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I haven’t done a “Life Lately” post in what feels like ages. In reality, it’s been since May 22nd, which is ages in blog time. 

It’s my busiest time at work right now, but despite the hectic nature of my professional life, my personal has still had time to flourish and I’ve experienced some wonderful things over the past month. 

happy collage

This past month, I finally got to spend time in the Yorkshire Dales

We went climbing the O2 and I was only slightly scared upon the descent. 

I’ve been commuting to the other side of London fairly frequently, but the bright side is that I’ve blitzed through my reading list lately! 

I turned 27 and had a day filled with love and sweeties.

We celebrated our engagement with friends and family. 

I experienced my first Royal Ascot horse race (and lost every single bet). However, I managed not to lose my fascinator all day, but did get a terrible sunburn.

I’m more than ready for my baby nephew to come back to town for more snuggles.

And after waiting for months, I finally got to experience the extreme awesomeness of Alexander McQueen’s work up close and personally. 

It’s finally warm enough in the mornings that I could enjoy an iced coffee.

I’m looking forward to this weekend so much (I’ve worked the past two). Fingers crossed for lovely weather. It hasn’t quite felt like full summer yet and I’d love to soak up some sun for more than 1 day in a row and maybe cook some halloumi on the bbq? 

We have a festival in our neighbourhood this weekend that I’m looking forward to. What are your weekend plans?

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  • What a wonderful (and so busy!!) month!

  • Ala

    You have certainly been busy! And halloumi on the bbq, ummm best addition to a bbq ever! Have a fab weekend! x

  • I want your life! 😉
    We’re going back to Germany this weekend for someone’s birthday, but it’s supposed to rain.

    • You’re too kind. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good weather for you for this weekend! x

  • It sounds like you’ve been having a busy but fabulous time! I enjoyed the McQueen exhibition so much too – just astounding! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  • Alina Isaev

    Congrats on the engagement but sorry to hear about the sunburn – sounds busy but like you’ve had a fab time which is the main thing x

    Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  • I’m going to the horse races tomorrow, I’ll probably lose every bet as well, haha. I’m crap. It makes the races more exciting though even when you put a couple pound as a bet!

    • It’s so true! I definitely get way more invested in that case! Even though my largest bet was a whopping £3. (I can’t believe how much you disappointed me “Not So Sleepy” *shakes fist*. Best horse name ever!) x

  • Everytime I get halloumi I think of you!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Happy birthday among other happy things 🙂

  • I love going to neighborhood festivals, have fun!

  • Wow, what a fun and busy month! i love that you have a fascinator (and props for keeping it on all day!)! Sounds like a great start to summer 🙂

    • Hehe, I have one loan fascinator bought for my MA degree school’s summer ball several years ago. I relish every opportunity to wear it again 🙂 x

  • I hope you get to enjoy a relaxing and fun weekend!

  • So lovely. I love your collage here. It sounds like you’re having a lovely month. Isn’t it crazy how sometimes when you’re at your busiest you manage to have so many wonderful personal things going on as well. You feel like there shouldn’t be any time at all, but you’re managing to find it anyway. xx

    • It’s so true! And I also felt like my ethos at work was all the better for how busy my personal life was (though you’d think the opposite would be true). All in all, I feel very lucky this month! x

  • I’ve been to one race and won $200+ dollars. I was like, 5, and that was half the money a family friend won after he let me pick the horse. I’ve been afraid to go back and try to top that ever since XD

    • Or maybe it means that you are a born gambler and have the knack for it! 🙂 Ha, I know that if I’d won money at that age it would have promptly disappeared to join the college fund, like every birthday cheque and christmas gift of yore. Though I was pretty thankful for my mom’s diligence when it came around to actually going to college, but at the time I just wanted to buy candy and books.

  • Have a lovely weekend off! Sounds like you’ve been having a really fun time out of work – that balance is so important!

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

    • I’d been working so many hours this week that the weekend was so worthwhile. But it really made me savour it, plus I like my job so I feel very thankful! x

  • I would like some more of this summer business as well. Also, hopefully the fascinator didn’t influence any oddly shaped sunburn? That’s always the worst x

    • Luckily, no fascinator patterns but I am peeling like a patchy snake at the moment. It’s not a pretty sight! x

  • Seems like a pretty good ‘lately’!! A birthday, an engagement party, so many beautiful things to celebrate and many congratulations and happy wishes to you 🙂 xx

  • Thanks Sophie! I feel incredibly lucky! x

  • just had a really good chuckle at the thought of a Dale in the Dales.