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When Did It Become Cool To Wear Glasses?

Seriously guys. When did it become cool to wear glasses? When did they become fashion accessories?

Here’s a secret: I’ve had to wear glasses for the vast majority of my life and I’ve absolutely hated it. Always. I love glasses on other people. They look flattering, polished or quirky. Luckily (depending on how you look at it) my eyesight was deteriorating so rapidly that at the age of 10 I was put into contacts to help hold my eye shape and control my spiralling myopia. Even though putting in contacts was scary and time consuming at that age, I was ecstatic that I could ditch my glasses.

Even now, I never go out for meetings or social events in them. (Except for one dark time in college when I had an ulcer in my eye and was forced into my glasses until it healed.) I think there’s only 1 photo in the history of Rhyme & Ribbons with me in glasses. Well today’s the day folks. Here are more pictures than you ever wanted of me in glasses.

Every year I pretend that this will be the year that I save up enough money to get lasik surgery. Waking up and being able to see further than 3 inches from my face is something I’ve literally only dreamed about since 1st grade.

sideview of glasses light
Disclosure: I received a free pair of glasses from Firmoo from writing about them on my blog. That being said, my previous pair of glasses (paid for by me) were also from Firmoo so I would have recommended their services regardless.

For reference, these are the Firmoo Unisex Full Frame #F041 in Tortoise.  I have nothing but good things to say about the folks at firmoo. As long as you have your prescription handy, they will sort you out with something in your price range. (Or non-prescription glasses if you wish!) I’d chosen Firmoo in the past because since glasses are an at-home only choice for me really, I am loathe to spend money on them.

Since you are ordering glasses online, the option to upload your own picture to “try on” the glasses is super handy! Just like with my last order, my glasses were shipped quickly, efficiently, and arrived just as described.
I know that wearing your contacts all-day every day can cause some damage, so maybe there’s still time for me to learn to love my glasses.

close up firmoo hair upfront view firmoo looking down

Are you a secret glasses wearer? Or do you rock them with pride as a favourite accessory?

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  • You look lovely in these, very scholarly! Embrace the scholar! I hear ya with the astonishment though – according to my optometrist school thing glasses arr so cool they’re faking sight problems. Oh yes

    • That is insane. I tried to avoid my glasses at all costs- I can’t believe kids are wanting to get them. Kids these days! He, but thank you. It’s probably has a lot to do with the fact that I had glasses and braces that I have this aversion… x

  • You look fab Amanda! Love the glasses 😀

    I got some new glasses at the beginning of this year and really really love them. I have to wear them for computer time so I do end up wearing them every day of the week, but I can actually see OK without them (everything’s just mucho blurry!!) xxx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • I think you wear the glasses really well!

    I wore glasses from I was 3 until I was 12, Then when I was around 25 I thought it was time to go check my eyes out again as I used to ahve to sit in the cinema with one hand covering one eye as the screen got blurry, and Sarah had to read the Starbucks menues for me. Verdict was I needed reading glasses when using the computer. As soon as I put the glasses on it became clear I needed them all the time! You never realise how badly your eyesight has deteriorated until you get the right prescription! Never wore lenses as I am scared of them! haha

    • I hear you! Whenever my prescription gets updated it’s always shocking how much clearer the world is! And a bit terrifying that you haven’t noticed how fuzzy it was before! But thank you though! x

  • Super cute! I loathe my glasses, and what I look like in glasses. I also have a really small face (my last set of frames were child sized), so it’s hard for me to find ones I like that don’t fall off of my face when I look down. I also get so frustrated when I have 0 peripheral vision when I’m wearing them! I switched to contacts when I was 12, and never looked back. I wear them around the house, but I feel so frumpy and “grey on grey sweatsuit” when I do.
    Love your new glasses, though! It’s a very Zooey Deschanel kind of look!

    • It sounds like we have really similar dislikes about our glasses then! I also feel frumpy in them. I also feel like my eyes aren’t “awake” if I don’t have my contacts in. Weird, right? But thank you! x

  • I always feared having to wear glasses and would get so nervous when I went to my eye exam. Luckily I have never had an issue with my eye sight but I do at times find myself envious of others wearing glasses and looking adorable.

    • Ha, I am always envious of people who look adorable in glasses. I think I look like a librarian! x

  • You look GREAT in these glasses! And I have a feeling you’d look great in any glasses 🙂
    BUT I hear you–I’ve had glasses since second grade and I remember the pure joy of getting contact lenses. Unfortunately I’ve developed a dry eye problem in recent years so I’ve HAD to learn to love my glasses! I just can’t wear my contacts every day anymore. Luckily, I guess, they are in style again! Still, I usually feel more put together when I’m wearing my contacts.

    • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that you had to stop wearing them. I can imagine that dry eyes would be so itchy and uncomfortable 🙁 I also feel more put together with my contacts in and just a bit blah with glasses most of the time. x

  • Wow!! You look AMAZING lady!!! I had no clue you wore glasses! I do too! Or I did. I have just recently out them away because I’m doing orthokeratology at the moment (alternative to LASIK) in that I wear rigid contacts at night time while sleeping that reshape the cornea of my eye and reduce my myopia. Then when I wake up, I take my contacts out and my eye sight is perfect!! It’s all very new to me but I have been doing it for 2 weeks and am absolutely stoked! To wake up and not need glasses or contacts is such a blessing I think only glasses/contact wearers can understand!!

    • I have never even heard of this! Can anyone do it? Or do you just have to have mild vision problems? I want to know everything! xx

      • It’s pretty cool!! I’m so stoked with the results (like I could cry with happiness every day I wake up and my vision is perfect. It’s the weirdest and most wonderful feeling in the world!). My twin sister is my optometrist and apparently not everyone can do it, but more people would be great candidates, it’s just they’ve never even heard of it to look into doing it 🙂

    • Wow, the orthokeratology seems so magical and fantastic. It’s amazing that that contacts can re-shape your cornea at night. But how long do you need to wear the Ortho-K contacts? Is it just a temporary method or can it make you see things clearly for a long time?

      I have had lasik surgery and I can see things clearly, but there are some small side effects.

      • It’s certainly changed my life these past 2 weeks since starting! It’s reversible, so when I need glasses for reading when I get older, I can reverse the orthoK and then not need glasses again! I will have to wear the contacts every few nights for as long as I want my vision perfect but I see that as a really small sacrifice to make for the perfect vision I now have. I can’t ever see that being a problem for me because I’m so happy with the difference it’s made to my eye sight 🙂 I did this in preference to LASIK because I was a bit worried about the side effects. What side effects did you experience?

        • There are just some small side effects after the lasik surgery. For example, my eyes are easily dry and I have to use the artificial eye drops a lot. In a few weeks, my eyes are very sensitive to light so I have to wear sunglasses or goggles when going outside. But the side effects will wear off after 3 or 6 months.

  • I love them!! They look so great! True story: I was one of those kids who never needed glasses but always wanted them. I used to try to cheat on my eye exams in grade school but the doctors always had my number (if you did it already in the 80s does that make you ahead of the current trend? Let’s say it does). I’m sure however I’d just wish they went away if I had to wear them!

  • You look amazing in that! I have poor eyesight too and I hate wearing both glasses and contacts. -_- Idk why people do it for fashion too.

  • Ala

    I think you look lovely in glasses, love the tortoise shell! x

  • Those really suit you! I had glasses as a kid and now am one of those that uses them for an accessory when I am feeling to lazy to do my makeup!

    • On other people glasses accentuates their cute make up etc, but on me I just feel I look messy. x

  • amitygardens

    You look adorable in glasses. Like a sexy librarian.

  • I find it so hard to wear my glasses since I’ve only really needed them the last year or so for long distances and while working at the computer, but the headaches that come from going too long not wearing them remind me to put them on. Also, I love how they hide most of my face so I toss them on when I’m not feeling 100 percent as well to head out of the house. I love those frames that you’ve got, I think I’m being more converted to the tortoiseshell look.

  • Ok, I confess, I’m a secret glasses wearer too! As soon as they told me I had to wear them all the time I asked for contact lenses. I think there’s only one picture of me with glasses on my blog and that was because I didn’t read the bottle of my new american lens solution properly and basically put burning stuff straight into my eye! Good one Rachel. I do try to wear my glasses more but the lenses always win! Those glasses look fab on you! You should definitely wear them more often! X

    P.S – I dream of laser surgery too! I can’t imagine what it would be like to wake up and not have to reach for my glasses!

    • Right?! it is the DREAM! Darn it for being expensive. My mom had it done over a decade ago and she still talks about how she wishes she had done it sooner. Hrmph! It sounds like we have a very similar optical past! x

  • They look great on you! I have worn glasses for about 10 years but my eyesight it such that I basically choose to wear them when I feel like it. At the theater, when I’m watching TV, sometimes when I drive. But I can also go days, weeks, months without touching them. But I have to admit, I’ve always seen them as dual purpose, functional and accessory! I’m glad you feel comfortable to wear them and show them off to us! You look great in them!

