10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

Another week has come and gone and I am a bit surprised at how quickly February flew by! It seems like Valentine’s Day was just the other day!

Things that made me happy this week:

the white company
+ Attending the JoeBloggers LV= cookery event at The Smart School of Cookery. If you missed it, I posted about it yesterday!

+I received an absolutely brilliant candle, hand wash and hand lotion from The White Company this week. They are a floral blend of jasmine, rose and neroli and they smell exquisite! I’ve never tried a candle from The White Company before and I love it. If you still are looking for a Mother’s Day present, this would be a great idea!
inside package
+We have a working oven again. This is truly excellent news!

+Game of Thrones being put on NowTV during our temporary trial. Sam now finally knows what the Red Wedding is.

+Catching up with a sorority sister over coffee.

+There has been construction going on the in building next to ours. Last week they destabilised a wall in our building so structural engineers were swarming all around trying to ensure the safety of the flat. It’s now safe. (*Knock on wood*)Phew! 

+ Sam’s headshot business is underway. He’s taken so many already. And he’s pretty darn great at it!

+ Having Bake Off back on air, albeit temporarily for Comic Relief. I’m surprised just how much I liked Michael Sheen last week, although no one really took my fancy this week.

+ Spring cleaning has begun already! We took a bag of clothing in to donate at a charity this week, and doing a big clearout is always quite refreshing! 

+Having my second vlog out there!

+Looking forward to a whole weekend by the seaside visiting Sam’s dad.

What are your weekend plans? 

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