I mentioned on twitter the other day that I am done with cold weather already. And it hasn’t really even gotten here yet. Teach my your ways winter lovers! I love piling on thick duvets and lighting candles but is that really a valid substitution for sunny days and light breezes through open windows?

I recently received massive (and satisfying) haul of goods from House of Fraser, which has an amazing home goods selection. Surely all cold-weather proofing of homes involves piling on the pillows? Or maybe it’s just that I get the instinct to nest more in the late fall because I know that I have months of being trapped in doors ahead of me?

So for this mini-homemake over (it’s surprising how little it takes to make a space feel different) I got:

Linea cushions both in Latte and Orange Stripe
Slate placemats
A large mixing bowl
Pheasant Oven Glove

*All on sale.  A really good sale.

Maybe a few more candles and my urge will be conquered for now. At least until I decorate for Christmas. And I have to say these Linea cushions are excellent quality. Just the right amount of firmness. I’ll definitely purchase more Linea products in the future.

pillows on sofa
I think the new Linea cushions are feeling right at home with my old trusty hedgehogs.

haul pheasant slatepillows
*I received a gift card from House of Fraser to spend in the home goods section*

What time of year does the urge to next strike you?

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