    • Ah well thank you! I think it’s incredible that your eyesight has stayed the same for so long! Teach me your ways! (Do you eat a lot of carrots? 😉 ) xx

  • You had an ulcer in your EYE?! I had no idea that was even possible! Sounds horribly painful.

    I don’t wear glasses. I have a micro-squint in my right eye, which basically causes my brain to suppress everything that eye sees meaning it now doesn’t see as well as my lift eye, but there’s nothing that can be done about it, so no glasses or contacts for me! My dad’s eyes used to be perfect but now he needs glasses for reading so I probably will too when I get to his age.

    • I guess you can get eye ulcers from too much stress and strain damage on them. Yikes! They did put these weird yellow drops in my eyes that made me cry yellow tears though…. HA! x

  • You really suit that shape, I think you look great 🙂 I don’t need to wear glasses, but I do admire how stylish some of them are x

  • Hannah Webster

    Those are so cute! Weird timing because today at work I unearthed the glasses I was given months ago but havent been wearing and decided I still dont like them, mostly thinking the same thing that always look so quirky on others but awkward and heavy on me!
    I wish I could find pretty ones like this and view them more as an accessory than a problem haha x

    • Ha, what a coincidence! I’m sure its all mental and you actually do look quirk and cute in them but there’s something about glasses that makes them have a very strong positive or negative effect on self esteem, I think! x

  • Julie @ Artwork by JM

    I have glasses that I am supposed to wear for seeing distances, but I don’t wear them too often. Usually just at the movies or a theater show. And when I’m driving of course! lol

    • Hehe as long as you’ve got safety covered you can probably get away with not wearing them at other times. 🙂 x

  • I wore glasses for 14 years,. I wore them all day and night except bed time. However, whenever somebody takes photos of me, I always take off my glasses. At that time although I could only see things blurry, I still tried to smile and look at the camera, so it was very inconvenient. Recently I have just had the lasik eye surgery and I’m happy that I can see things clearly. However, the cost is too expensive and I am indebted now @@ But I want to see things clearly when I am still young, so I decided to take the surgery and try to pay for debt later.

    • I think lasik is definitely work it! My mom had it done and says she wishes she had done it when she was younger! x

  • Haha, I know! It kills me when I see people wearing glasses with non-prescription lenses – or just the frames! – as fashion accessories. Growing up, I hated my glasses so much. My eyes aren’t as bad as yours, but I’m still bitter that I can’t just jump on the cheap online glasses bandwagon because high index lenses are usually more expensive. I just ordered a pair from Firmoo too, hoping they kind of work out!

    • So they are not high-end quality, but they are quality enough to serve a purpose for me. Since I only wear them at home, like a cave troll, I don’t need mine to be ace. I calculated the pupillary distance wrong last year when I ordered my first pair of glasses from them which was a HUGE error, so i made sure to do it right this time.

  • This is great! I remember when I thought glasses were SO uncool, and then saw a photo of Avril Lavigne with them and realized that maybe they were cool again (this was back when SHE was cool). I do wear glasses at night, but still love my soft contacts during the day!

    • I wear my glasses at home in the evenings and sometimes in the mornings but that’s about it. Ha, Avril making the strangest combos cool. Like t-shirts and ties! x

  • I’ve had to wear glasses since first grade, and have an intense aversion to things touching my eyeballs, so I’ve literally never worn contacts. So I’m pretty thrilled with how fashionable glasses have become! I’m finally ahead of a trend! haha. I absolutely love your frames! 🙂

    • Ha, well thank you! But you’re one of those people who looks awesome in glasses so it makes sense that you like the trend ;D x

  • I love your new glasses! It is a big difference though to go from contacts all the time to sometimes wearing glasses.

    I used to avoid wearing my glasses out but now that my eyesight is worse I have given in. I purchased two new paris in China because they are so much cheaper there. I wish I could do contacts though on occasion. I’ve tried and tried but am just useless at putting them in!

    • It took me ages to learn to put in my contacts. (Especially since I was so young.) But since I’ve been wearing them for the majority of my life now, and I can pop them in and out in under 30 seconds maybe. With no mirror.

