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By the Sea, ohh I Know You’d Love It

If you live in London, it won’t take too long before another bored Londoner casually asks you one night, “So do you want to go to Brighton tomorrow?” I feel like it’s everyone’s second favourite city, and judging from the exodus of workers from London, it’s a pretty good place to live. I’ve been to Brighton in every season now, grey, greyer and slightly less grey and I always have a good time. It just so happened that one morning Sam woke up and declared that he wanted to be by the sea. Personally, I sometimes feel faintly trapped by London and fully embraced the idea. So off to Brighton we went. 

Brighton is less than an hour from London by train, and is home to the iconic Bright Pavilion and Brighton Pier. Personally, my favourite thing to do in Brighton is to have a good browse down in the Lanes. (And if you like Choccywoccydoodah in London, the original is in Brighton- try the Chunky Monkey Bar. It will change your life.) I also really recommend the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery in the Pavilion Gardens. They have some great pieces and exhibits! 

*Absolute bonus points if you can name the musical that my blog post title is from.*

brighton pier 2 brighton pierbeing silly carousel  booster ridewatchin the booster
Gazing up at the Booster knowing there’s no way I’d ever get on that.

beach goers
The West Pier which burnt down in 2003.

brighton wheel  
The Brighton Wheel. 

donut statue east pierme on the shore sam in the sand
Someone with really good taste must have gotten Sam such a nice backpack for Christmas…. 

sam skipping stones
Sam becomes extraordinarily competitive when it comes to skipping stones! 

Part of The Lanes.

pavillion roof
The Brighton Pavilion. 

lace detail    royal pavillion rp roofturrett   shore towards eastbourne shoreline   beach cabins

Have you been to Brighton? Do you like it or think it is overrated? 

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