Loving Autumn Weekends

Sam and I had an extraordinarily seasonal weekend. First we attended the neighborhood fall apple festival where they had a bazillion different types of apples for you to try. There were no Granny Smith’s in sight though. For shame! We also got to try a lot of different English apple juices which was my favourite bit. I’m a sucker for juice.

Unfortunately for the Apple Festival, we had to make a quick exit because there was a young boy collecting money for the RSPCA and he was just too sweet, polite and conscientious for me to handle, added to the fact that donations are for rescue animals that I became this weird ball of emotion. The boy does this fairly regularly and I was just so darn touched that he choose to spend his time helping animals and raising awareness that I gave him all our cash and started to tear up. Maybe it’s hormones. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that we carved a Halloween pumpkin this weekend. I’m fully aware that it will rot before Halloween but we have two pumpkins and thought of this as a practice one. The other we’ll do later! This is only Sam’s second time to carve a pumpkin. The first was with me two years ago, and as we were in Newcastle for October/November last year we didn’t get a chance to. Luckily we’ve dusted off all the old skills and let loose.

I don’t believe in “stencils” (just kidding, I do, but I don’t know where you’d get them in England.). So what we did was a free-handed a pattern first in pencil and then in Sharpie and then we took turns doing the carving. Sam gutted the pumpkin (the worst part, but I convinced him that it was an honor in the US) while I roasted the pumpkin seeds.

apple tasting signapple juicesam and apple juicefountaincar

garden centre strolldrawing pumpkinmeta pumpkinme carvingsam carvingpumpkin guts

sam and pumpkin
Alas, poor pumpkin!

candle pumpkin at nightpumpkin aflame
Not too shabby for our practice pumpkin, right?

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  • Amy @ the tide that left

    i love you Autumnal outfit. i’ve never carved a pumpkin before but this year I’m considering it. I wonder if I can find a pumpkin here.

  • I love your pumpkin! I carved one once (in the UK) but we just did a boring face. I get annoyed just chopping up pumpkin to make food though so I wouldn’t have the patience to carve something ace into one!

    • I did have to keep taking breaks because my hands kept getting stiff, especially around the really small delicate cuts. But have you seen pictures of some of the professional pumpkins? They are works of art! x

  • Quite the impressive pumpkin! A practice pumpkin is a good idea. H does not understand why we would want to put our pumpkins outside, he thinks he did all the hard work it should stay inside on display.

  • You seem to have great autumn weekends. I totally love your pumpkin. It is so cute. I will join the Halloween festival at my work place this weekends and I feel so excited. ^^

    • Thank you! We’ve been really lucky this year and have been able to really enjoy the autumn! x

  • What a cute pumpkin! You’ll never believe it, but my first time carving a pumpkin was maybe just a few years ago. Talk about suppressed childhood!

    • If it makes you feel better more often than not my family would paint pumpkins instead of carve them (mostly because my mom is an awesome painter!) x

  • That’s seriously impressive for your first try! Wait until you see my attempt, I don’t think it will be half as good 🙂

  • 1) I imagined a single violin playing as I read about the boy collecting for charity. 2) ” …I gave him all our cash and started to tear up.” lol! That reminded me of that Futurama meme of Fry (“Shut up and take my money!”). 3) Your practice pumpkin is impressive! I’m a lousy American; never carved one in my life. 4) Great shot of those watering cans!

    • Thanks! My mom used to try to get us to paint pumpkins instead of carve them because she didn’t like doing it. Ha! But actually she’s a really talented painter so some of her designs over the years were really cool. x

  • 1. I was eating a Granny Smith apple when I clicked on your post and feel sad there were none to try because no matter what anyone says they are the queen of apples.
    2. Those are some hella good pumpkin carving skills!

    • They are the queen of apples and anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves! ALthough I’m also a fan of Red Delicious. And thanks! xx

  • I cannot believe you suckered Sam into getting out the guts! Dan and I carved our pumpkins a few weeks ago, and yes, they’re starting to rot. But our schedules have been so crazy that we only had time the day we bought them to carve them. Plus the third pumpkin that we didn’t carve already has a few small soft patches, so there’s a good chance even the uncarved pumpkin will rot by Halloween too. At least we have a few tiny pumpkins and some gourds that seem pretty sturdy.

    I’m VERY impressed with your design. You’re both so artistic!

    • He said afterwards that he didn’t really find it that gross, actually. What a weirdo! We have some tiny pumpkins too so if it does rot we’ll still have something a tad festive around. And thank you!!! xx

  • Ah, I love all of these fall activities. I’m piled in boxes so I don’t think we will be carving pumpkins this year 🙁
    Melanie @

  • So cute! The apple festival sounds fun and I so love to carve pumpkins. Before kids my husband and I use to do elaborate carvings, but now it’s an easy smiley face!

  • Julie @ Artwork by JM

    I wanted to make it to an apple festival over the weekend but unfortunately it rained…booo! I love your adorable little pumpkin

    • Thanks Julie! it had been pouring for most of the week but luckily the rain lessened a tad over the weekend allowing us to do fun things outside! x

  • I think I would have had the same exact reaction to the boy collecting money! And I love that carving – I’m very impressed! I’m having a carving night next week with my boyfriend and it’ll be his first pumpkin carving, I look forward to it 🙂

    • So exciting! Sam was so surprised to see what pumpkin looked like on the inside that first time! x

  • Marielle

    So cute! I haven’t carved a pumpkin in AGES and forgot how gross the insides are. . .poor Sam!

    • Bleurgh! They are truly gross. He says that he didn’t mind it though! Maybe he’s just putting on a brave face. x

  • Ashley Angle

    Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Great job on the pumpkin carving! Love your outfit!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Your practice pumpkin is not too shabby! I’m still searching for orange pumpkins to introduce the Russian to carving – the green ones they usually have here just won’t do!

  • Looks good!! Apples a pumpkin carving, that is definitely an autumn fun filled weekend!!

  • I’ve actually never carved a pumpkin! Yours looks really good! x

  • Wow! That pumpkin looks excellent. I’ve never carved a pumpkin before but it’s something I’d love to try!

    • I hope you get a chance to give it a go! It’s definitely not for everyone, but something that’s fun to try at least once though! x

  • The plaid is actually Sam’s. I just like to borrow it sometimes. Men’s button ups are just too comfy to pass up on occasion! x

  • Oh the apple fest in the town I’m from was this past weekend. I wish I had been there! I’m a lover of apple festivals and apple food. Yum.

  • Pumpkin carving is on our list of things to do before Halloween! I am thinking of doing a Nightmare Before Christmas scene this year, maybe the curly hill and cemetery?!

  • I went to an apple orchard last weekend and each apple was roughly $2. They were huge but still!!! We got one for free as part of our tour so at least I got to try them!

  • ooh that looks fantastic! Jon watched while I did our pumpkin last year, but I’m going to “encourage” him to do his own next year 😛

    • Sam now claims that gutting the pumpkin “isn’t that gross” and that he “kind of likes it”. I’m going to use these words to forever haunt him in the future! x