A few weeks ago I accompanied a group of students to Stonehenge. I’d been before a few years ago when my mom came to visit me in England. What a difference it makes going in summer and going in fall! Also since my visit in 2012 the site underwent a massive renovation project and the road and welcome centre are now a lot farther away from the stones.

Stonehenge is arguably one of the most recognisable structures in the world, along with the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China and the statues on Easter Island. But what you can see today is a ring of stones set within earthworks, with several burial mounds around the site as well.

The earliest parts of Stonehenge were dated to about 3100 BC. I can’t even really comprehend that amount of time! Most aspects of Stonehenge are still a mystery. Like why it was built, for one.

The November fog and mist certainly added an element of mysterious atmosphere to our visit! It was so thick that you could barely make out other visitors on the opposite side of the stones.

stones minus crowdsstones from a distancemisty plain  more stonesleft hand stonesmoon face stone
The Heelstone.

right hand stones     stonessingle stone tourists in the mistssheep
Sheep grazing nearby.

Have you ever visited? Have you been to any other famous ancient sites?

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