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Last Wednesday I vlogged about hunting for a wedding venue in Stratford-upon-Avon. Today I want to focus on Stratford in photographs. It’s a very picturesque town. It basically exists on Shakespeare tourism and while yes, it does get overrun with tourists, especially in the summer, the crowds never felt too overwhelming. (I lived there with Sam in 2013) I did, however, feel the need to have a Shakespeare detox after we had moved back to London though. 

One of my absolute favourite things in Stratford was the silly chain ferry that takes you from one side of the river bank to the other for 50p. I was hoping that it would have been open by the time of our trip but we were about two weeks too early. 

If you’re going to Stratford, I recommend catching a show at the RSC, having a browse through Aspire (my favourite  Stratford shop), eating at the One Elm, having dessert at Hooray’s British Gelato, and if you only have time for one Shakespeare property, prioritise Mary Arden’s Farm. 

 by the main bridgewhole rsc building
The Royal Shakespeare Company building. The behemoth that houses two massive theatre spaces. 

rscholy trinity spire
Holy Trinity Church, aka where Shakespeare is buried. 

tree nymph
I caught a tree nymph on film! 

chain ferryweeping willows
  old building
A weir on the River Avon. 

the weir
Hello our old flat! 

river avonsam jumping in the dell
Sam doing a jig in The Dell. 

costume area cloakcostume boxamazing hat

I’ll never stop loving a good dress up box. Never.          

Have you ever visited Stratford? 

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  • ha! a dress up box?! i have yet to encounter one but now I know what to do once I do!

    • I have dress up box radar – I can always find them in museums and historical homes. It’s one of my only real talents. xx

  • A wood nymph doing a jig!? Ahh Stratford-upon-Avon ever a heart stealer! We did a day trip there years ago…

    • You’ll have to go back sometime soon – I recommend when it’s warm though – and then you can do a nice boat ride! xx

  • Oh I love the chain ferry because it really is shorter by water. My first first weekend break with my boyfriend was to Stratford and we returned last year, such a lovely place.

  • LOL dressing up box! I love that it’s just there for people to chill with haha.

    I’ve never been to Stratford, but I think maybe this Summer might be the one to finally do it! 🙂 xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • You could even time it right and see a matinee in one of the theatre spaces, have a few hours break and then see a show in the other space in the evening. Or you could see no theatre and row boats on the river and feed the swans. Which was my preferred choice. 😉 (Just kidding if you read this Sam…. But there’s only so many times I could have watched “Hamlet”) x

  • Haha, love the dress up box. And that picture of Sam doing the heel-click thing… priceless!

  • Looks beautiful and picturesque. I’ve never been, but I can’t wait to now. x

  • I have never visited Startford but it looks beautiful, definitely on my list of places to visit! xx

  • Beautiful pictures! I love the atmosphere and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun. 🙂
    I’ve never been to Stratford but I DREAM of catching a show at the RSC. Now that I live in England, it’s becoming more doable.

    • Definitely more doable! But the RSC brings their productions to London sometimes too so you might not even need to go all the way out to Stratford. (But the theatre space is kind of worth it….) I love Shakespeare but Sam was in “Hamlet” “As you like it” and “Alls Well that Ends Well” that year and I saw them all multiple times, so I overdosed on it a bit and had to Shakespeare detox. I’m back now, luckily! x

  • Aw – I remember going to Stratford and getting so disappointed because it was not like I imagined it. Like – oh here is shakespeares house, and there is Burger King on the other side… I think I would like to go again, but with more realistic expectations this time 😉

    • HOW DID I MISS THE BURGER KING?! (Just kidding, there was no Burger King when we lived there but I know exactly what you mean. A McDonald’s and a Marks and Spencer interspersed into historic homes, etc etc) And the greatest lie the town has – they don’t know which house was Shakespeare’ home exactly… they have a good guess…. but nothing definitive! x

      • haha yeah to be fair it could have been anything as it’s 13 years since I was there now so my memory is a bit hazy. In my head it was a burger king, but might have just as easily been a top shop or a macdonalds.

  • I went way back in 2005 and I remember a garden with weird sculptures and that is about it!! I think it would be time for another visit as it seems after ten years my memory goes!

    • There totally is a weird sculpture garden in one of the shakespeare properties. In fact, a lot of Stratford is kind of kooky, but that’s what I love about it! x

  • I was only in Stratford briefly – we stopped for lunch on the way from Cardiff to Northumberland and had a look at the church. I would love to go back and spend a whole day there. And have a go on the ferry!
    Looks like your old flat had an amazing view.

    • It had the best view! The weir was super noisy at night at first, but we quickly got used to it and I really missed it last summer. xx

  • YOu look so lovely and adorable in those photos. Sam is also cute when he was doing a jig in The Dell. The river Avon has a scenic beauty.

  • I always wanted to visit Stratford-upon-Avon! Chain ferries make me laugh/confuse me.

  • At the Royal Shakespeare Company you’re only contracted by the season, so as soon as Sam’s season was up it was back to London for us! But I do hope that we get the chance to do another season out there sometime soon, I loved it! x

  • Thanks for including recommendations for things to do there! I’d probably get overwhelmed and have no idea where to start if I just traveled there cold. Great photos, too!

  • I went to Stratford Upon Avon years ago, but now I want to go back! Such pretty photos, and I love your red stripes! xxx

  • Such a beautiful place! I imagine living out here with all that pretty nature was wonderful 🙂

  • Haha! Cute tree nymph 🙂 That photo of you on the rock is too cute.

  • amitygardens

    Y’all are adorable- never change.

  • I LOVE Stratford upon Avon and I got to visit it a few times when I lived in Birmingham as it’s so close. Looks like a fun day! 🙂

    • Hahah when I lived in Stratford I’d take trips up to Birmingham just to be somewhere a bit more bustling sometimes! 😉 x

  • True story: I dream of one day being able to jump up and click my feet together or at least near each other in a jig-like fashion. At the moment, this is not a skill in my dancing repertoire.

    • I’m absolutely rubbish at it, but Sam can do it every time without fail. It makes me really jealous actually….only because I loved “The Wizard of Oz” so much as a kid! x

  • Thanks so much Sara! I hope you do get the chance to go back and see a show there one day! x

  • What an amazing place to get married! 🙂 I’ve only been to Stratford-upon-Avon the once (oh, the sadness as a Brit Lit major to have only made the pilgrimage once!), but it was stunning. I saw one of the best renditions of Julius Caesar ever at the RSC: so, so good. I can’t wait to hear more about the wedding planning!

    • Unfortunately it looks like Stratford is out location wise – the prices were either out of our budget or there were conflicting date issues. But never fear! We’ll soldier on and Stratford still gets to be special to us! xx

  • Oooh I’ve always wanted to go to Stratford because of all the Shakespeare stuff. Looks like it would be a fantastic spot to visit in Summer? x

  • I really like that last picture!

  • Thank you so much for commenting; unfortunately I’m going to have to flag this comment as spam.

  • I looooove dressing up – I always resent that it’s only for kids haha I love Stratford!