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Sugar free, Gluten free Cake Mix: Worth it?

I tested out a sugar free, gluten free cake mix and my world was thrown a bit topsy-turvy. Do I really need sugar in my life? While obviously, I don’t need sugar – I have an immense sweet tooth and making and baking treats is one of my life’s greatest pleasures.

In general, I don’t use box mixes but Surkin offered to let me try their sugar-free, gluten-free cake mix and sugar-free chocolate and my curiosity definitely got the better of me, especially since they were a finalist for the Natural and Organic foods best new product of the year. And they say that their product “is suitable for diabetics, with less than 12g carbohydrate per 60g slice, which is 80% less than a regular cake, and no added sugar. Obviously diabetics have to watch what they add flavour wise, such as banana and dried fruit, which will increase the carbs.” Which is super helpful to me as I do have diabetics in the family. So what did I think? 

Weirdly, I didn’t really miss the sugar at all. Especially in the chocolates – those were great and the chocolate bar with almond and sea salt was especially lovely. The cake was an interesting prospect. They give you a “base” mix and you can flavour it to your choosing. I decided to make mine chocolate. (Obviously.) The most noticeable difference was in the texture – the cake wasn’t quite as airy as a regular sponge. It had a denser, tighter structure. But still good! While I didn’t miss the sugar the chocolate flavour wasn’t quite as rich as I would have wanted. In the future, I’d experiment a bit more with the flavour suggestions. 

box chocolatescake from abovesugar free cake  

So the crux of the matter – would I recommend this product to someone else? Absolutely. Yes, I prefer my cakes stuffed with gluten and sugar but I think it’s wonderful for there to be an alternative “box” cake for those who can’t.

*This was not a sponsored post. I was literally just curious on eating an “organic” box mix. *

Have you tried anything similar?

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  • Ooh how interesting – no gluten and no sugar and yet still yummy! I actually tried a gluten-free, sugar-free chocolate cake the other day. It was made from quinoa and beetroot and was really yummy. Although it had lashing of cream and icing on it, which was definitely not sugar free haha. I’ll have to get the recipe, and I’m eager to try a boxed version like this one of yours! X

    • You could cover pretty much anything in icing and I’d love it! 😉 but that quinoa cake sounds really interesting! X

  • Loos delicious to me! I haven’t tried making this myself but I have bought gluten free and/or sugar free cakes before from bakeries. One of my all time favorite was this chocolate banana gluten free muffin. It was soooo soft and airy!

  • When my best friend and I were 10 years old, we made muffins and accidentally forgot to add sugar. We only realized when we gave them to our parents and they weren’t overly impressed with our creations. haha. The muffins were pretty bland, but I’m sure when you make an effort to counteract the lack of sugar with other flavours, it wouldn’t be so bad!

    • I’ve gotten away with not adding sugar in things but usually only if I’m baking with a sugar fruit, like smashed bananas. If it makes you feel better once a friend and I made brownies at a sleep over with olive oil instead of butter. They weren’t great…. X

  • Very interested to read about this cake mix! It looks like the cake turned out well. I’d be especially tempted to try the chocolate bars too. xxx

    • I preferred the chocolate bars to the cake personally! I never would have guessed the chocolate wasn’t chock full of regular naughtiness! X

  • Now I want cake. Thanks Amanda. Interestingly, “Stuffed with Gluten” could be the name of the tastiest baking blog ever!

  • Such a great idea, gluten seems to bloat me out so I’d definitely try this alternative

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • I’m glad it’s got a good taste but… SUGAR! GLUTEN! While I totally appreciate it for sensitive people, I like to get all the bad things in when I’m eating cake 🙂

    • Me too- I get us. I feel he same way. I’d never opt for gluten free if I didn’t need to. Obviously this time I did but solely out of curiosity x

  • I have seen these box mixes in the store and wondered what they are like although not something I think I will ever try

  • Jan is diabetic and he says diabetic products are pointless. As long as he knows how many carbs are in something he can adjust his insulin as required. For example, some restaurants places offer diabetic ice cream, but for him it’s actually better to get normal ice cream because he knows from experience how much sugar is in it. With “diabetic” products, depending on the brand the carbs could actually be different. According to him, instead of stocking diabetic products, all restaurants should just list the number of carbs next to the item on the menu. Totally irrelevant to the cake mix, but I thought it might interest you 😉

    • That makes so much more sense, I think! Sam’s dad pretty much has a kibosh on all sugary things much to his dismay, but I have other diabetic friends, like jam, who do eat regular treats just more carefully.

  • With a mother and sister who are coeliac, this post is totally up my street. So many of these products vary massively in quality and taste so the fact this comes with your seal of approval means I will definitely try it. Thanks so much for the recommendation Amanda!x

    • One of my closest friends growing up was coeliac and she had no options when we were little so it’s great that there is a lot more choice now! X

  • No not at all! And density must be a gluten free characteristic then! I wonder why? Hmm…. I’ll do some research! X

  • That’s an awesome tip! Thanks! Sam’s dad is diabetic with a fair few other diatery restrictions as well so sometimes it’s like navigating an eating minefield with him! X

  • I think they are online mostly but hopefully they’ll be in a store near you soon! X

  • I want cake after reading this, it looks delicious! x

  • Miu

    Hi 🙂
    Is the cake just not sweet or are they using substitutes for the sugar?