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She Blinded Me With Science

The Science Museum in South Kensington, London is actually one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions. On average, 3.3 million people visit it annually. It covers everything, from the space race and modern day space programs to the internal workings of the human body. Also if you have kids, take them to the basement of the building were there are rooms galore set-up just for little ones to explore science in a more hands-on approach. I’ve taken small children there before, and word to the wise: it can be noisy and a bit overwhelming. I recommend bringing a snack. For you. 

Personally, the flight gallery is my favourite. Although it’s terrifying to see just how thin the walls of an airplane are when viewed in a cross-section. Or just how many buttons there are in a modern airplane cockpit. 

There is currently a temporary exhibition on James Lovelock- definitely worth a look. My biggest Science Museum tip is to try to avoid rainy weekends or any half-term or school holiday break. Then it will be packed!

Scoutvintage car time portrait selfie  science thing sam's hand
This machine calculated your gender based on your finger measurements. Sam’s result came back as inconclusive. 

sam in museum rocket
Stephenson’s Rocket. 

playing in exhibit engineering
“Engineering Your Future” is an exhibit that encourages young people to become interested in a career in engineering. 

ceiling body exhibitfarming hms olympus me in museum moon rover plane

The museum is located at Exhibition Road, SW7 2DD. The closest tube to the Science Museum is South Kensington station, and entrance is free. 

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  • I’ve never been to the Science Museum, but it does actually look like a lot of fun! On a side note, I love the combination of your stripy top and that yellow cardigan, Amanda! xxx

  • One of my favourite museums 🙂 I loved the ancestry section where you can type in your family name & see it on a map!
    I didn’t realise there is a Turing exhibit on!!

  • lol – love the confused look on Sam’s face – “inconclusive?? what?”

    Museums is one thing I miss for sure in Aberdeen, we have an art gallery, and an Oil Industry museum. Not the most exciting of things, but I haven’t been to the Oil one for a while so I maybe need to head back for a visit

  • This is somewhere we’ve been meaning to go for some time. Lexie loves science (and is actually really good at it) so maybe we’ll make it here sometime next month when the weekends are still chilly!

    Love that shot of the little kid in front of the car – cute!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Wow! I haven’t been there in years! Childhood fave!

    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  • I love visiting science museums that have exhibits you can interact with. There is one in Oregon that I love going to.

  • I am also such a fan of this museum, I always thought it was fun to take pictures in front of the moon landing stuff!

  • Looks like such a great day! I had high hopes of going to the museum of science in Chicago- sadly time ran out, next time for sure!

  • I love interactive science museums like these! Fun for all ages, for sure.
    Poor Sam and his inconclusive gender results… oh well.

  • Oh man, I just looked it up and it’s closed now! Bummer! But the museum is still worth a look! xx

  • Foreign Geek

    I am not into science at all, but have always enjoyed science museums because they usually have amazing things to play/experiment with. If only science class at school were as fun

    • I’m not a science person either, really- but I do love playing with things. I’m a very hands on learner, so I agree- if only class at school had been this fun! x

  • I’ll never stop loving the free entrance to awesome museums concept. I haven’t been to this one yet! The exhibits look extremely varied, which is super cool. I lol’d at Sam’s indeterminate gender. Poor gurl.

  • Looks fun! I’ve never been a huge fan of museums like these only because when I go, there are always kids to compete with, and it makes me feel like a bad person when I am not letting them check something out or go first… but I guess when the kids come that won’t be a problem. 🙂

    • Haha, true – they’ll make an excellent excuse for you to get to the front, right? 😉 xx

  • Kate Mitchell

    So cool! I’m pretty sure this was one of my stops back in May 2012 and I remember really enjoying it. For someone who doesn’t really do science, I sure love science museums!

    • Yes, I’m exactly the same way. I really enjoy the museums even though my love for science otherwise is limited… x

  • I love that photo of you posing next to the painting – it’s fabulous!x

  • Wow, I am interested in the machine that can calculate the gender. This museum is amazing.

    • I guess it all has to do with the ratio of your finger length, and that men and women have different ratios. It’s all pretty fascinating! x

  • I LOVE this museum. I went there twice in the five months I lived in London and still wished I had more time there!

    • It’s so incredible! It’s so large that I know I haven’t seen everything thoroughly – and I definitely haven’t seen a tenth of the things at the V&A x

  • Love your mustard cardigan and stripes combo 🙂

  • Ana Valentin

    I loved that picture with you posing like the painting, exact replica! Good on ya 😉 Love your outfit as well. That museum is definitely something my boyfriend enjoy and I’d enjoy watching him run around bright as a child. lovely post

  • Ala

    Do you know what? I’ve never been to the science museum! Looks like a lot of fun and quite interesting tbh, much more so than the bore that is the British museum… lol! Not a huge fan but I’m going to suggest this to Shay! We are big kids really! x

    • Anna Fantastica

      So funny! I loved the British museum. Probably because I love Egyptian things. I went to the Louvre and was so fed up with seeing old vases and clay bottles by the end, but I found a lot of interesting things at the British museum.

    • Let’s be honest: I’m rubbish at all things science related, but I still enjoyed it because there were lots of things to play with. xx

  • Anna Fantastica

    God, I love children’s science museums! Absolutely my favourite haunts in Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco, USA.

    Love how so many of the museums in London are free. I was only able to visit the British Museum when I went last month, but I was on my mom’s schedule and pretty much all she cared about was stalking nerdy places like Platform 9 3/4 and areas that were featured on Doctor Who… next time I’ll pencil in a lot of time for museums.

    • The British Museum is great! (My personal favourite museum is the V&A) But the nerdy places are good too! xx

  • Wow, I haven’t been to the Science Museum in almost 20 years. Think I might have to give it a visit after reading your post…

  • Looks like an interesting place! I think museums of all kinds are interesting though 🙂

  • What a fun museum!
    Melanie @

  • Science museums are always so much fun! I loved the one in London too. My friend and I went on an afternoon when we had nothing to do and had a great time. We both really liked the human body/genetics exhibit.

  • haha, inconclusive 😀

    I haven’t been to this museum. It looks good. Have you been to the Faraday Museum? It’s really interesting, and free!

    • No, I’ve never been the to Faraday Museum- definitely adding it to the list!

      And I had a girlfriend date planned ages ago to the Discovery in Newcastle with my old Geordie flatmate but the date fell through and I didn’t end up going. Now I know I have to go back! x

  • I love these kinds of museums! And ones that have dinosaurs and other animals exhibits too. The miniature boat looks pretty cool!

    I’ve not been to this one in London though, I’ve not been to a science themed one in quite a while.

    • The London Natural History Museum is great too! (It has the dinosaurs, etc) but it’s usually even more crowded than the Science Museum! xx

  • clara mcmillan

    The photos and the museum look amazing!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire

  • ooh, i’ve never been! will have to add this to my never-ending list of things to visit in london, haha! xx

  • I have never been to the science museum, I have always been swayed by the Natural History Museum instead, I must give it a go next time I am down. x

  • That’s because the interactive displays are the best. 🙂 xx

  • It’s so great! x

  • There’s a big science museum by where i used to live in college and it was so cool. That place looks awesome too, i’d have to go check it. I will def. try to avoid when it’s pack with people, not big with too many people pack like sardines inside a museum.

  • Aw that’s one of the things I have done in London among the many 24h trip I did there! I loved it – but I got bored quickly because I love the science museums where you get to interact and try things…I’m basically a child lol

    • You need to borrow a child and go to the basement of the museum. That’s where there are all the cool things to play with, but I’d think they’d frown on an adult being there alone… xx