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The weekend before last, Sam and I attended a wedding smack between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. We stayed in a BnB in the very picturesque town of Sedbergh. Since it was a bank holiday weekend we had three days in the area. We took the train up on Saturday, the wedding was Sunday and we went back down to London late Monday afternoon. That left us with plenty of time to squeeze in some lovely walks on either side of the wedding! 

The town of Sedbergh itself is just inside the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales. I’d never been to the area before, and I was tickled for sure. I’d never seen my name so many times. It was grand. I pretended like it all belonged to me and took an obligatory Dales next to a Dales sign. (Okay, maybe I took more than one..) 

The weather has been fairly appalling lately, and it’s now June and I’ve still not ventured outside in summer clothing, let alone without a jacket, but this trip let me step back and appreciate England a bit more. Sometimes when you’re cooped up in London in the cold and rain, you forget just how glorious England can be. Walking through these hills and dales (see what I did there?) let me reset a little, and I went back to London feeling more fresh. 

Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many sheep in my entire life up to that point as I saw wandering around the hills. 

bridge by the weir cows down by the river flowers forest me with a sheep octagonal ruin sam and fields sam skipping stones sedbergh sheep sky smiling taking photos the dales town sign walking

A little cottage on Lake Windermere is calling my name! 

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  • I haven’t visited the exact place but Lake District and the route from Lancaster to York (which runs south from the Dales) are two of my favorite places in England! And yes there are so many sheep in the area!!!

    • Sam’s hometown is about 40 minutes north east of York and it’s such a glorious area, isn’t it?! x

  • These photos are so very beautiful! Totally agree with you about sometimes being cooped up in London! The weather yesterday was ridiculous for June *sigh*

  • If civilisation breaks down and justice throughout England is left to be administered by a team of superheroes, can you please be crowned “Yorkshire Dales” and go galavanting around the Lake District in spandex and a cape? It would be good blogging fodder.

    • I almost hope civilisation breaks down for the sole point of this happening. And that I also develop a superpower. x

  • Oh so nice 🙂 England is breathtaking!

  • So beautiful! And it is true, getting out and exploring makes you appreciate the area so much more.

    • I wish we lived a bit closer (London is 3 ish hours away by train) but it’s still definitely do-able! x

  • I love countryside so much ! beautiful pictures!

    I am following you now 🙂

  • How lovely, if I ever come across a sign with my name I would take the proverbial roll of film next to it!

  • Oh this is so wonderful! I went on holiday to Sedbergh when I was 15 and it’s lovely seeing it through someone else’s eyes. I spent most of my time swimming in that spot by the bridge and it was the first time my older dog (who is now 11) went for a swim as a pup. Got me all nostalgic, thanks for the post x

  • This place looks gorgeous!

  • I love hearing about twin cities so I think it’s adorable they put it on their sign!

    Also, some of those sheep seemed to be as big as you are – brave woman to walk near them 🙂

    • There were some mongo-big sheep. I love that they are just free to roam. It’s awesome. Although in the spirit of honesty, I was scared to walk by my first few! x

  • The English countryside sure is beautiful!

  • I love country walks!

  • Haha, right?! I wonder how they got that honour! x

  • Photos 11-13, CRAZY gorgeous. I hope you hugged that splotchy-faced sheep. Or at least braided its fleece.

  • Sedbergh looks like a peaceful place. I love the tranquil scene of the sheep on the field. You look so happy and beautiful in the fresh atmosphere.

  • Super pretty photos lovely! Looks like you had a wonderful time and super, super peaceful. x

  • I have a strange fascination with pictures of sheep at the moment and you snapped some stunners! Looks like a beautiful little place, you lucky thing!

  • Looks like a nice place, you know I have never stayed in a b & b

    • I think you have to be in the right mood to enjoy staying in a BnB. Since you’re in someone else’s home it can feel intrusive sometimes, but the right kind of BnB is just lovely! x

  • If your name’s on it, that means it’s yours.

  • These pictures are STUNNING and so green! I love the picture with the sheep! hehe. This is the English countryside that I dream of!

    • Thanks Anna! This was how I imagined England to be before I visited for the first time. I’m glad to see that my visions are partially based in some reality! x

  • Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Can’t get over your pictures. <3 <3

  • I’m so glad you did fine me, Camille! I hope you continue to read and enjoy! x

  • This is exactly the type of England experience I dream about when I envision a getaway there. Rolling hills and fields, a babbling brook a nice leather jacket!! Kidding, but also not kidding. It sounds as though you had a lovely little trip and you just made me want to search for a flight! I’m hosting a new travel linkup with a few other bloggers and we would love to have you join or even co-host if you fancy, it is called #REASONS2TRAVEL and is dedicated to travel posts by travel and lifestyle bloggers. Feel free to check it out and I would love to hear your feedback.

  • lovely!