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She Blinded Me With Science

The Science Museum in South Kensington, London is actually one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions. On average, 3.3 million people visit it annually. It covers everything, from the space race and modern day space programs to the internal workings of the human body. Also if you have kids, take them to the basement of the building were there are rooms galore set-up just for little ones to explore science in a more hands-on approach. I’ve taken small children there before, and word to the wise: it can be noisy and a bit overwhelming. I recommend bringing a snack. For you. 

Personally, the flight gallery is my favourite. Although it’s terrifying to see just how thin the walls of an airplane are when viewed in a cross-section. Or just how many buttons there are in a modern airplane cockpit. 

There is currently a temporary exhibition on James Lovelock- definitely worth a look. My biggest Science Museum tip is to try to avoid rainy weekends or any half-term or school holiday break. Then it will be packed!

Scoutvintage car time portrait selfie  science thing sam's hand
This machine calculated your gender based on your finger measurements. Sam’s result came back as inconclusive. 

sam in museum rocket
Stephenson’s Rocket. 

playing in exhibit engineering
“Engineering Your Future” is an exhibit that encourages young people to become interested in a career in engineering. 

ceiling body exhibitfarming hms olympus me in museum moon rover plane

The museum is located at Exhibition Road, SW7 2DD. The closest tube to the Science Museum is South Kensington station, and entrance is free. 

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