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It’s been a while since I’ve found time to do a “life lately” post. After Monday being a Bank Holiday and then taking off Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday have seemed exceptionally long so far! I guess that’s always what happens after coming back from holiday though. 

paris collage

I attended a Lakeland event in preparation for some exciting summertime cooking! It’s going to be spiralised courgetti and homemade frozen yogurt around these parts this summer. (The hashtag is #lakelandhomemadesummer if you’d like to join in!) We’ve already had courgetti (or zoodles, if you like) twice this week.

Aside from attending the fabulous Joules AW preview, I also attended the Triumph AW preview. I had my first proper bra fitting in almost a decade. I can confirm that I am one of those many, many, many women wearing the wrong sized bra.  
triumph bra set
(One of my favourite Triumph silhouettes.) 

I have family outside of Paris and there was a family reunion of sorts in Paris on Tuesday evening. Sam and I were both lucky enough to get work off so that we could go and that I could introduce Sam to that side of the family. Including people I hadn’t seen since 2007! And then we had some time alone together in Paris. 

Paris. Full stop. What’s not to love about it?

Katy came over for dinner last weekend, and it was a) lovely of her to make the epic journey across London and b) nice to celebrate the Royal Baby with friends and gossiping over the name choice.  

I got to meet Jacyln and Angela in person at the London Coffee Festival. It was wonderful getting to put some real life faces to hilarious tweets and clever posts. 

I met some other lovely bloggers at an afternoon tea at Sofitel in the Rose Lounge. Their current afternoon tea celebrated the Chelsea Flower Show and you can have the special tea throughout May! I especially loved the sandwiches and scones. And the pastries were almost too pretty to eat. You can seem them in the collage above.

Last Friday I had a weird/exciting acting job. I worked alongside someone I’d never met before but it turns out we had mutual friends. The acting world is small. 

I’ve gotten stuck into some terrifying and gruesome tv lately. Between Game of Thrones, Enfield Haunting and Penny Dreadful, it’s a surprise I can ever sleep! 

This weekend I’m going to Grand Designs Live and I’m very excited about it.

What are your weekend plans?

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  • Parisian family reunions sound fantastic – I want one! (Any excuse really!!)

  • Sounds like a great week! Paris is such a lovely city! I’m taking an art class all day tomorrow, which should be pretty fun πŸ™‚

  • You’ve had such a lovely life lately! I’m really keen to start going to some blogging events? Where did you hear about them? Alice xx

    • Sometimes I hear about them on twitter, but all the ones I’ve mentioned here I was invited to by various PR companies, etc. But I’d say twitter is the best bet for finding them! xx

      • I need to get myself on twitter! I vowed I could use use it for my work account as I already spent enough time on facebook/instagram/snapchat/whatsapp/tumblr and now my blog, I thought twitter would be just another distraction! but it seems that a lot of the blogging world revolves around using it! xxx

  • paris and coffee sounds good to me πŸ™‚ I also have been [happily] sucked into Penny Dreadful after watching the entire first season two weekends ago!

    • I did the exact same thing. All of Penny Dreadful in a weekend. I’ve not watched the beginning of season 2 yet though! x

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    That’s two events that I missed where I could have seen you :(. The Sofitel afternoon tea looked amazing!

  • Sounds like you’ve had an ace week!
    Whatever I do this weekend the forecast says I’ll be doing it in the rain. I think on Saturday we’ll probably put up some shelves so I can unpack a few more boxes.

    • If I was there, I’d totally help you unpack. I’m probably the one person in the world that finds unpacking weirdly soothing/satisfying. x

  • It was so fun to meet you at the Sofitel event! How fun to go to Paris too – a trip there is always fabulous πŸ™‚ And family reunions are fun! xxx

    • You too! I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to speak more. We’ll have to remedy it soon! πŸ™‚ x

  • Thank you so much Giulia! xx

  • Sounds like a fabulous week, I went to the Coffee Festival last year – am not a big coffee drinker so stocked up on tea!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • Sounds like so many fun things have been happening. And a family reunion in Paris, that sounds amazing!

  • I am very passionate about well-fitting bras. Were you wearing too big of a band and too small of a cup? That’s the main issue with Americans, but it’s not women’s fault. It’s the fault of American companies who offer a narrow selection of sizes and intentionally fit women incorrectly to shove them into whatever the store carries.

    UK sizing is much better, though, so I imagine you discovered your actual size. All of my bras have UK sizes.

    • Yes! That was my exact problem! (Although now I seem to have difficulty in find my actual size.) Company suggestions? xx

  • tianna

    lucky girl! Paris sounds amazing πŸ™‚

  • Ashley Angle

    You have had a BUSY week! Hope you get some to time to relax this weekend!

  • Wow you have been busy! I am so jealous you got to go to the coffee festival but yay for meeting bloggers. I think I am one of the only people I know that hates Paris, I really must give it a second chance haha. xx

    • Actually, I’ve read quite a lot of blog posts about people hating Paris lately! (Mostly to do with all the beggars, panhandlers, etc) Paris was the first place I ever traveled to abroad (and alone) so I suppose I have engrained fond memories of it πŸ™‚ x

  • Fun things and beautiful pics! greeting from Chile

  • I get total “stuff envy” when I go into a Lakeland. Like, “oh wow. Look at that madeleine pan. I definitely need one…,” Hope you’re well! xx

  • Me too! Only one more sleep to go! πŸ™‚ x

  • I’d say the courgette definitely fills you up as much as wheat pasta! It’s a different kind of full though – you’re absolutely stuffed but it feels a bit lighter in your tim (if that makes sense). I’d say give Paris another try, but lots of people don’t like it. And hey – not everyone can love everywhere, right?! xx

    • Like I say it was a long time ago and the only parts I remember were some dark street, going up the Eiffel Tower and street artists. I may as well pretend I haven’t been there at all lol. In fact that is what I shall do . . Paris shall be a blank canvas from now on! x

      • I think if I had gone when I was younger I’d have been a bit bored, but my brother and I were the type of youngsters that were always doing something. (Even if that something was just driving my mom crazy) x

  • I’m in the “I love Paris” camp, it’s just such a great city. I’m jealous of all your blogger meet ups! I haven’t been to one in ages.

    • You’ll have to come down to London soon! x

      • I’m coming the weekend of the 12th, but going to Found Festival in Rockwell Park on the Saturday. Maybe we could do brunch or something on Sunday?

        • June 12th or July 12th? If June 12th boo because I have an all weekend work thing. If July 12th – yay! You’re on! x

  • Ala

    Uhhh so many good things! Love a spiralizer! And oddly enough I’ve been thinking I need to go get measured… I can’t actually remember the last time I did. I don’t know how you’re sleeping, I saw like 2 seconds of enfield haunting and got scared… but I am a huge scaredy cat! Sounds like a lot of fun in your world!!! xxx

    • My measurements were so far off from the size I was buying it was crazy! I was scared by Enfield at first but then the subsequent episodes mellowed out. But I love scary movie so maybe i’m immune πŸ™‚ x