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An Autumnal Cocktail + Blog Hop!

Happy Friday everyone! Not only am I bringing you a festive cocktail, but I’m also co-hosting Fresh Face Friday (please link up below, but sadly not until 9am EST or 2pm in London.) Maybe you want to spruce up a fall get-together over the next few weeks with this drink! (It’s so simple, but delicious!)

Apple Cider Slush Cocktails

About 750 ml of Apple Cider (Soft Cider to my British readers)
1 bottle of your favourite Prosecco

Simply put your apple cider in the freezer overnight. Remove it from the freezer about an hour before serving, so that it’s still frozen but you can crush it up and pour it out of the container. Fill the glasses 3/4ths full of the frozen cider and then top off with Prosecco. (Makes 6 glasses)
pouring up closeapple cider cocktails top view


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  • Scrumptious & perfect for celebrating!

  • Why have I never thought of mixing cider and prosecco before?! This looks very classy and a perfect Autumn drink.


  • Yummy, sounds like the perfect fall drink!

  • That cocktail looks so yummy! A contender for Thanksgiving 🙂 The blog hop sounds fun!

  • Oh yum – this sounds delicious! I assume by soft cider you mean the sweet kind, like Kopparberg or something and not the really strong one like Strongbow?

    • Ugh, very confusingly American cider is non-alcoholic. But also completely different from apple juice. It’s kind of hard to describe now that I’m actually trying to! x

  • Yup, strong contender for Thanksgiving!

  • This is SUCH a fab idea for an autumnal cocktail! Definitely going to give it a go over the weekend 🙂 xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Looks great!!!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    What’s soft cider?
    Looks fabulous – might be something we can recreate here. Cool and refreshing too!

    • So in a very confusing twist- American cider is sold as “soft cider” in England, meaning non-alcoholic. But it’s not the same as apple juice (they taste completely different.) x

  • Sounds like a delicious cocktail!

  • That’s such a great idea!

  • This drink is soooo me! Love me some cider AND some prosecco! Cheers!

  • Very cool idea! Very autumny as well!

  • Uh, SO easy and SO yummy-sounding. I’m hosting a Friendsgiving later this month, and this sounds like the perfect cocktail for it!

  • Yum! That looks so good. I’ve been breaking out the apple cider lately and it’s delish!


  • Wow this sounds good, Amanda. I can’t wait to try it!x

  • Ashley Angle

    Festive and refreshing! Love this!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • This looks so delicious, Amanda! I like the idea of freezing the cider instead of blending ice (also because ice is impossible to find here, weird, right?)

    • That is weird! Also then it cuts down on the weird wateriness you get in cocktails with ice! x

  • I’m sure Prosecco & cider work really well together. And it couldn’t be simpler to make! I’m definitely going to try these 🙂 x

  • so simple, but so yum! I’ve found it really hard to find apple cider around here, but cloudy apple juice is close so might try that.

    • It is hard to find! I’ve found it at Whole Foods and at a random market but not really ever in most stores 🙁 x

  • Kyla

    That drink looks so yummy! and refreshing 🙂

  • Casey C

    Oh my goodness, that looks DIVINE! Who doesn’t love a good sparkling cocktail?!

    Thanks so much for co-hosting the hop today! You’re a total gem! Cheers to a lovely weekend!

  • this is perfect! I’m definitely trying this at our next gathering!

  • This is so fun! I love autumnal cocktails, I’ll be trying and possibly serving this at Thanksgiving 🙂

  • Yum! This looks so good and its so easy! I’m going to do a Thanksgiving meal with my Spanish roommates this year and I think this may be the drink 😀

    • Sharing Thanksgiving with people who don’t typically celebrate it is the best! My first year abroad, all my English housemates went crazy for it! x

  • Hi came on over from Casey’s blog and wanted to say Hi so Hi……………..also that drink looks nice not sure if I would like it but it looks nice

  • that sounds so simple and delicious! a lovely drink for autumn:-) xx

  • This looks so perfect for new year’s as well, I’ve totally bookmarked it. And thanks for co-hosting the linkup!

  • yum this looks delish and so perfect for fall!

  • Em

    Mmmmmm – nummy – I know what I’m going to drink whilst grading papers tonight! Cheers!

  • Oh, we don’t really call it soft cider either! It’s not really something we have, but the closest thing is probably unpasteurised apple juice. We don’t make a distinction between different types of apple juice. If it is the juice of an apple, it is apple juice!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    • I was just basing that on anytime I’ve found it in the store in London (which is rare) it’s labeled “soft cider”. Personally, I recommend not substituting apple juice because they are pretty different. Even Cawston which I definitely enjoy drinking isn’t quite the same. (Only some American ciders are only unpasteurised sometimes?! ) A truly weird thing! xx

  • This sounds yummy! I love anything slushy 🙂 P and I are on the hunt for apple cider (fresh from the case not the bottled juice aisle)…no luck yet 🙁 I like hot cider and bourbon.

  • I’ll be stirring these up for myself and if someone happens to wander by, I GUESS I’ll (begrudgingly) offer them a sip.

  • oh yummmm. confession: no matter how creative the cocktail bar, I will always choose something with prosecco over something more inventive and exciting.

    • I almost always do. My exceptions are amaretto sours and whisky sours. Because I have the same taste in alcohol as a 19 year old girl with her underage id, essentially. x

  • oh my gosh, this looks amazing!!