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I hope everyone is having a very spooky Friday the 13th! (Speaking of which, I can’t believe we’ve had another Friday 13th so soon!) 

happy about march 13

This week I was lucky enough to have to go to the Houses of Parliament for work; although the security guards are pretty intimidating and sent me into a mild panic.  It could have been compounded by the fact that when one asked me where I was headed I got nervous and mumbled all my words leading him to say, “That room doesn’t exist.” I then had to suspiciously backtrack and apologise for my lack of annunciation.

I’ve had some really long commutes this week which means that I’ve gotten some awesome reading done. Philippa Gregory – yay! ‘Rosie Effect’ – meh. (To give a really quick review.)

The builders have finished demolishing the building next door so we are no longer coming home to a construction zone everyday. 

I enthusiastically watched and enjoyed Crufts when it was on. That Maltese and the Bearded Collie in the Best in Show group stole my heart. 

The weather this week has been so lovely. Spring warmth is just around the corner, I can sense it! *knock on wood*

Strangers in London can truly be kind. I took a really bad tumble crossing Regent’s Street on my way to a meeting on Wednesday (bad enough that it knocked the wind out of me and I was too disorientated to get up right away) and 3 men literally leapt into the middle of the road to stop a lorry that didn’t see me on the ground from turning down the street. The men didn’t know each other and they didn’t know me, but I’m so thankful that they cared enough to rush into a hugely busy street for me.  And people say Londoners aren’t friendly! However, instead of sustaining a dainty but sympathetic injury like a twisted ankle, I’ve bruised my tailbone and had to sit on pillows everywhere. #soladylike

One night this week we had steak and caramelised onion sandwiches with halloumi on the side. That’s what happens when I do the menu planning.

I thought I lost my engagement ring on Tuesday (already). Luckily, Sam was a legend and managed to find it in the house while I was having a major panic at work.

I’ve been operating on very little sleep this week. Only because I’ve insisted on binge watching “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. That’s right, now I’ve seen all of it. 

I received this lovely Joules scarf in the mail. It’s so delicate and beautiful. I can’t wait to wear it with lightweight jackets and dresses this Spring! 
joules scarf
Scarf c/o Country Clothing.  Gorgeous, right? 

What are your weekend plans? Will you be celebrating Mother’s Day (UK readers)?

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