      I wear my glasses if I’m working at home, or in the evening after I’ve washed my face and gotten ready for bed and still want to read, but that’s about it! x

  • Yeah nice glasses they look good on you, I am not sure when it became cool to wear glasses but it is good that it is not that I do, well I do for reading and writing and my hang around my neck yes I have become one of those women

    • Thank you Jo-Anne. I need a cord for my glasses as I am always losing them! The worst is when I take out my contacts without checking that my glasses are nearby and I have to stumble around the room touching all the surfaces lightly with my fingertips trying to find them! x

  • I love these glasses! You look super cute! I don’t need glasses but I have secretly always wanted to wear them as a fashion accessory! x

    • Thanks Sarah! I still don’t think I’ll leap into the wearing glasses in public pool anytime soon but at least I don’t hate them like I used to 🙂 x

  • I am totally a secret glasses wearer! I got my contacts at age 12, I can’t stand wearing my glasses because I feel like I strain my eyes! I had to wear them the other day because my contact ripped…those are cute glasses!

  • I like wearing glasses, but it’s convenient having contacts. I’m probably destroying my eyes because I just never take my contacts out. I don’t like waking up and not being able to see either, so I decided to just…keep them in, haha. I love glasses though (and yours are cute!) so I’ll keep Firmoo in mind!

    Also: eye ulcers?! I didn’t even know that was a thing! Sounds painful 🙁

    • Ahhh!!! Sleeping in my contacts is one of the reasons why I got eye ulcers! Be careful! You can get them from overstressing and straining your eyes and having them not get enough oxygen (caused by my sleeping in them during college). I used to sleep in mine all the time for the same reasons that you mentioned until Ulcer-Gate 2009.

      Now I’m good about taking them out, if only because I lost control of one of my tearducts before my ulcer was treated so I spent 48 hours with a gentle trickle of tears coming out of one eye even though I wasn’t crying. It was so embarrassing. HA!

      • Yikes! That’s definitely an effective horror story o.O Guess I’ll give these things a rest!

  • Now that you have glasses you might like to read ” Rocco’s sweet angel” by Robert Rizzo available on Amazon e-books, it’s a great read, funny adventurous, sexy and very interesting.

  • Cute! I like the new frames!!!

  • I only wear glasses! No contacts for me 🙂 I find glasses cool and fashionable! I am constanly buying new frames, colors, shapes, etc!! Plus in Germany, people go CRAZY over funky glasses…so I definitely fit in well here! Love yours :))))

    • Ha, well thank you! You’ll have to teach me your ways of looking cool in them. I always feel so frumpy (which is why I save them for home). x

  • I love wearing glasses, I have done so full time since I was 16. They’re a part of my outfit. You look great, love your lipstick.

  • I wear glasses exclusively! Those frames look really cute on you. You should think about wearing them in public!

    I actually need new glasses. I can tell my prescription isn’t strong enough anymore. 🙁 Money is tight, though, and I’ve been insanely busy, so I’ve put off going to the eye doctor. Once I see a doctor, maybe I’ll look into Firmoo options!

    • I tried Firmoo for the first time 2 years ago. I was in America for several months awaiting my latest visa upgrade but didn’t have insurance because I lived in England, my glasses (at the time) broke and it was going to cost me a LOT of money to replace them at the optometrist. But I had my prescription and all my ocular details so I decided to risk ordering them (because they price was so phenomenal – the first pair I ordered were under $15). I can’t vouch for their durability because I only wear them in the evenings so they aren’t getting heavy use- but my pair from a few years ago is still going strong! x

  • I used to hate wearing glasses because I had to since I was 10 – but in England everyone wears glasses, and very cool frames at that – they’re much more an accessory I guess than traditionally here. So living there made me less anti specs and I bought TWO pairs last year, wildly different from one another – also because I never ever ever take my contacts out and my eye docs keep scolding me about that. (Apparently your capillaries can grow to the outside of your eyeball because your eyes need air….ew)

    • I feel like none of my friends in England wear glasses! I’m clearly hanging out with the wrong people 😉 xx

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    I’m bad at waering mine. In fact, I don’t know where they are. My husband is practically blind so wears contacts or he can’t see me. His glasses are like bottle bottoms and he hates them. Only wears them right ebfore bed.

  • Em

    Very sassy librarian-esque; I’d wear ’em more often!

  • I hate wearing glasses, too, but I have astigmatism in both eyes that are so bad, no contact fits onto my eyes anymore. So, I searched and searched and finally found a pair I like (at Wal-Mart of all places). They are almost rectangular which works with my face, and the sides are orange and have vines on them!

    • Well don! How surprising that that’s where you’d find glasses that you like! At least you didn’t settle! x

  • You look absolutely beautiful in glasses! The pair you choose match so well with your hair color and skin tone – good choice!

