A Very Joules Autumn

The lovely folks from Joules were kind enough to invite me to not one, but two events last week. The first of which was the Spring/Summer 2015 Press Preview (#joulesSS15). The second was the opening of their new store in Westfield (White City).

I’ve mentioned time and time again on this space what a massive fan I am of Joules. They are one of my favourite places to shop at and if I didn’t have a modicum of responsible-adult guilt, I’d easily throw all my money at them.

I loved getting to attend the preview.  I was firmly wrapped up in layer upon layer but my imagination was transported to all things Spring. From the whimsical set-up of the event to the delicious ice cream from Jude’s it was pure delight. My favourite items in the collection were ones that had a classic cut but had unexpected details. Like the April Jacket, which looks like your classic rain jacket in a vivid pink.  Or all the gorgeous but effortless Breton stripes in the Harbour Tops (pictured below paired with fruit). And it wouldn’t be a Joules collection without a healthy dose of fun wellies.

One article you can already purchase in stores is the cream jumper with the pink baubles sewn on it. (See below.) It may or may not be on my Christmas wish list. Okay, it is on my wish list.

There were also quite a few articles of clothing that I had my eye on for Sam.

Joules epitomises the best of British casual fashion to me: sophisticated cuts with bright colours and extraordinary prints. Plus I love that their passion for everything botanical is carried throughout the lines. It definitely had me saying “Ooh la la!” and looking forward to warmer times!

This was the lovely baubled jumper I mentioned.

bag - editraincoatsrain - edit blazer
Readers of Rhyme & Ribbons know that I can’t resist a good blazer!

girls clohting shirts and fruits
And these are the coloured Breton striped shirts. One in every colour please!

poodleinside showroomphone boxwelliespicnic basketpicnicscarfjoules store
Westfield Joules storefront.

inside storechristmas decorationsme in mirror
I couldn’t just walk away without a mirror selfie, right?!


Are you a Joules addict like me?

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