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Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is divided into two parts: a private wing where current members of the Royal family live (like Will, Kate and the utterly squeezable George) and the public section. There are 4 separate public sections of Kensington Palace that you can explore: the Queen’s State Apartments, the King’s State Apartments, Victoria Revealed and a section on the fashion of the modern royals (from HM the Queen in the 1950s to Diana). 

I think I found the Victoria Revealed section to be the most fascinating. It was such a privilege to be in the room where she held her first Privy Council, and I’m so moved by the love that she and Albert shared. (Since Victoria was the Queen, she had to ask Albert to marry her, because it would have been to presumptuous for him to ask the Queen’s hand in marriage. Go Vicky!) It didn’t hurt that there was also an exhibit on how the Crystal Palace was one of the achievements Albert was most proud of, and you know how I love the Crystal Palace!

The Queen’s State Apartments are centered around Queen Anne and Queen Mary II, whose lives were mired with tragedy; whilst the King’s Apartments are centered around  George I and George II. 

And then getting to see the Royal fashion exhibit was an absolute treat! I had read about it but thought that it was a separate fee, so it was to my great delight that I was wrong! Some of the Queen’s ballgowns from the 50s are glorious; and the amount of detail in them is mind-blowing. Where as Princess Margret’s 70s ensembles are pretty wild in comparison. And then the exhibit moves on to Diana, and it’s amazing to get to see some of the outfits she wore that I remember seeing in the newspapers as a kid. 

kensington palace gatespalace gatesstaircasewaving to adoring subjectswelcome to my homeclock  hall kensington palace painting and samdressGeorgian dressgold putting on gowndressing rulesqueen ballgownsdiana red dress
Princess Di’s famous red dress. 

queen gownvogue coverswilliam pillow
Maybe I didn’t get to hold George, but at least I got a snuggle with William. 

victorias diamond jubileevictorias jublieequeen victoria mourninggardens            the orangery  
The Orangery which is arguably the best afternoon tea in London.

Have you been to Kensington Palace before? Who is your favourite royal fashion icon?    

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  • Such cute photos!! It’s terrible as I’ve lived in London for so long, but I’ve never been to Kensington Palace! These photos really make me want to go though. I’d love to try the Orangery as well, and the fashion exhibition sounds fab! xxx

  • Isabel

    So cute! Love the dress photomontage hehe and those dresses are to die for!

  • The dresses are beautiful! Looks like a fun exhibition.

  • I saw all the exact same exhibitions when I went this past summer! Do they still have the scratch and sniff maps for the King’s apartments? That was the best!

  • Ala

    These photos are fab! I literally got Royal family fever the last time I went to Windsor Castle – I LOVE it! I’ve never been in Kensington Palace, so now I’ve added another place to my list to go. Love the obligatory dress up photo too! x

    • When we went, tickets were half priced so it was like Β£7 each. A steal! I don’t know if they have that bargain still on but you should check it out! xx

  • O man imagine all the eating you could do if your dress was that wide ahhh cheese for days!!! I also love The Orangery!

    • Haha right?! You’d have to turns sideways to fit through a door. How ridiculous. Even the fake one for the dress up box was super heavy though so I can’t imagine it was a whole lot of fun to wear one of those dresses (cheese perks aside) xx

  • I didn’t realize that Queen Victoria had to propose to Albert, but it makes sense in terms of the “presumption” ideas of those times…that’s so interesting!

  • This looks like a lot of fun Amanda, I love that photo of you waving royally over the banister πŸ˜‰ My favourite royal fashion icon has to be Kate Middleton – she always seems to get it so right xxx

  • Oooh, this makes me want to go so much more!

  • I did this in the summer! For me the highlight was definitely the Queens dresses from the 50s. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Lizzy was a babe.

    • Totally! And she had the teeniest, tiniest waist back then too! Her 50s dresses where my favourite as well! x

  • Wow, stunning! My gosh, those embroidered gowns… cue heart-shaped-eyes smilie πŸ™‚
    I haven’t been to Kensington Palace yet, but I plan on changing that later this year. I probably won’t make it there on this upcoming trip next week because it’s more “business” (read: boarding school stuff) than pleasure (though it’s always a pleasure to be in the UK!)
    But I plan on visiting later this year, when I will be there longer! Gorgeous.

