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Hello dear readers! Happy Friday everyone! I’m sure my UK readers are excited to have yet another long weekend. Hurray for May Bank Holidays. Another reason why May is the best month! 

life lately delta rae

You might have noticed (if you follow me on twitter) that last week I tweeted once a day with the tag #SHhealthyminds. The team at JoeBlogs and Simplyhealth wanted bloggers to help raise awareness during Mental Health Awareness Week (last week). In exchange, money would be donated to the mental health charity, Mind. I can’t sing Mind’s praises enough.  

The reason why I started doing these life lately updates was to focus on the positive, which was entirely in the spirit of last week. In the spirit of positive thinking Simplyhealth have put together a 5 Step Guide to encourage you to do so.

This weekend Sam and I are heading up to a wedding in the Lake District and I’ve wanted to see that part of England for a really long time.

My birthday is exactly a week from today, so you can bet that I’m super excited. Due to extenuating circumstances (me being foreign, theatre schedules, show runs, etc) Sam and I have never actually celebrated my birthday together ON my birthday so I’m super happy that this year is the year to make that happen.

Last week I saw Delta Rae perform at the Camden Barfly with my friend Emily. They were absolutely fabulous. Their harmonies are just chilling sometimes. They did this amazing thing where they came off the stage and gathered in the middle of the crowd and performed acoustically amongst everyone. I (selfishly) almost don’t want them to get more popular so that they can keep doing that. 

I attended the Jones Bootmaker AW Press Preview and it made me want all things. But seriously, for 9 out of 12 months of the year I live in my boots so it was perfect for me. They are carrying a lot of super gorgeous burgundy leathers this fall which are to die for. Just check out the gorgeous boots below!

jones boots

On Sunday evening, I went and saw my friend Rob’s comedy show at the Leicester Square Theatre. You can check out any of this other tour dates here. He’s hilarious and I’m not at all biased. 

Earlier last weekend, we had saw a family member we hadn’t seen in ages, who was down in London from Yorkshire for the day. The weather was beautiful that day, so we were able to sit outside at our local pub and get some sun.

I attended the Champagne Jacquart Rose Cube launch at the Clerkenwell Design Week on Tuesday evening. It was a stunning location, and a fabulous beverage. I can easily say that this is one of the first rosΓ©s that I’ve truly enjoyed, but I’ll write more on it later. Plus Jess was there and it was great to have some time to catch up. 

I also attended the House of Fraser AW preview yesterday. There was so much variation in textile and fabric, that I was both excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. It made me want to touch everything! Fortunately, for HoF, I kept my grubby mitts off of most of their goods. Who wants to buy me that gorgeous beige and grey striped coat in the picture below?

What are your weekend plans?

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  • Yay for our birthday! Any plans?? That is so great that this year you and Sam get to celebrate on the day:)

  • We have a long weekend too. Hoping to go somewhere with mountains if the weather behaves.

  • I love reading about your fun, busy weeks! How great you and Sam will be able to celebrate your birthday together on the day too. Enjoy your time in the Lake District – that’s an area I’ve always wanted to visit as well! xxx

  • Delta Rae! I love them them! They were in my town a while back but I missed them, alas. I hope they don’t get so popular they lose their soul too.

    • Just just seemed like really genuine and super nice people too. And both girls are just incredible singers! x

  • Ahhhh no way! You and D have the exact same birthday! We’re still trying to plan what to do on his birthday and I think we settled for cocktails & cigars in an old-fashioned lounge, and then listening to a jazz band. πŸ™‚
    What are your plans? I hope you make it extra special!! x

  • Take a TON of pictures in the Lake District~

    • I tried to take quite a few! Most of our time there was filled with wedding things so I need to plan another trip back asap to take in the area’s full beauty! x

  • amitygardens

    Stop making me homesick for England. πŸ˜›

  • What a fantastic week you’ve had, the Champagne Jacquart event was great wasn’t it! Have a lovely time in the Lake District and hope you try some Kendal mint cake (it’s more of a sweet bar than a cake)

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • Thanks! Most of our time there was filled with wedding guest things so I need to plan another trip back asap to take in the area’s full beauty! And I didn’t get to try Kendal mint cake – another reason to go straight back! x

  • I just went to check out Delta Rae on YouTube and they really are amazing! How cool that you got to see them perform like that πŸ™‚ x

  • Ala

    Wooo happy birthday for Friday! How exciting and lovely you finally get to spend your birthday with Sam! And yes, I want that grey striped jacket very very much! x

  • This all sounds pretty kickass!xx