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Penguin Fever

So I assume most readers of Rhyme & Ribbons have now watched this year’s John Lewis advert. It’s my favourite one they’ve done so far. I think it’s because I totally identify with Monty’s owner. I too, even in my advanced years, have a special panda. (His name is Socks.) And I definitely wouldn’t have wanted my stuffed animal to grow up lonely.

It’s gotten to the point that Sam will quickly switch the channels if that commercial comes on because it’s a surefire way to see me cry. It also shows that I’m extraordinarily susceptible to advertising. I want a Monty. Or maybe just a baby penguin? I’d like to name mine Edith. That would be a good penguin name.

Cue the lovely folks at New Look for stepping in and satisfying my penguin needs! It also ticks the box on my Christmas jumper want. Here’s a confession: Dear readers, I’ve never before owned a Christmas jumper. Never. (Well maybe when I was a baby and my mom was in charge of dressing me.) But not in living memory, anyways. Here’s a second confession: for the past few years I’ve been sharing Sam’s jumpers with him. He has some excellent Christmas ones and some nice big wooly jumpers that I love to “borrow” and never return. I know he’s more than grateful that I now have my own.

You can find my penguin jumper, along with many other fabulous New Look Christmas jumpers here. (I also have my eye on that Polar Bear.) My Fairisle Penguin is machine washable which is a huge plus in my book, because who has time for hand washing?!

PS- Please excuse my earmuffs. I have to wear them when it gets even a tiny bit cold or else my ears ache all the way into my brain.

mug and penguins
I’m more than ready for Christmas season to begin. I’ve already asked to put our decorations up. That request was denied so I’ve been singing festive songs around the house instead. I bet Sam regrets that denial.

sippingbig treemug and brick blowing bubbles
Blowing bubbles outside on a weekend afternoon. You know, the usual.

popping bubbles
And then desperately wanting to pop those same bubbles.

outdoor penguins
This jumper is a UK Size 10. I sized up to the 10 and I’m glad I did otherwise it would have been too short.

The jumper was c/o New Look.

Have you broken out your festive clothing yet?

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