Who’d Play You in The Movie Version of Your Life

Long ago, during the Boys Behind the Blog linkup, Sam answered that he thought a good question of the future would be to answer, “Who’d play you in the movie version of your life?” And I totally agree. That is a great question. 
In terms of celebrity dopplegangers I get “brunette Kirsten Dunst” a lot. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that I “look like the girl from Spiderman”, I’d have a lot of dollars.  Unfortunately, the last film of Dunst’s that I truly enjoyed was “Interview with a Vampire”.  I also sometimes get Emily Deschanel, which makes me a lot happier (sorry Dunst). But if I could pick, I’d chose Zooey Deschanel. But more specifically Jess from “New Girl” because I am Jess and Jess is me. Sometimes it’s like they’ve “Truman Show”ed my life but then cast more famous glamorous people. 

And this: a typical pose in my life.
Although a lot of people say his lookalike is Sean Astin, I personally disagree.  And think that’s unfair to Sam. Sam wants Dane DeHaan to play him, which is weird because he could have picked anyone in the world. I also refuse to let whoever is playing Sam in my biopic to be skinnier than me. Sorry.

Sam is my precious though.
My mom would be played by an older Kristen Wiig. 

My dad would be played by Sean Bean. Which is kind of cool, but I can pass on all the House of Stark tragedy. 

My family motto would be “Winter is Never Coming. But if it does, there will be snacks.”
My brother would be played by a young pre-chiseled Ryan Reynolds. Which is a bit weird because that’s Sam’s man crush. But it is what it is. 

And my bestie (you know who you are G) would be played by Rose Byrne because she is beautiful and hilarious. Just like G. 

Who would play you and your nearest and dearest?

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