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Bath, Revisited: Sally Lunn Buns

Bath, Revisited. Like Brideshead Revisited but without all the intrigue. And featuring only me. Which is a very longwinded way of saying that I was recently back in Bath, England. A place I clearly adore. From the stunning Georgian architecture to the sunny, sweeping Royal Crescent to towering Bath Abbey, Bath is awe inspiring.

I’ve been there for pre-Christmas strolls and for Roman baths, but this most recent trip was about something else altogether more powerful. Buns. Specifically the Sally Lunn bun. (Which is quite similar to a delicious brioche in taste if we are going to be honest.) Sally Lunn’s is one of the oldest buildings in Bath and was supposedly the kitchen of the Huguenot baker who invented the now famous Bath bun and gave her name to it. Or at least, the Anglicised version of her name. She was actually called Solange Luyon. 

Calling it a bun makes it sound like a stodgy, measley carb that you’re meant to slap a hamburger on. These are something altogether different. Light and buttery like brioche, with a hint of spice and heavenly warm but still delicious cold. 

I’d like this post to honour the location of the creation of a truly wonderful gift to the world. 

bath   buildingsbikechimneysgeorgian buildings windowsthe corridorinside the corridorroyal crescentbath street  sally lunnssign sally lunninside sally's     sally's kitchen   
You can find Sally Lunn’s restaurant and museum at Sally Lunn’s House, 4 North Parade Passage, Bath, BA1 1NX.

Have you ever had a Lunn bun? 

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  • I love Bath! Your photos have made me want to go back 🙂 I’ve walked by Sally Lunn’s lots of times, but have never been in nor sampled a bun. Next time, I’ll definitely have to try one! xxx

  • Isabel

    No, I never had but it does look delicious! Great pictures! 🙂

  • A lunn bun has a nice ring to it:)

  • I’ve never had a Lunn Bun, but with a name like that I’ve got to!

  • It is worth every minute on the train to go (we’ve just returned ourselves & turned a Lynn into an epic BLT. Heaven!)

  • I visited Bath for the first time two days ago and loved it! (still working on those posts though, too many pictures were taken) 🙂 I’ve walked by Sally Lunn’s but didn’t taste the buns. I think it needs to be done next time!

    Lovely pictures.

  • I’ve been to Bath once to see its Christmas market (which was lovely!). I’ve always wanted to go back to see the Roman baths and all, but now maybe I just want to go to try a Lunn bun!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Ahhh… Mr S and I are heading to Bath at the beginning of May 🙂
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  • Oh I do so want to go back to Bath, I think it has been nearly ten years since I last went! xx

  • Hmmm I am thinking I would love a bun named after me, a Bailie Bun sounds appetizing right!

  • I didn’t get to Sally Lunn buns although I did get to take part in a fantastic cookery class and dine in the Roman Baths on my recent trip

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • Are there no pictures of buns because you couldn’t take the waiting anymore and scarfed them? Totally wouldn’t fault you for that. I’m down for anything resembling brioche. Laveli Bakery makes a spinach and mushroom quiche/tart/something in a brioche shell. Tis glorious.

    • Hahahahaha you totally caught me and you are the only one that did! The lighting was so bad I couldn’t get a picture so my options were a) eat it then and not have a photo or b) take it out with me into some better light. You can tell which option I chose 😉 x

  • Great pictures!

  • lovely photos! i feel like such an awful excuse for a human being as i’ve not been to bath or had sally lunn. i’ve always wanted to make one though! and as if her name was actually solange luyon! and i do appreciate the brideshead revisited mention, haha. that always makes me think of when i wrote about brideshead revisited in english and my high school english teacher didn’t know the book or evelyn waugh. kind of made me question his credibility, haha! xx

    • Ha, that would definitely make me question an English teacher’s credibility as well! In fact, I’m pretty shocked by it! I mean, I’d understand if he hadn’t read it, but you should at least know of Evelyn Waugh if you teach English. Right? Right? x

      • haha, exactly! it was suspicious to say the least, haha. xx

  • I’ve never heard of a Lunn Bunn… seems that I’m 500 years behind the times! Maybe a trip to Bath would help…

  • How have I never heard of this? This would have so been my thing!

  • Nicky Nelson

    Like you, I love the Georgian buildings in Bath – such a pretty city.

  • Lovely pictures! Bath is such a great city to visit and I loved going to the thermal pool spa last time – lush! I also love how close it is to Bristol 🙂

    • I’ve never gone to the thermal pool. People keep raving about it so I clearly need to prioritise that! x

  • Ohh! Maybe! I’ll have to ask Sam! I don’t know one, but my knowledge of English childhood knowledge is pretty scant! x

    • There’s a song about hot cross buns?! 🙂

  • Ana Valentin

    Bath is so quaint and beautiful! Lovely photos! Glad you had a nice visit! Much love

  • Just have to say thank you for this post, I really liked it, Bath looks like a bloody nice place

    • It is such a nice place! Imagine living there! You’d think you were in an Austen novel all the time! x

  • beautiful photos! love that yellow bike!

  • I love Bath and I’m going to have to go back for those buns now! I always travel in search of food – love it!! 🙂

  • Yum!! I’ve never been to Bath, but it’s on my list! I know so many people that’ve taken the time to drop by, but for me, I never really knew what Bath was all about. Serves me right 😉

  • We ate there during our evening there when we stopped in to visit the baths and visit the Christmas market. Such a gorgeous little place to have a snug dinner.