A few weeks ago I accompanied a group of students to Stonehenge. I’d been before a few years ago when my mom came to visit me in England. What a difference it makes going in summer and going in fall! Also since my visit in 2012 the site underwent a massive renovation project and the road and welcome centre are now a lot farther away from the stones.

Stonehenge is arguably one of the most recognisable structures in the world, along with the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China and the statues on Easter Island. But what you can see today is a ring of stones set within earthworks, with several burial mounds around the site as well.

The earliest parts of Stonehenge were dated to about 3100 BC. I can’t even really comprehend that amount of time! Most aspects of Stonehenge are still a mystery. Like why it was built, for one.

The November fog and mist certainly added an element of mysterious atmosphere to our visit! It was so thick that you could barely make out other visitors on the opposite side of the stones.

stones minus crowdsstones from a distancemisty plain  more stonesleft hand stonesmoon face stone
The Heelstone.

right hand stones     stonessingle stone tourists in the mistssheep
Sheep grazing nearby.

Have you ever visited? Have you been to any other famous ancient sites?

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  • Unbelievable! I hope that I get to see it in the fog too! Something about it just makes it all the more mystical and mysterious!

  • Oooh I love the way the fog looks! I’ve wanted to see Stonehenge for awhile now, but haven’t found the time yet to make it out there. I had heard that they’d improved the area surrounding Stonehenge, so I need to just rent a car and get out there to see it sometime!

    • I’d take you! 🙂

      • That sounds like a major-awesome blogger trip! Between the time I went in July 2012 and now the area around it had been completely re done! The visitors centre is so much better now! x

  • Love Stonehenge in the fog. It does add a very mysterious aspect to it.

  • It was a little foggy when we went too and it was soooo cool and creepy feeling! Especially when you look out and see the burial mounds in the fog!!

  • omg it looks so eery in the fog! It’s like someones just going to pop out from behind the stones.

  • The fog really makes it have this ancient, creepy feeling. I would love to visit Stonehenge, and basically all of England!

    • It really added to the mystery of it! Last time I was there it was sans fog (though it was raining) and it gave everything a completely different feel! x

  • I am SO jealous! I cannot wait to see Stonehenge someday. The fog makes it all the cooler!

  • I think I read somewhere a while ago that they’d discovered more ruins underneath Stonehenge? Is anything going to change with that? Or have I got my facts wrong haha. It looks beautiful in the fog.

    • It’s all ruins on top of ruins, and in the hills and barrows around the stones there are more stones and burial mounds. I think they are excavating some, and then leaving others alone. (But I could be wrong about that!) xx

      • That’s so interesting! I always thought it was just the Stonehenge until I found out there were more ruins underneath it. So cool.

  • Oh Stonehenge! A place I’ve only ever read about in story books and seen wonderful pictures of! It’s on my list of places to visit – I love these pictures of yours!

  • Eithne on the Moon

    When I was travelling from Plymouth to London with Megabus the driver stopped for some minutes in the parking of Stonehenge, that’s how I saw it 😀 I honestly enjoyed way more all the fields around it, it was so beutiful! But it was summer, so no fog to add to the atmosphere 😀

  • Ooooo the fog totally adds a magical layer to it all! I love it

  • Wow… That fog really does set the scene perfectly. I want to visit Stonehenge! It seems like a kind of chilling place.

  • The fog makes it look so eerie! I haven’t been to Stonehenge, but I’d love to see it 🙂

  • Ashley Angle

    This is a very cool site to see, but it was POURING when I went!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    • It was raining when I went the time before this. Ugh. That’s just England for you, right? xx

  • SO different from when we went in middle of summer – it looks all dark and moody. A bit more appropriate. We went on a day when the Druids were there performing one of their ceremonies – it was an experience!

    • Seeing Druids there sounds pretty amazing though! The time before this that I went it was July and it was sans atmospheric fog! x

  • Would love to go to stonehenge. I think the closest I’ve seen to this type of thing are mayan ruins and macchu picchu!

    • I’d really really love to go to Macchu Picchu. I think it’s top of my “travel” list! x

  • Vera

    I have always wanted to go there! It must be a wonderful place to visit. so unbelievable how they ever could do that!
    With love,

  • Betsy Glenn

    Love Stonehenge. Those foggy photos awesome!!

