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Penguin Fever

So I assume most readers of Rhyme & Ribbons have now watched this year’s John Lewis advert. It’s my favourite one they’ve done so far. I think it’s because I totally identify with Monty’s owner. I too, even in my advanced years, have a special panda. (His name is Socks.) And I definitely wouldn’t have wanted my stuffed animal to grow up lonely.

It’s gotten to the point that Sam will quickly switch the channels if that commercial comes on because it’s a surefire way to see me cry. It also shows that I’m extraordinarily susceptible to advertising. I want a Monty. Or maybe just a baby penguin? I’d like to name mine Edith. That would be a good penguin name.

Cue the lovely folks at New Look for stepping in and satisfying my penguin needs! It also ticks the box on my Christmas jumper want. Here’s a confession: Dear readers, I’ve never before owned a Christmas jumper. Never. (Well maybe when I was a baby and my mom was in charge of dressing me.) But not in living memory, anyways. Here’s a second confession: for the past few years I’ve been sharing Sam’s jumpers with him. He has some excellent Christmas ones and some nice big wooly jumpers that I love to “borrow” and never return. I know he’s more than grateful that I now have my own.

You can find my penguin jumper, along with many other fabulous New Look Christmas jumpers here. (I also have my eye on that Polar Bear.) My Fairisle Penguin is machine washable which is a huge plus in my book, because who has time for hand washing?!

PS- Please excuse my earmuffs. I have to wear them when it gets even a tiny bit cold or else my ears ache all the way into my brain.

mug and penguins
I’m more than ready for Christmas season to begin. I’ve already asked to put our decorations up. That request was denied so I’ve been singing festive songs around the house instead. I bet Sam regrets that denial.

sippingbig treemug and brick blowing bubbles
Blowing bubbles outside on a weekend afternoon. You know, the usual.

popping bubbles
And then desperately wanting to pop those same bubbles.

outdoor penguins
This jumper is a UK Size 10. I sized up to the 10 and I’m glad I did otherwise it would have been too short.

The jumper was c/o New Look.

Have you broken out your festive clothing yet?

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  • Just remember – a penguin jumper is for life, not just for christmas!

    I have a christmas jumper from last year. And my department christmas night out tomorrow. Am seriously contemplating combining the two, however our big-big boss (as in not 4 levels above me) will be there from Italy and I am not sure what they would think if I rock up in a christmas pudding outfit…

    • Ha! I’d love to see you rock that although I understand why you wouldn’t want to with the big boss around! 😉 x

  • So cute!

    I bought a Christmas jumper last year for the Charity Christmas Jumper day, but I’ve gone all out this year and bought two! A classy-looking one, and a totally UGLY sweater with bells and patches and santas and all sorts over it. IT’S BRILLIANT. xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Hehe I love that you’ve really gotten into the spirit of it this year! I think I might buy a men’s Christmas jumper from Primark just because I like a good baggy, too-embarrassing-to-wear-out-of-the-house look as well! x

  • Love your Christmas jumper! The only ones I have are from ugly sweater parties so not really acceptable to wear out and about on a regular basis.

    • Hahaha those are always good too. One of my friends is a photographer and she makes her own spoof Christmas cards every year and she has the uglies sweaters imaginable! x

  • That’s such a cute jumper! I must admit, I’ve never had a Christmas jumper either…not a properly Christmas one anyway (I generally just stick to the Scandinavian, The Killing-esque type ones). I’m thinking maybe now’s the year to change though! xx

    • That’s because The Killing-esque ones are pretty fabulous so I can see why they are always a good choice! x

  • Oh my this is the cutest jumper!! I love that it’s Christmas themed! I’m like you – I’ve never owned a Christmas jumper but I was always secretly wanting one! It’s a shame it’s hot during Christmas here in Australia, otherwise I’d definitely be rocking one! Xo

    • Oh darn it! I’m so stupid in that I always forget that for half the planet Christmas is warm… x

  • So cute!! I use to wear Christmas sweaters with santas and snowmen and then I felt a little childish over time. This is cute and subtle!!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    OMG, so cute and I love the ear muffs!

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    • Haha thanks Angie! Although my earmuffs are a necessity as opposed to some strange fashion statement. 😉 x

  • The first time I saw that John Lewis commercial, I thought my heart was going to break in two. So sweet – they do such a good job with their Christmas commercials every year! Adorable jumper…I mean sweater. It still doesn’t come naturally for me to use jumper in everyday conversation. The word jumper still evokes the long denim dresses my mother made me wear as a kid with a t-shirt under them…

    • I use jumper/sweater interchangeably with Sam because he knows what I mean when I say either, but when I’m working with little kids I’ve just gotten used to using all my British vocabulary because they just wouldn’t know what I meant if I told them to put a sweater on! x

  • It’s so cute!!! 🙂 Penguins and sweaters. My two favorites! Sadly we don’t have cold season here enough to wear one 🙁

    • Thank you so much! If it makes you feel any better, I hate being cold and I’d definitely give up sweaters to be warm year-round! x

  • Super cute!! I also have a special stuffed animal which is actually still in California since my grandparents house seems the safest place for him!

