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The Rum Kitchen

Growing up in New Mexico made me something of a sun-worshipper. I live for warm spring and hot summer days. And then I moved to Atlanta, and a plethora of sandy shores were only a few hours drive away. Basically, I’ve been weather spoiled. And since moving to England, beach holidays are pretty much my constant answer to “if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?” 

But since I am in London, saving up money for some grown-up life events, only dreaming of soft, beachy shores and blistering sun, I decided to try The Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill and bring a bit of the Caribbean to me instead.  It was the weekend, and I had time to kill so my first thought was obviously cocktails. Sam had the “lesser of two weevils”, a Red Stripe and Old Jamaica ginger beer shandy topped off with Mount Gay and a dark rum float.  I expected it to taste extremely potent, since it’s essentially beer with rum. It didn’t. This could be dangerous. I opted for the “classic rum sour” with rum, lemon, sugar and egg white. I like my cocktails sour, what can I say? This one had a really noticeable kick. There was no pretence made about the fact that you were pretty much drinking straight rum. I approve. 

Food had to be ordered fairly quickly, if only to start soaking up some of the alcohol in my empty stomach. The Rum Kitchen had me at “pulled pork bun”. After that, I had eyes for nothing else on the menu. My pulled pork was so tender, packed with flavour and a fair bit of heat, topped off with crispy shallots, a jerk BBQ sauce (the source of most of the heat), and a chilli vinegar slaw. I also had an order of sweet potato fries which were incredible. I already love sweet potato fries, but these were lightly battered before they were fried and I could eat them every day of my life. Sam had the jerk chicken burger with scotch bonnet mayo. He opted for the double version which was a generous portion to say the least and so tasty. We also split a side of the pulled pork, because the pulled pork literally was good enough to eat twice in one meal. 

To finish off we split a slice of chocolate rum cake. It came with lashings of chocolate and caramel sauce, plus a side of ice-cream. Basically, what’s not to love? And we still had room for two last cocktails. Sam had the “pre-emptive strike” an espresso martini, adapted with rum and a hint of dark chocolate. Basically, it was super strong and should have been a downer, but all the caffeine was forcing you to be really, really irritatingly energetic. I had the “silver pineapple” which was a vanilla pineapple fizz with Atlantico Platino. This was my favourite drink of the afternoon, it was quite delicate and fruity, but it still packed a punch!

bar chairs dogdecor at the rum kitchen drinks menured stripe shandyrum sourjerk chicken burgerjerk chicken pulled pork bunpulled porkthe rum kitchensweet potato friesside of pulled porkchocolate rum cakechocolate rum cake 2      last two drinks          

For a bit more of an authentic experience, you could be sipping your own rum cocktail on holiday on a Caribbean beach somewhere, but this is as close as I can get for the time being! 

Anyone planning on traveling to a tropical locale any time soon? If so, any space for me to tag along? I can fold my self up into a really tiny ball.

This post was done in collaboration with Elegant Resorts, but all opinions are my own. 

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  • Blimey you were serious about the doubled up burger! Its like a meat mountain! 🙂 they look seriously good and I love the sound of the preemptive strike! Maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong with sweet potato fries- I’ve never battered them before frying- mine never come out restaurant cripsy!
    Alice xx

    • I think that’s where I’ve been going wrong with my sweet potato fries as well. I actually usually just bake them though. (And then convince myself that that makes them healthy.) x

  • Yum! Sweet potato fries 🙂 How was it living in Atlanta – I know random question…I’m investigating places to live when/if we move back to the US.

    • I seriously loved Atlanta. Although I lived in a quite “cool” area, so I always felt like there were things to do/amazing restaurants/ cool bars, etc etc. Check out Little 5 points / the Virginia Highlands areas. If I was living in the suburbs of Atlanta, like Smirna, Alpharetta, Roswell, etc I think my opinion would be completely different!

  • I like my cocktails sour as well. And oh, beach holidays, they are the best!

  • I love rum, so this looks like the perfect place to get into the summer spirit even though like you I would much rather be drinking on a Caribbean beach I will take what I an get in London.

    • This is my super budget holiday. Any by super budget, I mean, get a little bit pissed whilst pretending you were somewhere else. Success rate: 85% delusional x

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Looks epic!!

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  • Woah, that is a LOT of chicken in that burger! Looks amazing though. I want all that food. And the cake.

  • Looks delish & that sandwich is gigantic. If i ever go back to London I will have to stop by at least for the sweet potato fries if nothing else.

  • Ahhh cute dachshund, you are so like me whenever I see one I have to point it out to Fredrik and talk about how I wish I could steal it for at least 5 minutes!

  • Wow, check out those portions! I’m going to come stay with you and we’re going to go here, k?

  • It was the best cocktail, in my opinion! And yes, let’s definitely keep dreaming of beach holidays! x

  • The Rum Kitchen looks amazing. Those drinks… those burgies… I want, I want. Plus the overall decor looks pretty cool too. If I was near one.. I would go.

  • Yum, that all looks so good! I absolutely love the sound of those sweet potato fries!!! xxx

    • The sweet potato fries were delicious – if the rest of the meal had been bad (which it wasn’t) I would have come back for the fries alone! x

  • That dessert looks incredible.

    Lizzie Dripping

  • Those cocktails look amazing!! And I wish I was traveling tropical soon, this Houston rain is worse than anything I saw in England!

    • On no! Is it like someone just dumped a swimming pool upside down over the city (expect it doesn’t stop…)? It rained like that it Atlanta sometimes and I hated it! x

  • Ooh this sounds amazing. I’ll have to make a trip over. I had egg white in a cocktail in Germany once and was SO SICK the next day… made me scared to try one again.

    • My favourite drink is an amaretto sour and *fingers crossed* I haven’t gotten sick from the egg white yet, but I’m sure it’ll happen to me one day…. x

  • All I can think is yuuuuuuuum – you had me at rum & destroyed me with that chicken burger. Woah!

  • This post is ace. Great photos (food, setting, and dog), and the way you described everything makes me want to go there immediately. Pulled pork and tasty booze? Heck yes.

    • It’s soooo good. I mean, I had a pulled pork sandwich with a side of pulled pork. That has to tell you something right? 🙂 x

  • I just died and went to food porn heaven!

  • It. All. Looks. SO. Good!!! lol. I’m definitely going to have to visit this place. The food looks amazing!