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Exploring the English Countryside

I decided that I will completely walk the North Downs Way, a 156 mile trail from Farnham to Dover. So on Saturday morning, Sam and I got up bright and early to make our way to Farnham to do the first leg of the trail. (Farnham to Guildford, approximately 11 miles.) Completing the entire trail will obviously take place over an extended period of time, mostly because I am not in 156-mile-in-one-go shape. We walked through a good chunk of the Surrey countryside, though the hills, a place voted “An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.”

We packed lunch (and snacks) with us, and never stopped for more than a few minutes at a time. On the trail, we walked through the gorgeous, stunning, fabulous village of Puttenham, which is now probably one of my favourite places in England. I wanted to look at house prices as soon as we got home.

I’m not necessarily one for organised exercise; ie, the gym. But I absolutely love being outside. I am a walking champ. Although the next day my feet were in agony. It could be because on the last mile my trusty (very old) Converse split down the back and I had to employ this awkward shuffle step to keep my shoes on.
dappled jumper
Jumper: c/o Barbour

north downs signjumper fieldbarbour labeljumper woods
I received this jumper courtesy of Barbour. It it was literally amazing. It was warm enough that I didn’t want to make this walk in pants because my legs would be too uncomfortable, but just enough Autumnal chill in the air that I wanted a jumper on the whole time. I’ve always been an admirer of Barbour, but it was always slightly out of my price range. I leapt at the opportunity to try one of their pieces out. Light but warm all at the same time! And oh so soft! They have a new devoted disciple on their hands now! You can find this piece, along with some other beautiful womens knitwear here, and I’m sure you’ll be a big fan as well!

Coming over The Hog’s Back (yes, that is a real place name).

frolicking through fieldshog's backstilesunlightroadjumping kissing gateputtenham church
The village church in Puttenham.

The first sighting of the outskirts of Guildford.

st catherine's
St Catherine’s Chapel, Artington.

RIP Turquoise Converse. You will be missed.

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  • That jumper is gorgeous! Barbour always make such nice clothes, I need to get on their site for a little browse.

    • They make really quality things, their price just usually keeps me away. But there is clearly a difference in warmth between this Barbour and some of my old Primark specials… x

  • I love your jumper so much! Its lovely. Looks like you had a nice time, Puttenham looks pretty too (I just googled more of it!)

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    Lifestyle and Fashion

  • Robert @ablogbyrobert

    I was walking the North Downs Way just two weeks ago! It’s beautiful isn’t it. I was walking from Otford but I guess you’ll see that part anyhow seeing as you’re walking the whole trail! πŸ™‚

  • What a lovely walk! Puttenham looks really pretty. And LOVE the jumper!

    • Thanks so much Sarah! To be honest, I did look up prices in Puttenham…. it seems like there’s nothing really to rent and that houses only go up for sale about once a decade. I’ll keep my eye out though! πŸ˜‰ x

  • What an amazing trail! Now I want to go walk it as well. I also love that sweater!

    • Thank you so much! Apparently the next leg is pretty much uphill for 15 miles…I’m a bit worried! x

  • Amazing scenery! It sounds like a fun walk πŸ™‚ I like that jumper you were wearing too.


  • What a gorgeous walk! No one can fault you for not walking 156mi in one go! I love the sweater too, it makes me so excited for fall!

  • thisandthatblog

    Ooh that sounds like a lovely walk, even though I grew up just outside Guildford it’s not one I’ve ever done. I think that needs rectifying asap. Also I need your new jumper in my life. FACT. Fi x

    • Ha, thanks! If you’ve walked along the Wey toward Godalming you’ve done some of it without ever knowing πŸ™‚ x

  • That’s such a great trail! I think it’s awesome that you want to walk the whole thing. πŸ˜€

  • What a beautiful trail. And that jumper is adorable! My favorite walking shoes decided to rip at the toes on our last day in Croatia, RIP Toms!

  • I love the English countryside and you jumper, perfect post, haha
    When I am back in England I hope I can walk such an awesome trail, too! πŸ™‚

  • what a fun adventure! I absolutely love the sweater, so pretty!

  • I hate it when a part of my favorite shoes gives up the ghost! I have this favorite pair of beaded sandals that I keep getting fixed–I’m sure that I’ve paid for them about three times at this point, but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I also love the English countryside (how was that for a transition?!?!) and I’m super jealous that you get to take these little treks like it’s no big deal. So fun!!

    • I have one pair of boots that I’ve had reheeled multiple times because I love them so much, but last year Sam convinced me that they were starting to look a little ratty and that it was time to retire them. (And it was.) Once you find a great pair of shoes you have to be faithful to them! And I love a conversational transition between shoes and countryside πŸ˜‰

  • Guildford is where I’m moving to next month (and I named my blog after The Hog’s Back, hahaha)! I was already looking forward to exploring the area on foot and now, thanks to your photos of the scenery, I’m even more excited to walk around when I get there πŸ™‚

    • Lucky you! It’s a lovely area and the nightlife, shopping and restaurants are excellent in Guildford.

    • You’re going to have a great time! There’s a big drama school in Guildford that some of my friends went to and they had an amazing few years – it’s close enough to London to come in for a day, but then you get the perks of living outside a huge city as well! x

  • This looks so fun! I’m definitely adding that to my itinerary when I finally make it over to England.

    Did you ever do any of the Appalachian Trail when you lived in Georgia?

