ABCs of Winter

It’s that time again for one of my ABCs of the Season posts. You can read last winter’s here.

ABCs of Winter (But mostly Christmas)

Jumper details

Advent calendar races. Sam and I each have an advent calendar and we race each other each day to see who finds their chocolate first. Whoever has the highest tally of wins by Christmas eve has to go out and find a ridiculous (under £3) present from the local garage.

Birthdays! Sam shares a birthday with Jesus so it puts extra pressure on Christmas present buying.

Christmas music. I’ve already started singing it so I may as well embrace the season!

Decorating. I’m mad for it. I wanted to start in early November but Sam made me wait until at least after Thanksgiving.

Eggs. One of our Christmas traditions is that Sam and I make Christmas ornaments out of eggs.

Feasts. I know there is going to be an IMMENSE amount of food eaten with Sam’s family this year.

Gingerbread houses. I’ve made gingerbread men recently, but I haven’t made a gingerbread house since I was a kid. That’s all going to change this year.

Hot beverages. Hot chocolate, mulled wine and mulled cider. A heavenly addition to any evening.

Ice skating. I’ve only ever gone to the rink outside the Natural History Museum. (But I love it and I’ve been there multiple times.) Maybe I should branch out and try a different location this year!

Joy! London at Christmas is magical. People are more cheerful (expect on Oxford Street.) Plus all the lights, the decorations and of course, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

Keeping track of the goals that I’ll set for 2015 on New Year’s Eve.

Lights. I wish it was socially acceptable to always have fairy lights up. Regent’s Street has great lights and I’d like to make time to go to Christmas at Kew Gardens this year.

Movies. I have so many holiday favourites, not limited to: Elf, Love Actually, The Holiday, The Grinch (the old animated one), A Muppet’s Christmas Carol and Meet Me in St Louis.

Nights in. Maybe it’s my old age, but I just love a Netflix and cuddling session. I mean I always like them, but even more so in the winter.

Open fires and being cozy up in Scarborough for Christmas.

Popcorn chains. Sam’s never made one and he doesn’t think they exist outside movies. We didn’t have time to make one last year so I promised that we would this year.

Quit holding on to old baggage. Embrace the new direction life is taking me and roll with it.

Ringing in the New Year with Sam.

Snow! We didn’t have hardly any last year. Maybe this year will be the year! If it’s going to be freezing, I’d rather see some of that glorious white stuff than sleet! (Plus I wouldn’t mind be bundled up inside for a snow day.)

Sweater and dress
Tights: Modcloth.  Jumper: c/o Laura Ashley. Skater Dress: Express. Earrings: vintage.

Throw a party!

Unwrapping gifts. I love giving gifts, I love receiving them. Heck, I even really really like wrapping them!

Valentine’s Day. It’s so far away, and call me the ultimate consumer but I find January so depressing and having Valentine’s Day to look forward to always cheers me up.

Watch Seasons 3 and 4 of “Game of Thrones” with Sam. We’ve watched 1 and 2 and I’ve read all the books. I can’t wait for Sam to see some of the things that happen. Because winter is coming/here.

Xylophone band practice. It’s our busiest time of year.

Yuletide cheer. Everyone seems more friendly around Christmas!

Zzzzzzz……catching up on some sleep!

What’s on your list?

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