April Sponsor Post

Hello guys! Time has flown hasn’t it? It’s already time to showcase my April sponsors, and this month I have 6 fabulous women to promote. 

megan lush to blush
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I’ve long been a fan of Megan’s gorgeous and stylish blog, so I was absolutely thrilled when she chose to sponsor Rhyme & Ribbons this month. All of her outfits are so beautiful and I wish I could swap wardrobes with her. (Just look at this lace Free People dress she wore in Hawaii.) Not only does Megan have an enviable sense of fashion, she’s also an incredibly savvy business woman, and I think all bloggers based in the US should read her post on filing taxes as a blogger (even if you’re only making peanuts money wise). Also as soon as I read the words, “cronut recipe” I knew I was going to stick around as a reader! 

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I’m so glad to have Miranda back on my sidebar! I’ve been following her for quite awhile now and it’s so exciting to see how her blog has grown over the past months. Her food photography is lovely. I would absolutely love if she made me a special slice of her strawberry milkshake cake. Lately, she’s visited one of my favourite places, Kew Gardens, and spent some time in the stunning orchids area. And she’s reviewed the cafe, Salon, in Brixton (my neck of the woods…kind of.)

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Angie truly lives a brilliant life of luxury, but luckily for us, she shares some of her exploits so that we can live vicariously through her! And she gets to dine at some absolutely staggeringly good restaurants, like her anniversary dinner at Claridges. But not only is Angie a dining expert she loves to travel as well. Find out how traveling has helped Angie conquer some of her life fears.  And her honeymoon was truly awe-inspiring. Take a peek at the Bora Bora leg of it.


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Laura is amazing and reading her blog makes me smile. So I guess laughter really is catching? (Sorry. I couldn’t help it.)  Don’t believe me? Take a look at those cookie monster cupcakes, and tell me they don’t make you smile. I dare you. I asked Laura what some of her favourite posts were and she responded with a post she did about reflecting back on the changes in her life. The post is older now, and there have been so many more even since she wrote it! And her post dedicated to her grandfather is amazingly touching. (I was really close to mine as well, and I often wish he was still with us.)

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Abigail is back sponsoring Rhyme & Ribbons again, and I’m thrilled that she is. Her photography is so lovely. It makes me pine for a more simple life, with more nature in it. You’ll see what I mean when you read her post on catching Easter supper. She also inspired me to give the Sky Garden a chance after a lovely post about sunset birthday drinks there. And if you need a bit of inspiration for going about a tech-detox, Abigail has a great post on how to ‘unplug’. 

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First of all, what’s there not to love about Frankie? 1. She’s hilarious. 2. She’s ridiculously talented. That’s all you need to know to start out with! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her at some food blogger events, which means we have a special bond since we’ve seen each other stuff our faces. Frankie claims that The Green Pea in Greenwich serves some of the best food in London. I’ve not yet made it there to confirm this, but that’ll be remedied soon. Also, she’s found most of the London Noses which makes her super cool in my books. (Have you looked for the Covent Garden ears, yet?) And Frankie’s humour reigns supreme as she discusses two questions that terrify bloggers. 

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