    • I used to go camping closish to Spring Mountain in Georgia, so I’ve done that bit. I must say, that’s way harder than the North Downs Way. Mostly due to actual mountains. x

      • HAHA that makes sense.

        • Although, I guess technically I haven’t gotten to the strenuous part of the North Downs way yet… I might be eating my words soon…

          • Everything online says there aren’t very many big hills, so it should be nice and leisurely. Are you guys planning any overnight hikes?

          • We are! We were actually going to make this one one of the overnights, but because it was a three day weekend everything was very busy and we thought it best to plan it out better for the future! x

          • I suppose it’ll be nice having towns along the way in which you can lodge instead of having to rough it if you don’t want to. Though camping is usually fun when you’re with the right people.

          • Truth! The problem is that a lot of the fields that the path goes through are in the midst of private property or on the edges of private property so you might get a rude awakening from a farmer whilst camping πŸ˜‰ x

          • Aaaand now I’m trying to picture what a farmer’s accent in English would be. Haha. I only have the old man from The Fox and the Hound in my head.

          • heheh well I guess it would depend on where the farmer was from! A farmer from Surrey will sound drastically different from one from Yorkshire! x

  • I’m so sorry you’re mourning your shoes, but when I used to wear Converse, they honest to god attempted to eat my feet, lol. They gave me SO many foot problems, so I think you might be better off without yours! πŸ˜›

    But anyway, those pictures are beautiful! Wow! I’ll have to get back to England to explore the countryside sometime!

    • Yikes- I’ve been wearing Converse since my early teenage years. (This pair that died was several years old) Do you have problems from there not being enough arch support? Because that could definitely cause some serious damage! x

  • You are so photogenic! I love love love this sweater, the color and all.

    So I loved this post. I used to live just near there. I drove the Hog’s Back to work in Guildford every day! I remember Farnham well. It is a very pretty area. I still have a lot of close friends that live in Guildford. Also a few bad memories…like the time I had my first car accident in England (not long after getting my license…ooops).

    Hope all is well.


    • Thanks so much! I’m sorry to hear about your car accident – I hope it wasn’t too bad! ?!It must have been quite the transition to Atlanta though!

      • No one was critically hurt but the other driver (who ran into me) tried to sue me for a year afterwards because the accident prevented her from wearing high heels! Sheesh.

        Much happier back in the states although I really miss England sometimes.

        • That is craziness. I hope she was laughed out of court for that claim! What caused her to hit you? x

          • Um yeah. Never went to court fortunately, thank god for insurance! It was actually her boyfriend who hit me driving a motorbike. She was on the back. And here I was all excited about getting my UK license. That test is a beast!

            Do you have your license over there?

          • Ha, I don’t have my license over here because a) I’m chicken. But b) we don’t have a car. Also Sam doesn’t have a license. It’s just too expensive to own a car and live in London that there wasn’t any real point in even taking the test! If we moved outside of the city I’d definitely take it – and peer pressure into signing Sam up as well! x

  • Wish I could have gone too–absolutely beautiful!

  • Amazing sweater! And I love the pattern as well! It’s such a lovely goal to want to walk the entire trail! It will take a while, but like you I get the whole 156 in one go thing! Oh and that valley/field looks exactly like where the Burrow would be!

    • I think so too! Also it’s just nice to get some fresh air in your lungs after being in cities all summer! x

  • I love the jumper! The colour is gorgeous and it looks really soft and comfy! Shame about the shoes though…

  • Thanks so much Sara! We got so lucky with the weather! There were definitely a few times throughout the afternoon that I thought the clouds were going to open- but it kept rain-free the whole time! x

  • Ah, thank you Helena! x

  • Em

    I never tire of the names of British places; it all sounds so quaint. Great photos on this post! Looks like a lovely walk πŸ™‚

    • Lots of the names still make me laugh. But when I tell Sam about places in America, he finds them equally hilarious (but maybe not as quaint.) And thank you! xx

  • Wow! What a beautiful walk! The scenery is so pretty. I’m also less of a gym person and more of a walking champ! And that jumper looks so lovely on you x

  • That jumper does look delicious!

  • I love the nail polish.

  • Holly Nelson

    Ahhh rocking the Barbour! So British πŸ˜‰ this looks like fun. I love walking too..exercise not so much! I totally get you!

  • What a gorgeous hike. I love that you call it a jumper.

  • Gorg jumper! xx

  • Great sweater! I would jump at the chance of having one of those too!

  • I now totally want to do this one day but will of course have to find the perfect jumper first now!

  • Fabulous photos. I love your jumper!

    I was born just down the road from Farnham, and I never realised until just now that it’s in Surrey. Apparantly I’m an idiot!

    • Thank you! And I have no idea what county the city I was born in is so I don’t think you should feel bad at all! x

  • You are so cute! Your pictures are making me nostalgic for England. I want to visit again so badly. And, I’d like to see Kate and William. LOL

  • Your outfit is too cute!! I want it haha. And such amazing photos! As always πŸ˜‰

  • Love that jumper! Good choice and perfect for this weather. Yay autumn! I mean…I’m sad our summer was 2.5 seconds, but autumn is my favourite season. x

    • Seriously, summer was gone in the blink of an eye. But do you only like Autumn for all it’s nice flavours? Like pumpkin and apple and… candy corn? (I was stretching for a flavour at the end if you couldn’t tell!) x

      • And cinnamon! There’s a good fall flavour! Have you ever had pork with apples and cinnamon? So freaking good. I love fall foods.x