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Spring Menu at Pizza Express

A few months ago, I was invited to try the winter menu at Pizza Express and I was lucky enough to be invited back for the spring. Needless to say, I was super excited. I’ve mentioned before that Pizza Express is one of the pinnacles of chain restaurant enjoyment to me. It might be a chain, but there’s zero reason to be snobby about it. You can get some delicious and well-priced food. 

As a starter, I had the buffalo mozzerella and tomato salad (£5.45), which was a simple caprese salad without the balsamic vinegar essentially. I have to say, the mozzarella was soooooo creamy. I adored it. I clearly don’t splurge on mozzarella at my local grocery store. Sam had the risotto fresco (£5.75) which was a white wine risotto, with salmon and rocket. It had a nice clean taste, creamy but with the right citrus balance, and it was a good portion size for a starter. When Sam ordered risotto to start, I assumed the portion was going to be way bigger than your average starter, but it was quite reasonable. I cook risotto a bit less al dente than they cooked this one, but everyone has their own preferences. 

From the new spring menu Sam had the “American Hottest” (£13.55) which consists of pepperoni, ‘nduja sausage, green peppers, roquito peppers, fresh red chilli, chilli oil and buffalo mozzarella. I usually order the American Hot, so I was super familiar with the flavour profile already and the menu certainly isn’t messing you around. When they warn you that it’s the hottest pizza on the menu, it really is. Sam and I both loved it, but we are huge fans of extra spicy foods. If you aren’t that used to a big dose of heat, or don’t eat spicy food often then I probably wouldn’t recommend this as the one for you. But if you love spice – go for it! I ordered the “Margherita Bufala” (£11.60) with buffalo mozzarella, basil, cherry tomatoes and garlic oil. It just tasted so fresh. (Especially compared to the heavy hit of Sam’s pizza). It was just classic, really.  

I want to take my hat in hand now and apologise. The last time we tested a menu, I wasn’t blown away by dessert and said that it was nothing too special. This time I disagree. We tasted the tiramisu (£5.65) , the eton mess cheesecake (£5.65) and the tartufo limoncello (£5.65). Starting with the tiramisu, I thought to myself, this is good, but just like last time, it didn’t knock my socks off. The eton mess cheesecake had some lovely strawberry chunks and a great biscuit base; but it was the tartufo that stole the show! A lemon gelato with a liquid limoncello centre. It was tart, it was clean, it was creamy and most importantly, it was super satisfying. The ideal dessert for a summer day, just as Pizza Express intended.

pizza expressdrinksrisotto
Risotto fresco. 

Mozzarella and tomato salad. 

american hot 2
American Hottest. 

hot up close margerita
Margherita Bufala. 

basil up close

polenta fries 2
Polenta fries. 

eton mess cheesecake
Eton mess cheesecake.


Tartufo limoncello.

lemony insides       

I was a guest of my local Pizza Express in Dulwich Village, but check out the website to find yours. 

We received our meals complimentary for the purposes of this review, but if I hadn’t genuinely enjoyed my meal, I wouldn’t be writing about it here.

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  • I also love mozzarella and recently the store had a nicer brand then the basic one I usually buy oo and the yummy creamy betterness!

    • It’s such a good treat. I can jus trip of a chunk of mozzerella and happily eat it on it’s own! x

  • Those polenta fries and also those desserts can get in my belly right now. I do like pizza, but I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan. I love Pizza Express’ light pizzas with the holes in the middle…though I may have commented the same on your previous post haha…

    • I hardly ever order the salad pizzas because the crust is my favourite part. Haha, I’m such a child sometimes! x

  • The eton mess cheesecake looks amazing! I really want to try it.

    I went into my local to try their spring menu the other day and I had the salmon risotto fresco and then the margherita bufala pizza. I think it was the best pizza I’ve ever tasted!! I also love the polenta fries but resisted temptation. I was so full I had to miss dessert – I want to try that cheesecake!

    Debbie x

  • I think most people have had more cheeky Pizza Express pizzas than they care to admit. Sure, it’s a chain, but it’s better than some of the more dreadful chains and sometimes you just want to go somewhere that you know what the food will be like, without having to risk your hard earned cash on somewhere new. Pretty sure there’s no shame in that!

  • Woo nice looking food

  • I think this is the fanciest looking food I’ve ever seen from a chain line. Seriously, it looks like gourmet pizza! I loooove the idea of American Hottest because I’m addicted to spicy food. And you can’t beat a classic margherita!

    • Exactly! It’s a chain but it’s great quality! I’ve never been disappointed by a meal there! x

  • I am impressed with the hot pizza and Tartufo limoncello. The Tartufo limoncello looks very fresh and delicious.

  • I LOVE the sound of that American Hottest pizza – I love spice and N’duja!!! I gave up pizza for lent and I think that might be the pizza I break my abstinence with!

  • You must get the BEST pizza! x

  • The polenta chips are the best! And I really recommend the limoncello tartufo! x

  • I actually found my local Pizza Express a few weeks ago while I was out walking in Shepherds Bush! When I saw it, I remembered your last review of the restaurant and how it didn’t sound like your run-of-the-mill pizza place. I love risotto and spicy foods so I will definitely be giving this menu a shot.

    • It’s definitely a chain- but a really yummy one! How are you liking Shepherds Bush? x

      • It’s pretty cool! There are some performance venues I’d like to check out. I’m sad about that Australian bar being closed though — that would’ve been fun.

  • They certainly aren’t the most visually appealing restaurants but the food is good! x

  • Oh I always wanted to try the broccolini and now I know how it looks – thanks 🙂 and that limoncello looks delicious – although I’d let myself be tempted by that eton mess cheesecake!

    • Sam is quite the healthier eater, but sometimes I go on splurges where if I’m eating out I just guzzle down all the carbs. Hehe so it was a nice alternative to have the broccolini. x

  • Sophie LovesFood

    Wow! Wouldn’t have guessed this was Pizza Express, looks like they stepped up a little!