Loving Autumn Weekends

Sam and I had an extraordinarily seasonal weekend. First we attended the neighborhood fall apple festival where they had a bazillion different types of apples for you to try. There were no Granny Smith’s in sight though. For shame! We also got to try a lot of different English apple juices which was my favourite bit. I’m a sucker for juice.

Unfortunately for the Apple Festival, we had to make a quick exit because there was a young boy collecting money for the RSPCA and he was just too sweet, polite and conscientious for me to handle, added to the fact that donations are for rescue animals that I became this weird ball of emotion. The boy does this fairly regularly and I was just so darn touched that he choose to spend his time helping animals and raising awareness that I gave him all our cash and started to tear up. Maybe it’s hormones. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that we carved a Halloween pumpkin this weekend. I’m fully aware that it will rot before Halloween but we have two pumpkins and thought of this as a practice one. The other we’ll do later! This is only Sam’s second time to carve a pumpkin. The first was with me two years ago, and as we were in Newcastle for October/November last year we didn’t get a chance to. Luckily we’ve dusted off all the old skills and let loose.

I don’t believe in “stencils” (just kidding, I do, but I don’t know where you’d get them in England.). So what we did was a free-handed a pattern first in pencil and then in Sharpie and then we took turns doing the carving. Sam gutted the pumpkin (the worst part, but I convinced him that it was an honor in the US) while I roasted the pumpkin seeds.

apple tasting signapple juicesam and apple juicefountaincar

garden centre strolldrawing pumpkinmeta pumpkinme carvingsam carvingpumpkin guts

sam and pumpkin
Alas, poor pumpkin!

candle pumpkin at nightpumpkin aflame
Not too shabby for our practice pumpkin, right?

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