This past weekend I attended the #BloggersFestival at Paramount Centrepoint in London, organised by the fabulous Scarlett. I got to meet some new people, hear from some brands both familiar and unfamilar, have some fizz and eat some cookies and have my makeup done by celebrity makeup artist, Gary Cockerill. (Special thanks to FaithPR and Lauren for that one!)

Urban Outfitters, Oriflame, Want Her Dress, Ecco, Very.Co.Uk, and Search Laboratories were all there amongst others. In particular, I loved some of Very’s Winter line. Β The event was filled with what bloggers do best, taking lots of pictures and then tweeting about products. But since we were on the 31 first floor of a Central London building there were some pretty spectacular views as well!

If you attended the #bloggersfestival but we didn’t get a chance to exchange blog details, just drop me a line in the comments!
me dressed for event
What I wore: Dress: similar. Shoes: similar. Bag: Coach. Earrings: Oliver Bonas. Lipstick: MAC.

british museum from abovestreet from abovebarbloggersgiftbagscupcakes ecco bootsecco leopard print shoesΒ purses shoes and a viewΒ urban outfitters jewellry very dress very shoes

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  • Hope you had the chance to sample our pizzas! Great photos!

    • I didn’t get the chance unfortunately, nor was I able to snap a photo of them – but only because they were devoured anytime I got close to one so I know they must be good! x

      • Oh that’s a shame, we will back down in London soon though!

  • I love ecco shoes, Fredrik has a pair that look so good on him!

    • I had always written Ecco off before as “comfortable shoes” ie, not fashionable but made for walking and I was pleasantly surprised by their new collections! x

  • What a fun event! I wish we had things like this here in Reykjavik. Those views are pretty amazing.

  • Love the outfit you were wearing to the event! The dress is so pretty! πŸ™‚ I wish I was living in London, so I could get to go to events like this! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much! Maybe the next one will blissfully coincide with a trip that you make to England! x

  • Your dress is so cute! I would be terrified to go to a bloggers event like that… what would I say to all those people?

    • Hahaha I started with the pretty unoriginal (and slightly stupid question): “Oh you have a blog? What’s your blog called?” But I admit that soooo many strangers is a bit intimidating for me too! x

  • you look lovely, and what fun to go to something like this! Thanks for stopping by my little blog and your sweet comment.

    • You’re very welcome! I know that there’s occasionally some big blogging meetups in the South. Maybe you could search through them by state and find one that’s close to you? x

  • Gorgeous gal! x

  • Oh you look so gorgeous Amanda!! This looks like so much fun – definitely an event I’d love I’m sure. And I adore that beautiful green sparkly dress! So pretty! Xx

    • You’re too kind! That green dress was my favourite piece from the whole event! It’s not on sale yet… but … I want it! xx

  • Gorgeous outfit! Great pictures as well πŸ™‚

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  • An all out bloggers convention. It reminds me of The Witches! LOL… Not that I think of bloggers as a bunch of witches. But you probably read the book and how they all convened together in the big convention room.. It would be funny if you were like.. Now that you mentioned it… they were all showing the signs of a witch. (You know what they are… ) πŸ˜‰

  • That looks like so much fun! I would love to go to a blogging festival or conference.

    • Maybe next time you’re in America there will be a coincidental/overlapping one that you can go to! x

  • Your dress is so pretty — I love the cut-outs. The Ecco shoes are cute, and I loooove the shoes in your last pic. Looks like a fun event, if you can get past (like bevchen said) how many people there are, haha. A bit intimidating for sure.

    • Thanks!!! There were tons of people there, but it almost made it more comfortable to not know anyone in a crowd than in a small group. xx

  • Nice photos and lovely look! The event sounds amazing. I wish there’s a blogger festival on my place too.


  • Thank you so much! x

  • The shoes really were awesome! x

  • It was really awesome! I hope you get the chance to attend one! x

  • Lovely outfit! Everything looks amazing ! xx

  • That sounds so cool! The view is just so cool – I love being up in skyscrapers just for the views over the city! The cupcakes look delicious! And were you allowed to try on any of those gorgeous pair of shoes??x

    • I thought about slipping that sparkly pair into my bag! (Just kidding really, I don’t condone stealing. ) It’s gorgeous getting to be up so high in London! x

  • Miu

    Wow, the view is really great!

  • It was so much fun, great to meet you too! Your photos are fab πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much! I’m so glad that we got a chance to chat a little and hopefully we’ll see each other at more blogging things in the future! (By the way, where was your dress from? I loved it!) x

  • The sparkles! I need all of them!

  • The black boots with the brown top are my favourite kind of boots. Also….we need to go shopping together, cause I luuuuuvre your taste in dresses. And your make up looks fab xx

    • Ooohh that’s something we’ve never discussed doing before. And pretty much all my dresses are of the exact same cut just in different prints and patterns. Ha! x

      • That’s definitely a benefit, knowing what looks good on you. I’m still in the dark with that about myself haha. Oh well, just an excuse as to why we need to go shopping….when I have more money x

  • Those are some pretty great views! Shoes shoes shoes. I love Carvela. Anything off the kurt geiger website actually haha

  • I just wish I had normal people size feet, that’s all I’m gonna say. So many pretties…

  • those sparkly shoes! that green dress! hope you have a fab Christmas party on your calendar, miss πŸ™‚

    • The green dress is my favourite! I am itching to buy it – so far I’ve refrained which is probably a good thing since I don’t have any Christmas parties lined up either πŸ™‚ x

  • Ala

    This looks so much fun and you look gorgeous in your pic! I’ve been up to centre point but at night, pretty scary being that high up but FAB views! x

    • Did you have drinks there? To be honest, I never even really noticed before this event that it even existed! x