10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Another week has come and gone and I am a bit surprised at how quickly February flew by! It seems like Valentine’s Day was just the other day!

Things that made me happy this week:

the white company
+ Attending the JoeBloggers LV= cookery event at The Smart School of Cookery. If you missed it, I posted about it yesterday!

+I received an absolutely brilliant candle, hand wash and hand lotion from The White Company this week. They are a floral blend of jasmine, rose and neroli and they smell exquisite! I’ve never tried a candle from The White Company before and I love it. If you still are looking for a Mother’s Day present, this would be a great idea!
inside package
+We have a working oven again. This is truly excellent news!

+Game of Thrones being put on NowTV during our temporary trial. Sam now finally knows what the Red Wedding is.

+Catching up with a sorority sister over coffee.

+There has been construction going on the in building next to ours. Last week they destabilised a wall in our building so structural engineers were swarming all around trying to ensure the safety of the flat. It’s now safe. (*Knock on wood*)Phew! 

+ Sam’s headshot business is underway. He’s taken so many already. And he’s pretty darn great at it!

+ Having Bake Off back on air, albeit temporarily for Comic Relief. I’m surprised just how much I liked Michael Sheen last week, although no one really took my fancy this week.

+ Spring cleaning has begun already! We took a bag of clothing in to donate at a charity this week, and doing a big clearout is always quite refreshing! 

+Having my second vlog out there!

+Looking forward to a whole weekend by the seaside visiting Sam’s dad.

What are your weekend plans? 

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  • Hurrah to all of the above!! That’s a great week 🙂

  • The White Company have some fabulous candles. My cousin/Godmother bought me one a few years ago. It’s lemon and smells delicious. It’s nearly finished so I’m really sad and trying to savour it

    • That sounds like it smells divine! And like I should become a White Company candle devotee! x

  • Super jealous of your weekend by the sea – I’m craving some blue shores and fish and chips myself. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  • Enjoy your weekend escape to the seaside, it soudns lovely!

  • I’m still behind in blogland but it sounds like you have lots to smile about this week 🙂 have a great weekend and congrats to Sam on the photo business – and catching up on GoT!

  • Those goodies from the White Company look lovely! I’m also really enjoying the GBB for comic relief! I need to do some spring cleaning myself – it always makes me feel better to have a good sort through. Enjoy your weekend at the seaside! xxx

  • YAY for working oven! You should celebrate by posting another cake recipe 😉

    We have somebody coming to view our flat on Sunday so I mopped the kitchen floor last night. The colour of the water told me how long it’s been since I last did it. Oops!

    • That gets me thinking about when the last time we might have mopped our floor…..cue embarrassed face…. x

  • Ala

    I have too felt the longing for GBBO to be back on my screen with the comic relief bake off on!!! Hope you have a fab weekend xxx

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    OMG it must have been so annoying not to have an oven! Enjoy the Bake Off 🙂
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  • Congrats on getting your oven fixed! Mine is also usable now 😀 (though I’ll still be giving those meltaways a try). Congrats to Sam on his business, too! My weekend plans involve getting slightly plastered at a bar crawl (that inexplicably starts midday. Wtf?) and seeing The Magic Flute at the Royal Opera House! I haz all the excitements.

    • I LOVE the Magic Flute. For reals. It’s so silly. I get the lyrics, “His name is Sarastro how wisely he governed” stuck in my head all the time. As well as anything that the Queen of the Night sings. Sounds like an awesome weekend! x

  • Hooray for working ovens! I can’t imagine not having one.

  • Glad to hear your oven is fixed, I don’t know what I’d do without it! I need to catch up on your vlog.

    I’m getting my hair done tomorrow, long overdue highlights to cover up my ghastly roots. Then going to a wedding fair on Sunday and out for lunch. I hope you have a lovely time at the seaside.

    Debbie x

    • Thanks Debbie! It sounds like you have a very merry weekend ahead of you! Where is the wedding fair at? x

  • Eeeek construction issues are so annoying!

  • I’m loving Sams new business venture & I can’t believe I missed your second vlog… I’m now fully up to date & really really craving Oreos! lol. Have a great weekend! 🙂 x

  • I didn’t realise you were a sorority girl! I used to dream of going to uni in America and joining one. I think I’d have been terrible though – I’m not all nicely turned out like you ladies!

  • That event sounds like so much fun!
    Melanie @

  • Oooh – I’m gonna have to head on over to the BBC iPlayer for some Bake Off action – especially as the German is away! Glad your oven is back to normal! Phew! xx

    • Hehehe thanks Rachel! You’ll have to let me know which celeb is your favourite so far on Comic Relief Bake Off. xx

  • Yay for your working oven!! That is seriously good news! I think that gift pack from the White Company would be such a lovely Mother’s Day gift for Mum. It’s funny, our Mother’s Day is later in the year here in Australia. First with the time difference, then with the opposite seasons thing, I swear the universe is trying to send me bonkers! Have a lovely weekend! xx

    • It’s a bit later in the year in America as well. (Only by a few months though) So I’m always torn on when to actually send my mom a card! x

  • Our oven was broken for a month not long ago so I totally feel your happiness at having a working oven again! Hope you have a lovely weekend – a couple of days by the seaside sounds perfect x

  • that croissant looks delicious and the candle sounds lovely too! hooray for a working oven! got is so good, hope you’re both coping well after (re)seeing the red wedding, haha. xx

    • Hahaha Sam was SOOOO shocked afterwards! Do you watch GoT? x

      • i do indeed:-) impatiently waiting for more episodes, haha! xx

        • Favourite character? Mine has got to be Tyrion x

          • i didn’t like him at first but now he’s one of my favourites as well. buut i’d say arya and dany! xx

  • Lots of fairs on the cards this weekend. Hopefully it will mean buying stuff for some.
    Definitely missing The Great British Bakeoff not being in the Uk but hopefully I’ll be able to stream it off somewhere when it starts back properly.

  • This mug of coffee looks perfect, nom!

  • One of the reasons I adore your blog is because of how v.english it is!! Gives me a little piece of home right here x

  • Congratulations on putting your second vlog out Amanda. I checked out the Mexico Pavilion near City Hall yesterday, it was really well put together

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • You have a sorority sister? OMG! This is like Sweet Valley High! You are soooo cool right now x

  • Hahaha I definitely agree! x

  • It’s really quality! I can see why people love them so much! x

  • That’s amazing! I don’t think our wedding place will be nearly as classy as that! Ha! x

  • Miho

    I just had a quick look at Sam’s site, that’s amazing! I hope it goes well, he’s taken some beautiful headshots. And the candle… swoon. I dream of having a white company candle in my home one of these days! x

  • Charlie D

    I am about to embark into spring cleaning also and I’m REALLY looking forward to it, especially since we’re going to do some renovation work in the kitchen ! I hope you have/had fun at the beach. Sounds like a nice way to spend a week for sure !

    xo, Charlie

    • It was really lovely. Not quite warm enough for my liking but a good start to spring nonetheless! x