I mentioned on twitter the other day that I am done with cold weather already. And it hasn’t really even gotten here yet. Teach my your ways winter lovers! I love piling on thick duvets and lighting candles but is that really a valid substitution for sunny days and light breezes through open windows?

I recently received massive (and satisfying) haul of goods from House of Fraser, which has an amazing home goods selection. Surely all cold-weather proofing of homes involves piling on the pillows? Or maybe it’s just that I get the instinct to nest more in the late fall because I know that I have months of being trapped in doors ahead of me?

So for this mini-homemake over (it’s surprising how little it takes to make a space feel different) I got:

Linea cushions both in Latte and Orange Stripe
Slate placemats
A large mixing bowl
Pheasant Oven Glove

*All on sale.  A really good sale.

Maybe a few more candles and my urge will be conquered for now. At least until I decorate for Christmas. And I have to say these Linea cushions are excellent quality. Just the right amount of firmness. I’ll definitely purchase more Linea products in the future.

pillows on sofa
I think the new Linea cushions are feeling right at home with my old trusty hedgehogs.

haul pheasant slatepillows
*I received a gift card from House of Fraser to spend in the home goods section*

What time of year does the urge to next strike you?

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  • Such wonderful goodies! But I am dying over those hedgie pillows! I have to find some!

  • Ooh cute hedgehogs! I hope your goodies help with the winter blues.

    • I’m sure it will help a little. December is easy because I have Christmas to look forward to but I find January eternal! x

  • Yes it will make a huge difference for cold days!

  • I love these new pillows! They are perfect for autumn. I love buying new cushions – our house is full of them! And your hedgehogs ones are the cutest!

  • Cute! I love what you got! It all looks great!

  • Awww, your hedgehog cushions! Where did you get those?

  • Great selections! I’ve recently been doing a little house makeover and it’s so crazy what changing the couch pillow can do!

  • I’m over winter too. I hate being cold. Although we just got our chimney swept and can have open log fires now, so that’s a plus!

  • Hehe thanks Sara! xx

  • Kate Mitchell

    I love winter, but that’s probably because I’m a New Englander. But those cushions look so perfect for the winter!

    • It must be in your blood! Living in New Mexico and Georgia didn’t prepare me for so many months of cold! x

  • I agree. I’m soooo a summer girl and by Christmas I am defo DONE with Winter, even though we have 3 or more months of cold weather left after the new year. I love the slate placemats you chose!

    • Thanks Polly! I can do December because I have Christmas to look forward to all month but by the time January rolls around it just seems endlessly depressing! x

  • Amy @ the tide that left

    I love it! There was an advert on in the UK before I left where a woman was ruining her house so she could re-do it. I fell for that advertising completely – all you need is a few accessories and you can completely change a room.

  • I nest at random times throughout the year. Really, whenever I want to make my space feel cozier 🙂 Your HoF haul is great! And your hedgehog pillow is ah-dorable. Makes me want a real one, haha.

  • Ashley Angle

    It’s all about hunkering down in the cold. Great finds!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • I just love hedgies! What a cute pillow!

  • I love the hedgehog pillow! And yeah I don’t know how people deal with the cold weather. Sometimes I am jealous of people with their gorgeous snow storms but then I think nope, nope. I will visit the cold, but stay in southern california.

    • Growing up I had a “white Christmas” once, twice? And it’s beautiful, but in my grumpy advancing age I’ll sacrifice glittering (cold) prettiness for being warm any day. x

  • I am so happy that I live somewhere where it rarely snows! It can get cold but it’s nothing like back home.. Tons of snow and -40, yuck!!!

  • I really want to know the feeling of nesting in the cold winter. There is no winter in my region. There are only the dry season and the rainy season, so it is very hot and humid these days.

  • Ugh. It’s awesome! x

  • Love the hedgehog pillow! All of your new loot looks so comfy and inviting–perfect for the cold of winter. I’m not a huge fan of the cold, but having cute and warm pillows and quilts helps me weather it a little bit!

  • I love the hedgehog pillow! Is that from House of Fraser too?

  • That hedgehog cushion is so cute! I want one!

  • Dan and I are waiting until we move before we buy any more home goods, but I’m really looking forward to upgrading some of our stuff. Your new things are so cozy!

  • Ala

    Those cushions look so comfy! I have a thing for cushions, especially as we have a daybed with a really hard back. I have a need to be comfy 100% of the time haha x

    • I’m all about the cushions because our sofas are either a)free of b) super cheap so they aren’t the most comfortable. x