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Making a Grey January Brighter

January is my least favourite month. Some people think that it gets a bum rap. That really it’s not so bad. I firmly disagree. People, people, are you crazy? January is the worst. It’s the pits. Nothing to look forward to but it not being January any more. All the Christmas decor has come down, the New Years resolutions are fading and the weather is just terrible. So what’s a girl to do?

joules cardigan and shirt

Here’s my guide to improving your January spirits and beating the blues:

1. Be brighter. Literally. Wear brighter colours. When the sky is dingy and the overhead lights are blaring, sometimes having a cheerful colour on perks up your spirits just a little bit.

2. Embrace the dark evenings by building yourself a snuggle cave. Note: you do not need to live with someone else to have a snuggle cave. You can snuggle by yourself. All you need is a thick duvet, a cozy spot on the sofa, a hot water bottle, a nice smelling candle and a good book.Turn these dark nights into de-stressing sessions.

3. Spend some time in downward dog. Even just a few stretches in the morning will get the blood flowing and kickstart the day.

4. Invest in quality pyjamas. You might think I’m kidding, but it’s a game changer. I got some thick cottony, amazing Cath Kidston pyjamas from Sam for Christmas and I swear it’s like climbing into a cloud every night. I am loathe to ever take those suckers off.

5. Go outside. A brisk walk while bundled up always does wonders for clearing my head! Fresh air makes me feel better during any season.

closeup  necklace
As some readers might already know, I’m a huge Joules fanatic. Both this cardigan and top are from Joules. And this cardigan is easily my favourite! Also, I’ve only embraced wearing yellow shades like mustard of the last few years; growing up I always thought it was one of my “no go” colors. Maybe it still is, but I’m going to keep on wearing it!

Necklace: Joy the Store. Cardigan: Joules. Top: Joules. Jeans: BDG. Boots: Zappos.

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Sadly, I must say that this was probably the last outing for my trusty hat. Hat (I name my hats, this one is originally called “Hat”) was my oldest and most cozy of all. Unfortunately, time and repeated washings have taken it’s toll, stretching Hat out to two sizes bigger than he once was; the bow no longer perky but listless.

RIP Hat. 2007-2015.

Are you January lover or hater?

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