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Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie

Last Wednesday I had the awesome opportunity to try afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie’s SoHo location. And you all know by now that I cannot turn down the opportunity to have afternoon tea. Sweet things and tiny food, are, as you know, some of my biggest vices. Tiny food just tastes better than normal sized food, right?

Plus it was a great opportunity to catch up with two of my favourite blogging gals Katy and Ala. It was a lovely sized group for a blogging event, just enough people to make it social, but not too many people so that you don’t get to speak to everyone. And of course we had the dreaded “which way to eat a scone” debate. 

My favourite of the sandwich course was the little pepper quiches. The only downside was that I liked them so much I could have had a hundred of them. Like the addiction of pizza bagel bites when we were younger. The chicken and pesto sandwich was my runner-up favourite. 

Breads and treats are Patisserie Valerie’s lifeblood and it certainly didn’t disappoint. My favourite options were the chocolate eclairs and the mini Victoria sponge. The berry mousse had a nice taste, but a crazy texture, and I get a bit weird about textures sometimes. 

All in all, it was a very satisfying tea with lovely company!

champagne tablestea cupbloggers afternoon tea traysandwichesteasconesjam potscones with cream and jamtraysdessertscakes          
Afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie starts at £25, with prosecco it’s £30.

*I was a guest of Patisserie Valerie, but if I hadn’t enjoyed it, I would’t be blogging about it.* 

What’s your favourite part of afternoon tea? And are you clotted cream then jam or jam then clotted cream?

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  • Delicioso – why do miniatures just seem to taste better!?

  • I swear in your food review posts you are always mentioning junk food that I love that I can no longer get. Ahhh the variety of miniature sized pizza themed food I have eaten in my day ( I do hope as you read that you imagined me raising my cane up like a real proper oldie).
    Anyways that tea does look lovely and here is a question for you if a person does not eat jam, like me, are they even more shunned in the debate of cream or jam first?

    • If you don’t like jam you aren’t allowed at afternoon tea. Just kidding. I suppose we can make an exception for you 😉 I can’t get that junk food either, I think that’s why I think about it sooooooooo much! And why whenever my mom asks me what I want for birthdays/christmas/etc I usually just name food I can’t find here! xx

  • Uh oh this looks very delicious and tempting! Might have to go along and try it out, do love an afternoon tea. Love your photos – and how cute is the little message inside the jam lid! Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Easter! Lou

  • There is a Patisserie Valerie here in York but I still haven’t been yet. I really must go one day, everything in the windows looks so delicious and cute! Also, I’m a clotted cream then jam girl! x

  • jam then clotted cream! Then I eat it with a fork and everyone makes fun of me haha

    • Eating them with a fork makes sense. In fact, it might even maximise the amount of clotted cream that you can put on the scone which I approve of! xx

  • Ohhhh myyyy goshhhh!! I’m such a sucker for pretty finger foods!

  • Jenn Sie

    I saw this on another blog and have walked by several of the cafes in this chain but never had an excuse to go. I do now. 🙂 I’ve just been to Betty’s in Harrogate this afternoon, and it was nice.

    • Okay, Betty’s is the best. (Though I’ve alone been to the York one) so I think you definitely win! 🙂 x

  • Has to be cream then jam. It’s more aesthetically pleasing. Love Patisserie Valerie too, and, not gonna lie, I’ve been jealously stalking the blogs of (almost) everyone who went to this event! 😉

  • Clotted cream, then jam for me. If I put the cream on last, it usually ends up drowning out the taste of the jam (and we can’t have that). I cracked up seeing the words “tiny” “food” and “vice” all together. I imagined someone in a dark alley with a dirty, beat up dollhouse shoveling mini foods into their mouth as the dolls watch in horror.

  • Charlie D

    Clotted cream then jam on my part ! Everything sounds and looks so delicious. Especially the pepper quiche. I’ve been craving it lately, luckily I’m having some for easter !

    Happy Easter week-end ! xo, Charlie

  • So nice I love chocolate eclairs with custard not cream, I also love scones with jam and cream

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    What a lovely day! The smoked salmon finger sandwiches are my favourite bit!
    Lots of love,

  • Ashley Angle

    This looks very fun! Great way to catch up with friends!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Haha I agree! xx

  • Oh wow, now I’m hungry! Tiny food always tastes better, that’s why sliders taste amazing!

  • Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie is so delicious and elegant. I love all the cakes on the trays. They are so charming.


  • I love Patisserie Valerie – their pastries are just the reason why I still live here 😉 I had never heard they had an afternoon tea, I’m off to spend some money now!x

    • It’s a new thing that they’ve just started doing! If you love their pastries then you’ll love this!!!! xx

  • I love Patisserie Valerie but Paul is my ultimate fav ! have you tried it ?

    • i’ve had pastries from Paul but never a full afternoon tea – I’ll have to check it out! x