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A Day Out in Bath

Bath is only about a 2 hours drive from London and I arrived right before lunch time and was free to explore until the early evening. Luckily the weather held back from unleashing a torrent of rain on me, and I got the see the shopping district in it’s fully Christmasy glory!

Bath is a World-Heritage site and a former spa city. (Although there is a lovely spa open for use). The Romans built baths and a temple along the valley of the River Avon, due to the natural hot springs. The tradition of it being a spa town really flourished in the Georgian era, when it became an extremely popular getaway.

Bath is incredibly beautiful. Besides the ruins of the ancient Roman buildings, there’s the gorgeous Pumphouse, Bath Abbey and the stunning architecture along the Royal Crescent (you can also see this street in the film “Vanity Fair”). If you’re in town you have to try to things: eat Sally Lunn buns, a type of teacake that the town is famous for, and “take the water”. The water tastes metallic (and a bit sulphuric) but at least you’ll know what people traveled far and wide to drink as a health booster.

Personally, I can’t think of Bath without thinking of Jane Austen.  “Persuasion” and “Northanger Abbey” both feature it as part of their settings, although Austen herself didn’t like living there!

abbey arches
Buttresses on the Abbey.

 abbey glass bath abbey tower bath abbey
The Abbey from the front.

bath at christmas parade gardens building detailbath guildhall  bath streets bath hills columns crystal palace fountain gardens 2
The Parade Gardens.

gardens theatre tower

Have you been to Bath before?

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