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Top of the Shard

The Shard in London is an 87 storey skyscraper. It’s currently the tallest building in Europe. It took nearly 3 years to build and the top deck is a privately owned viewing platform. Several weeks ago, I was lucky enough to go along to the viewing platform for work. And man, the views were gorgeous! We went up in the late afternoon, and had the opportunity to watch the sun set over London which was pretty magical. London from above at night is really special. 

To reach the top, you have to take two separate elevators, the ride up was really smooth and you didn’t feel like you were ascending that many floors at all, surprisingly! Here’s the burning question: is it worth the money? Well, it’s about the same cost as going on the London Eye, and frankly the views are better and you can stay for longer!

The beauty of London speaks for itself, so I’ll just leave you with these photos. 

going uplayoutchampagne Shard
Having bubbles over London.

city hall    
City Hall. 

london during the day  looking down from shard looking down
Looking down. 

me on the shard
more cityshard lightspeople at the shardviewlondon eye   people    sights to see walkie talkietower bridgesunset over london the shard glasstower bridge at nightthames at dusk    walkie talkie at night london at nightshard at night

Would you go up to the top of the Shard?

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