    • How exciting! Boarding school stuff does sound very businessy but I’m sure you’ll make it pleasurable as well!

  • I would love to visit here, it looks amazing! Those dresses are beautiful! xx

  • So many beautiful dresses! I’ve never been to Kensington Palace so thanks for letting me have a snoop round through your pictures πŸ™‚

  • I’ve only been to the gardens outside the palace which I love – but now I really want to go inside! Those dresses are amazing!

    • They really are amazing! And it’s so exciting to see how fashion-forward some of the Royal family once were! x

  • Anna

    I’ve been to London many times but never visited Kensington Palace! My bad…since I like period dresses so much!! I’ll have to add it to my list for my next visit!

  • Wow, gorgeous! I can’t imagine trying to maneuver in those things though!

    • Impossible, surely! Also, not to be crude or anything but surely going to the bathroom was a darn nightmare! x

  • The gold dress before (and after) Princess Diana’s red dress…gorgeous. I had no idea about the proposal rule! How interesting. Was there information on how she asked him? I wonder if it was all business, or at least a little romantic. I also wonder how many women have one of those William pillows in their bed, lol.

    • They have a lot of diary entries and letters between Victoria and Albert still- they seemed pretty madly in love to me! I imagine she was quite nervous, but I wonder how he felt with a queen asking him to be her husband! x

  • ah, i love visiting places like this! i really need to go, it looks so interesting. i especially like the dresses, haha! i might have to move down to london just so i have a shorter distance to visit all the places.. i used to love diana so much (still do), but i’m such a royalist that i love them all. probably got it from my dad, who after meeting princess anne and shaking her hand wouldn’t wash his own hand for a month, haha! xx

    • I love that you are a royalist, because in my totally cheesy American way, I love the royal family because they are such a novelty. But a lot of my English friends seem pretty “meh” about them. x

      • i feel like out of all my british friends the opinion on the royals is surprisingly 50/50, and out of that most of the ones that are either opinionless or passionately against them are scottish, haha. and my mum definitely shares the love of royal family as a novelty with you as a non-brit! it’s funny how many people seem to feel that way:-) xx

        • For me, it’s just so exciting. I can understand why some people don’t like them but I love the history, and the glamour and the gossip! x

  • The detailing on some of those gowns is just exquisite! Oh to be a Princess…one day (Prince Harry, I’m still waiting!)

  • Wow…………… about awesome

  • That’s so cool that you got to go inside! It looks so cool and to think of all the history inside! Love the dress you tried on btw suits you πŸ™‚ lol

  • amitygardens

    That is super cool. I definitely need to go!

  • Ha that picture of you in the field is awesome! I love all the dresses they had, I couldn’t imagine wearing those everyday though!

    • Ha, thanks! I loved the dresses to, but I’d never want to wear one all day (or even for a few hours, really!) x

  • I think I’m adding this on our ‘to visit’ list!

  • I’ve always wanted to go! It looks worth it for sure. Cheeky snuggle! hehe

  • I definitely need to go here sometime!… It’s kind of surprising I haven’t already, actually. I’ve walked around the gardens & photographed the outside while passing so many times. But I’ve still never been in πŸ™‚ x

    • It’s quite beautiful, but of course, you don’t get to see a huge amount considering how large the building is! x

  • Kensington Palace is by far my favorite along with the surrounding park. I think it has to do with my fascination with Princess Diana and I also love Kate Middleton and her sense of style.

  • I would have LOVED to have gone to that. It sounds right up my alley! xx

  • I’ve never been to anything like this before, I’m not too sure how interesting we’d find it either, as we’re not big history fans. It looks like the place we’d say “meh, let’s give it a go and see”

    • Ha, whereas I am a huge history buff and love museums of any sort. What would your top London attraction to visit be? xx

  • The Kensington palace is such a beautiful royal place. You look so beautiful like a queen in those photos.

    • Hahaha thank you so much. I was pretending that I owned the place. That’s the closest I’ll ever be to royalty, I think πŸ˜‰ xx

  • lyn

    Brilliant, that was a really good read with fabulous photos. Wanted to go last summer but never got round to it.. won’t be putting it on the back burner again this year and definitely will be having a cream tea as well.

  • I have never been but it looks like an absolutely beautiful palace! haha cuddling with william!xx

  • you have a truly excellent queen wave.