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Clockjack (A Zomato Meetup)

Last week, I was invited to attend a Zomato meet up in Soho at Clockjack. Before I continue on with a summary of the evening, I need to tell a story from the past.

Once, long, long ago my best friend G was visiting me at college. I was taking her as my fabulous date to a sorority event but had a dance class or rehearsal for something right up until we needed to be at the sorority house, which meant I didn’t have time for dinner. Someone kindly asked G (who has known me for all the time that actually matters) what food I’d like picking up to eat on the way to the event. She answered, “Well, Manda eats chicken and bread so either of those.” And she spoke words of wisdom. For most of my life, the two food groups were chicken and bread.  Let’s be honest, it’s still true. 

Back to the present: so when Zomato invited me to a chicken restaurant I literally said, “YES!” without even checking the date. And fortunately I was able to attend anyway. Winner, winner chicken dinner. 

We started the meal with hummus, baba ghanoush and pitta bread. I’m by no means a baba ghanoush expert, but I thought their’s was great. I really enjoyed it. The hummus was pretty standard. 

Then we moved on to my favourite portion of the meal: the buttermilk chicken bites with barbecue and ranch dips. Oh yea gods, were these little bits of salty, friedness delicious! Reminiscent of all the best popcorn chicken that American fast-food can provide, but better. I’d order them again in a heartbeat! Then we had the two batches of wings, barbecue and chilli. I really enjoyed the barbecue wings, but I thought the chilli wings needed a bit more sauce, to be honest.

Then came the main: an entire rotisserie chicken served family style at the table. It was really delicious. And I was truly impressed by the amount of care that goes into preparing their gravy. It was served with sides of fries, coleslaw, Jim Bean sweetcorn and Southern style beans. In full disclosure, I don’t like coleslaw, so after the daintiest of bites to say I’ve tried everything, I set it aside. However, I went to town on that sweetcorn. It was great! 

We then got a sample platter of all the dessert to share amongst the table and the cheesecake is what I found most memorable. But then again, when can you go wrong with cheesecake?

Clockjack also prides itself on selling lots of local beers. They have a craft beer for every direction in London. Personally, my favourite was the representative from West London, the Fullers Frontier Lager (it was nicely citrusy). 

And here’s a big shout out to the manager, Gary. Gary, you are a legend. It was lovely to get to see Manasi, Frankie and Alexandra again, as well as meeting Zoe, Thorne and Michael

restaurantinterior hummus pitachicken bites close up chicken bites
The super delicious chicken bites. 

wingsbeers   meantime beer  viru beerwhole chickensides    dessertswall art

I think Clockjack is really reasonably priced. I’d completely recommend Clockjack for an unpretentious but satisfying meal in Central London. 

Clockjack is located at 14 Denman St, London, W1D 7HJ

I was a guest of Clockjack / Zomato but all opinions are, as always, solely my own. 

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