  • So cool, especially with the creepy fog!

  • Jenn Sie

    Looks like a foggy day. I don’t live far from it. Avebury is much nicer IMHO.

    • Have you ever done the big walk between Stonehenge and Avebury? x

      • Jenn Sie

        No, I’ve always driven to them. I dropped off friends from the US to see Stonehenge from the pathway but didn’t recommend to them spending $ to go inside, and then we drove to avebury afterwards and walked around. I’ve done the stonehenge tour many years ago and lived in salisbury awhile and remember people saying they were disappointed with it.

        • I definitely wasn’t disappointed (and have gone twice now) and my family loved it, but we are all HUGE history nerds. So I’d recommend it to people that do really love history. However, when I chaperoned a group of students to Stonehenge and some liked it but a few didn’t. And that makes sense too! I guess it just depends on what people’s interests are. xx

  • Visiting Stonehenge was on my life’s bucketlist; but ironically my first visit hit me hard how far away from home I was – and loving every single exhilarating moment! I’m rather loving the mist actually…!

    • Did you go by yourself to Stonehenge? If so, what a rite of passage that must have been! xx

      • Yep – but on an organised tour thingee! I also went to Salisbury cathedral and was invited to tea by one of the 80-year old vergers & his wife. What a day (I had to say no sadly)

  • What a cool way to see the stones! I’ve been there a couple times – it’s always SO freezing when I go though! Hard to stay out there that long. Even so, always incredible to see!

  • These photos are BEAUTIFUL. The fog is amazing, it really adds to the mystery behind the place. I’m dying to get there one day.

  • Ive had the opportunity to visit Stonehenge a couple of times. I think its fascinating and love hearing the theories and stories behind the stones.

    • Agreed! I just love the mystery! So many historians have theories (pretty good ones at that) but we’ll probably never know for sure! x

  • Ok this is the closest to Stonehenge I will ever get so thank you for this

  • Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I feel like they should illustrate a fairy tale or something. The fog really adds to the mystery of Stonehenge!

    • I loved the mist too. It made me feel like I was in some lurid, epic adventure like “Mists of Avalon” or “Merlin”. xx

  • Wow it looks so mythical with the fog! I have never been there but I would love to visit it one day and if I had a say in it I’d want the fog there 😉

    • Having now gone with and without fog, I’d definitely say that “with fog” is the better option! 😉 x

  • So cool! I have always wanted to visit! The love the fog in all of your shots!
    Melanie @

  • this is a place I’d love to go someday! the fog definitely adds a creepy and mysterious element 🙂

    • Definitely! It’s a seemingly strange thing to do- driving out of town to walk around some rocks- but I still recommend it to everyone! xx

  • The November fog makes it look so mysterious, which fits perfectly! When I went on study abroad, we had special permission to go inside the stones, but were sternly told not to touch the stones…when the guards weren’t looking, some of us did anyway…I mean, we were all history nerds–how could we not!?

    • I would have touched the stones too if I had a chance. The pull of it would have just been too strong. What an awesome thing you guys got to do!!!! xx

  • Ooh so foggy! I would love to visit these one day. On my To Do List!

  • Yes! I got to go when I was in high school. It’s so incredible to see in real life I would love to go back. Seriously I’m jealous of you right now!

  • I’d love, love, love to visit the Great Pyramids! x

  • Wow, so much fog! It give it a kind of eerie look. I got to go a few years ago, but it’s kind of like the Grand Canyon. You get there and after about 10-15 minutes you’re like, “Okay, what now?” Hah

  • CarolineLongstaffe

    Wow, great shots on a gloomy day, it is the most atmospheric of places! I was last there in 2012 on a bitterly cold January but it was sunny and bright. As a child you could walk all over the site which was amazing although I do understand why that’s no longer possible, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Caroline! I wish we could get closer to the stones nowadays, but I do understand why we can’t! xx

  • Beautiful!!!

  • Stonehenge is so awesome! I visited with my family and we all were so impressed.

  • Thank you so much Andrea! x

  • Whoa, is the weather always like that? Still beautiful, though!

    • It’s fairly common in the fall- only in the mornings though. Luckily it usually burns away by the afternoon! xx

  • how spooky! I’d definitely believe in druids and things in that atmosphere.

    • It was also really disconcerting when you could hear the sheep but not really see them. Ha! x