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Restaurant Review || Truc Vert

After hearing many bloggers rave about Truc Vert (including Frankie), I knew I needed to go. Truc Vert is a French cafe in Mayfair. It’s named after a beach in France and the dining room is simple, clean and inviting.

First of all, if a restaurant is giving out bread platters (£2.95) they should know that I am going to eat more than one. It’s that simple. They can pry the bread tray out of my cold dead hands. Other than bread for starters my dinner companion extraordinaire tried escargot (£7.50) for the first time, while I had the parmesan and rocket salad (£4). First of all, the serving size on this starter salad was, in a word, generous. It was so filling that I had to slow down and save some room for my main. And it was just a salad! But the thick, generous slices of parmesan….mmm… it was the real deal. You’d picture that parmesan coming out of a candlelit room in an ancient French Abbey. It was strong. And delicious. I’ve had escargot before and while they taste like whatever delicious buttery sauce they are cooked in, I just can’t get my mind around the texture. They are a no-go for me. However, Sam said they were full of “garlicky deliciousness, but the look of them scares me a little. Glad I tried them, though!”

For my  main I had the Truc Vert Wagyu Beef Burger with Lettuce, tomato, pickle, chutney & chips (£17.25). The quality of the beef was amazing. Essentially it was like eating a premium steak in burger form. I also absolutely loved the chutney. But I always love a good chutney. Sam had the roast English pork belly with mixed beans, chorizo Cassoulet and mustard dressing (17.95). It was phenomenal. I did get a bit of food envy after tasting how succulent the pork belly was. It just melted in your mouth. When you look at the dish you almost forget about the mustard dressing and it comes in at the last second as a really strong flavour kick. 

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t try any of the desserts. My suggestion? Go at lunch time if you want to splurge if your pocketbook is a bit tight at the moment. (Lunch prices and the prix fixe deals are a lot more reasonable than dinner ones.) 

menu wine rack

breadescargoescargo and garlic breadrocket saladburger undone burger    pork 

I highly recommend Truc Vert! Have you ever been? What’s your favourite Mayfair restaurant? 

Truc Vert is at 42 North Audley Street, London, W1K 6ZR

I was a guest of Truc Vert and the voucher for the meal in exchange for review was given to me by Zomato, however, as always, all opinions are forever my own.

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