and gorgeous) mom, I think ;D xx