    • I couldn’t leave mine in America. Not because I’m still insane and talk to him but because he was my homiest piece of home. If that makes sense. x

  • First of all, I LOVE that you are getting clothes c/o from New Look. Maybe because I grew up in England (obsessed with New Look clothes, especially as a teen), that this made me excited ;).
    Second, it’s adorable. Your ear muffs are also adorable!

    • Thanks Kate! Ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of New Look. Some of my favourite skinny jeans are from there and they’ve lasted ages!

      I’m actually mildly embarrassed of my earmuffs but for some reason if my ears get just a tiny bit cold it’s agony! Don’t know why though! x

  • I’ve not set up any decorations yet or started wearing christmas stuff, but I have started with the music!

  • That is the cutest jumper ever! I wish it wasn’t so hot here so I could wear a jumper!

  • amitygardens

    Precious. We love Penguins in this house.

  • Love the sweater and your ear muffs! Just pinned a couple of those sweater photos for a talented knitter friend to see!

  • I still cry at last year’s commercial which I have now seen a billion times so don’t even get me started on Monty! Adorable sweater and adorable you! xx

  • I have been obsessed with “Christmas Penguins” for many, many years. I even used to make Christmas cakes decorated with multiple penguins, which did confuse elderly relatives at time. And I also blogged about Monty #TeamPenguin

    • #teamPenguin is the best hashtag ever. (Also my phone just corrected that hashtag to hostage.) x

  • Elora

    That is such a cute jumper! For awhile I didn’t know what a jumper was, but the benefit of having a British buddy is being able to finally learn what the different terms mean. It’s fun learning different cultures’ vernacular. 😉 It can be amusing.

    • Ha! True! Sam is completely used to the jumper/sweater divide since I use them both interchangeably when I’m at home. When I’m at work I try to stick to my English vocabulary especially when I’m working with little ones. x

  • I miss New Look! That jumper is adorable!! I haven’t seen the advert because, you know, the whole Germany thing 😉 I do have a penguin jumper though – mine is from Primark. Still loooooove yours though.

    I’m making Christmas dinner for friends on Saturday, which means I get to put up Christmas decorations this week. Jan has already agreed (he gets Christmas dinner out of it, so how could he not? 😉 )

    • Watch it on youtube. You must! (Or watch it for me at least!) 🙂 My favourite Christmas jumper to borrow from Sam is from Primark and it’s covered with tacky trees and all sorts of good stuff. x

  • Can’t say I’ve ever owned a Christmas sweater either (ugly or otherwise) but I’d love your penguin one! It looks adorable and cozy.

  • Julie @ Artwork by JM

    Love your penguins sweater! So adorable! And I’m the same way with the cold on my ears… I get terrible earaches!

  • Adorable jumper(sweater)! I am soooo ready for the holidays as well. I try to live in the moment and all that, but this time of year is truly the best! I laughed that your request to decorate early got denied 🙂

    • I was pretty bummed out about the denial, but my family always decorates on Black Friday so Sam agreed that I can start a few days before December rolls around in keeping with my family’s tradition 😉 x

      • A few days before December is a decent compromise, I think… glad you guys were able to come to a suitable agreement 🙂

  • i’ve never had a christmas jumper but i’m really tempted to get one this year! yours is so cute:-) xx

  • I have to get this jumper, it’s amazing! And you look great in it x

  • This is the cutest!! And those ear muffs look super cozy 🙂

  • Oh cute jumper choice! Have you visited the Beyond Retro Christmas Jumper pop-up shop in Old Street station yet? It’s a definite must!

  • This is such a cute sweater!!! I love it!

  • This is a really cute look!

  • Totally fair! I have a really short torso so I know that if I go up a size it usually will no long really be “crop” x

  • Amy, you must watch it! (Even if you don’t like it, just so you know what everyone else is going on about.) x

  • I’ve never owned a Christmas jumper either! Then again, I didn’t start celebrating Christmas until I was 14. I love your penguin jumper (and the earmuffs — I have a pair shaped like rabbit heads)!

    • What do you think of Christmas now? Did not celebrating it for so long vary your expectations? x

      • I think it did vary my expectations. But when I finally did start celebrating, the holiday pretty much met my expectations. It was very exciting to me, while possibly old-hat to everyone else lol Now that I think about it, celebrating Christmas and Halloween are two of very few things that ended up meeting my expectations exactly! Is Christmas your favorite holiday?

        • Definitely! (Aside from my birthday maybe;) ) No it is. There are movies, songs, you get to decorate, eat a feast, give/get presents. I love it. (It helps that really like wrapping things too. What a weirdo.) x

  • Very cute Christmas sweater! I don’t own any holiday oriented clothing.

  • Love the jumper and love the penguins! Earlier, in October, I was walking along Grassmarket in Edinburgh and there were some amazing christmas jumpers with super cute penguins on them! And I hesitated and when I went back week and week after that, I never saw the jumpers again 🙁 so sad! It’ll teach me to hesitate on things I fall in love with!

  • I was going to ask my mum to get me this jumper for Christmas, but then I looked on the New Look website and saw they had one with polar bears so I’ve requested that instead. And yes I came back this post just to tell you that 😉