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Staycation in London

Today I am linking up with Emma for the topic of  “staycations”. Now that I’ve lived in London for almost 3 years (although not consecutively, most noticeably with brief interlude in Stratford-upon-Avon for 8 months) I have a pretty firm idea of what I like to do in London. But if I was  specifically planing a “staycation” otherwise known as a vacation at home, I’d plan a weekend to avoid the things about London that bum me out. Mainly the crowds. I hate feeling like a human sardine, and when all your wage goes towards a rental flat you begin to question if London is worth it.   So my vacation at home would be filled with fresh air and limited contact with crowds.

I’ve blogged at length about places like Richmond Park, Kew Gardens and Hampstead Heath. No matter how busy those places are at the gates, you can always find bits where you are isolated in a world of your own. Of course, I am blatantly operating under the assumption that if I plan an outdoor day the weather will cooperate.

palm house and pond
Outside the Palm House at Kew Gardens in early April.
view from king henry's mount
View from King Henry’s Mount in Richmond Park.

I would leave the house early in the morning loaded down with things; picnic food, drinks, camera, blankets, books, extra clothing layers. Enough things to stay in the park or gardens all day long and not want for anything.
hot dogs and hamburgers

That silver duffle bag was filled with food from the latest dinner picnic. Although pictured you can only see Sour Patch Kids, French’s Mustard and a jar of salsa. I am clearly a woman with her priorities on display.

Here’s a list of my Top Ten Green Spaces in London:

10. Hyde Park
9. Wimbledon Common / Putney Heath
8. Greenwich Park
7. Peckham Rye Common
6. Crystal Palace Park
5. Hampton Court gardens / Bushy Park
4. Kew Gardens
3. Eltham Palace grounds
2. Hampstead Heath / Highgate Wood
1. Richmond Park

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