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A Touch of Ancient Rome in England

Last week I showed you some photos of the city of Bath and I mentioned that the town also had the ruins of some famous Roman baths and a temple. There are four main aspects of the tour: the Sacred Spring, the Roman temple, the Roman bath house, and a museum with archaeological findings. I got to practice my schoolgirl Latin as well, which always tickles me. (Anyone else study the Cambridge Latin course  aka the adventures of Quintus in school?)

While the modern day baths and spa water in the city still come from the Spring they are sourced through different drilled holes. Any water from the ancient baths is not safe for bathing. In fact, a girl in the 70s contracted meningitis from swimming in the refurbished ancient baths and they were closed permanently to public swimming.

What’s so special about the location is that this is the best preserved example of Roman baths and temples in all of Northern Europe. They were constructed in 70 AD around a natural spring.

If you are visiting the Roman Baths I recommend picking up the free audio guide.


baths balconystatue
The terrace has statues of Emperors of Rome and Governors of Roman Britain.

green roofpool from above
The Great Bath.

pool up closemisty pool  doorwaypooliron sediment poolface mask
Mask of Minerva.

Floor mosaic.

remains of warm pool
The floor stones of the hot bath.

spring waterfall spring
The orange colouring is caused by iron in the water.

water flowing
Tickets are £13.50 and you can find the website here.

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  • So cool! I’m hoping to experience some natural hot springs in Japan later this month, but I don’t think that conspires to these ancient baths!

  • We’re going to Bath for one day the week after Christmas (hitting other towns in the area as well). Now I just have to narrow down what we’ll do in Bath! This should most definitely be on the list! 😉

  • That mask of Minerva is incredible!

  • The ticket price sounds really reasonable to get to see something so beautiful and old. I do love Bath. it’s gorgeous 🙂

  • o.O I didn’t know the water gave someone meningitis. Yeesh… At least there’s all sorts of ancient eye-candy to enjoy 😀

  • Austen

    roman bath houses are so interesting! makes you think about how different our lives are!

  • Roman ruins are so fun to climb on and explore. Amazing bath!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  • Rebecca P.

    Breathtaking! Italy and Rome are near the very top of my list to see! I just can’t get enough of the history (and having taken Latin all through high school, my love is even more for the region!)

  • Anna

    Loved Bath! I was lucky enough to visit on a sunny weekend, but the downside was that my camera crashed and I had to rely on my phone (which was not an iPhone some 6 years ago). If you do revisit book a day spa session at the (contemporary) Thermal Spa…it is lovely! I know it is a bit pricey but it’s sooo worth it! an experience I definitely will remember forever!

    • Ohh! That’s a good tip. Maybe I’ll try to organise a girl’s weekend in Bath at the Thermal spa! 😀 xx

  • Thanks lovely! xx

  • Samantha Bender

    This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing your pictures. Ancient Roman architecture is beyond beautiful and classic.