    I, too, was the kid in elementary school wearing super thick glasses b/c my eyes were so bad. I couldn’t WAIT to get contacts. I wore them for years until, horror of horrors, my eyes suddenly one day started rejecting them. Thankfully, even though I was already married and off on my own, my mom and dad agreed to foot the bill for me to get Lasik. That was almost 10 years ago now and I’m still so grateful that they spared me from a life of ridicule in my bottlecap glasses. 🙂

    • My mom had Lasik 15 years ago and she still praises it every single day. One day I’ll get it. One day! x

  • You look good! I don’t know why you wouldn’t wear them out. I’m in the glasses wearing club. Have been since I was 12 but it’s only been in the last four years that I’ve realised it’s easier to wear them then have them in my bag and miss all the incredible sights I’ve seen. (Refused to wear them in Hong Kong so that’s kinda a blur… No pun intended)
    I tried contacts but they kept drying my eyes out and then I lost one.. Till it fell out o my eye during dinner which put me off.

    • ha oh no! If I don’t have contacts or glasses on, my eyesight is so bad that I can’t see anything. I wouldn’t even be able to function! x

  • I love them! You look so good in glasses + a red lip! Mine are totally fake. So, I’m on the side of rocking them because I have no choice! heh

  • Aw you look great! But I completely understand – been wearing my glasses since about age 8 and I always hated it. I was the nerdy one, with the bad eyes. I was the nerd for so long and during that awkward stage of my teens I kind of hid behind them, which I now think was a stupid thing to do. However, after years and years I finally appreciate how I look in glasses. It is part of my face in a way. But I do enjoy wearing my contacts and I would rarely go to social events, etc. without my contacts! Also, the main reason I’ve always hated glasses is because I’m so jealous of people who can fall asleep reading at night …this could never happen to me because i can’t sleep with glasses on!

    • Hahaha I fall asleep when I have my glasses on and then wake up in the morning having slightly crushed them from sleeping on top of them! x

  • I think I feel almost exactly the same as you! I have absolutely dreadful eyesight (-6.5), and I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 12. I love contacts, and I hate glasses! I always wear them in the morning and evenings, but I don’t like to go out in them. I seem to have a very difficult face shape for glasses and never look good in them. I’ll remember your recommendation though next time I need to buy a pair! Here’s hoping I find some that actually suit me….

    • I feel like none of them really suit me, so I suppose it’s just a mental block that you and I have both built up for some reason. (We have similar prescriptions too!) x

  • my eye doctor advised me to wear contacts less frequently after a scare in August 2010 – in fact, he told me he wrote me a script for a 3 month supply and expected me not to ask for a refill for 4 or 5 months – and it took a while but I did eventually OWN wearing glasses in public and to work! the idea of seriously hurting my eyes (MY EYES. HOLY CRAP.) helped me come around 😛

    yours look fab and very hip!

    • This is gross and the internet will probably hold it against me forever, but I’m the person who always forgets how long she’s been wearing one pair of contacts and so just keeps wearing them………

      And thank you by the way! x

  • I don’t understand the glasses as a fashion accessory trend, since i try to avoid wearing mine whenever possible! Thankfully, I’m not too too short-sighted, and since I dislike glasses I just get along without them when I don’t have to see far-away things like movie theater screens. haha!

    • That is lucky! Sam used to be like you and only brought out his glasses at the movies or theatre, but he’s slowly had to transition to wearing them a lot of the time. xx

  • you look great in your glasses! i’ve worn contacts since i was about 11 and pretty much never wear my glasses in public. i would love to get cuter glasses that i could wear more often!

  • They are great! I WISH I didn’t have to wear glasses, but I do and I never buy new ones, even though I really should.

    • Does your prescription not change very often? Maybe it has and new glasses will make a huge difference! x

      • No, I have an eye condition that stabilized when my eyes were fully mature so I haven’t felt the need to go to the opticians since I was about 25. My glasses are on their last legs – I have to wear them every day!

  • I’ve recently been having problems with my vision (eye strain, can’t see some things as well as I used to…) and I’ve been soooo anxious about having to wear glasses. my face is SO narrow – I’ve never had a pair of real sunglasses even because of how ridiculous they look on me, so I couldn’t imagine having to wear glasses and I’m just delaying getting checked out for as long as I can really 🙁 On the other hand, I also love other people wearing glasses…for some people, glasses are just *a part* of their face and I think they are really suited to them. Kinda like you – you are a model for them 🙂 <3 Even as a non-glasses wearer this post was awesome to read!

    • Ha, thank you Tash! To be honest, I hate the way sunglasses look on me as well, so you’re not alone there! x

  • I have to wear glasses to read.. but I don’t wear my current ones since I think i need a new prescription.