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Christ Church College, Oxford

Last week I blogged about a day out in Oxford. Today, I’d like to focus on one of the many colleges there. Christ Church is one of the largest Oxford colleges. And for any Harry Potter nerd, like me, it’s especially exciting because several locations around the college were used in the filming of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. Like the staircase that all the kiddies are waiting on to go in and be sorted, right after they meet McGonagall for the first time.

Sadly, you can’t go in the Dinning Hall for the next few months as it is closed for repairs. I guess that’s what happens when your college is 100s of years old. I look back very fondly at my own university experience. And I had the privilege of going to a beautiful school. But Oxford is just in a completely different category isn’t it?

Famous alums include: Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll), multiple Prime Ministers, the Winklevoss twins, W H Auden, John Welsley, and William Penn.

christ churchgrounds of christ churchceilingno deel nails
Ancient student nail graffiti.

The Peckwater Quad.

otherside at christ churchdetail christ church cathedral
Inside Christ Church Cathedral.

honour thy king
“Fear God. Love the Brotherhood. Honour the King.”

stained glass tower
Have you been inside any of the colleges at Oxford?

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  • I am laughing at the ancient student nail graffiti – kids can be so rebellious these days πŸ˜‰ Awesome HP facts, btw! x

  • I visited Oxford recently but I didn’t have time to go inside any of the colleges unfortunately. So thanks for giving me the tour! πŸ™‚ x

  • Christ Church was about one of my favourite places to visit in Oxford! And the dining room was open last year and it was just magnificent! Absolutely grand..bit like Hogwarts really! It basically doesn’t even come close to most colleges for sure!

  • So beautiful! I loved my University and the beautiful campus but Christ Church blows it out of the water. And the Harry Potter nerd in me would have loved to go to school here!

  • Oxford is just so pretty! I’ve been a few times and have loved it every single time, but I’ve never been inside a college so thanks for sharing. I LOVE your photo of the stained glass, how beautiful! Happy Travel Tuesday!

  • I’ve never been to Oxford, but when I was younger I dreamed of going to university there! I guess it may be time for a visit! Don’t get me wrong I loved my school, but these pictures put my campus to shame ..

  • When I was visiting Oxford they were in the middle of finals so we weren’t allowed to explore to much on campus. I would love to go back though!

    • That’s too bad! I want to go back one day too! (In the summer, I bet it’s lovely then!) xx

  • This is just incredible! I’ve never been to Oxford, but now I want to visit. The Harry Potter history is an added bonus.

  • Ala

    Oxford really is stunning. When I went earlier this year I vowed to go back immediately… but haven’t had the chance yet. I’ve never been into any of the colleges but would love to take a tour – fab photos x

  • Kate Mitchell

    Oo I went into all those places! We also got to go into the dining hall since I went in 2012 and it was open then. As a huge Harry Potter fan, it was definitely an awesome experience!

    • I totally nerded out last year when we went to Durham Cathedral because they used it for Potter too, so I can guess at your excitement! xx

  • I have a friend studying at Oxford who I’ll hopefully get to visit sometime this month. I can’t wait to see this beautiful place in person. Boo to the dining hall being closed, but like you said…with a place this old, what can you expect?

    • Exactly! It’s supposed to be closed for a while too which is disappointing but it makes sense. I hope you do get to visit this month. Maybe in the snow? That atmosphere would be perfect for Oxford! xx

  • Gorgeous! I’ve never been to Oxford before and would love to!

  • Beautiful photos! Oxford is such a beautiful place, I really must go more often. Love that they filmed part of HP there too! x

  • I’m blown away… this is so absolutely gorgeous!

    • I wonder if you go there, if it all becomes a bit blasΓ© or if you still think it’s beautiful every day? x

  • What a bloody awesome looking place

  • Nail graffiti… who knew??

  • I know! Darn it! It’s an excuse to go back though, right? πŸ˜€ x

  • Such a beautiful, beautiful building (I spose we can let them off being temporarily closed this once as it’s so pretty.. !)

    • I suppose. Haha, but no it makes complete sense that somewhere so old needs renovation sometimes… x

  • I’m a fan of Harry Potter and I always hope to visit one of the colleges used in the film Harry Potter. The ancient student nail graffiti looks so creepy and interesting.

    • Oxford’s great for that. They also did some filming at Durham cathedral and Castle Alnwick. xx

  • This location is beyond beautiful. I’ve never been to such place but it’s soo captivating. Sigh, it just reminds me of Hogwarts.

  • Very pretty indeed! We had a reading room at my Uni’s library that looked just like Hogwarts and I soaked up all the time in there I could! You can just really do your work well in such an inspirational, scholarly environment.

  • Thanks! x

  • CarolineLongstaffe

    Gorgeous photos, I was in Woodstock last week,
    It’s a small world! Now Back in San Francsico, loved this post thank you!

  • So beautiful! Something about any old building and stained glass! I love the nail graffiti too!

  • This looks so beautiful. I love old buildings, I have been to Oxford many years ago but I was only there for a few hours to didn’t get a chance to explore it much of it. x

    • Hopefully you’ll get a chance to go back soon! I really want to return in the summer when the weather is nice and since it’s so close, I don’t really have an excuse not to! x

  • I love how I can recognize some of the parts from Harry Potter πŸ™‚ looks gorgeous!

  • what a gorgeous day you had for your adventure! I’d kill to sing at Christ Church – they have an AMAZING choir. (I did spend a week singing at Magdalene about a decade ago though, which was pretty cool!)

    • How did you get to sing at Magdalene? Was it part of your DC choir tour/stuff? I didn’t hear any choirs at Oxford, but I heard the choir at King’s in Cambridge and it was AMAZING! xx