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Brighton in the Summer

I’ve visited Brighton several times, but I’d never experienced it in the summer, and boy was it a different animal! Upon leaving the train station you walk straight down the hill to reach the water. Luckily for us, the chilly wind kept a far few beach goers away, allowing us plenty of space to lounge in peace. 

Then we headed to the pier for much cheesy board-walk fun. FYI- individual rides cost about £4, but you can also buy the £20 wristband which entitles you to unlimited rides all day long. So if that’s your plan for the day, definitely opt for the wristband.

For lunch we headed to the Regency, which is on many people’s favourite fish ‘n’ chips restaurants. Sam is quite the fish ‘n’ chips connoisseur and he definitely gave it his stamp of approval (while still maintaining that the best is in Scarborough). I had the grilled chicken breast and I was super impressed that it was given such loving care. It was super tasty and flavourful, which is rare in a fish ‘n’ chips shop.  Not only was it really reasonably priced it also had incredible views of the sea!

Later on, I ran into a parade of mermaids, called “March of the Mermaids”, a local group raising awareness about marine conservation issues. It was originally inspired by the Coney Island Mermaid Parade in New York, and is now in it’s third year. This really typifies what I love about Brighton!

I spent most of the day wandering the sea front and had room to eat one of the finest ice cream cones of my entire life. I opted for a single scoop of pistachio and it had gorgeous chunks of pistachio in it. (For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the shop, but their ice cream was spectacular.) By the end of the day, I was so exhausted that I literally fell asleep laying on the pebble beach before catching the train back to London. 

I can definitely see why so many people live in Brighton and commute in to London for work!

brighton beachbrighton pier
going into the watercarousel
more carousel
slow motion carousel
mermaid fundraising
march of the mermaidsmermaid march

sam and i 
water on brighton beach
sign water

Have you experienced Brighton in the summer?

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  • Looks absolutely gorgeous xx

  • So fun! I love Brighton in the summer, and actually; I’ve only ever been in spring-summer time 🙂

  • I’ve never been, but I’m not sure I can get behind the pebbley beach… #TeamSand

  • Ahhh I’ve only been to Brighton in the winter before but I bet it would be great in the summer! I really enjoyed my time there and just loved the vibe.

    • It has the nicest vibe, doesn’t it?! I hope you have the opportunity to go back in the summer one day! x

  • amitygardens

    You and Sam are so cute! Love y’all.

  • I love Brighton, and the Regency is fab!! Such good fish and amazing value. Next time you’re in Brighton you should definitely try 64 Degrees – it’s my favourite restaurant in the UK. They’ve been open in Brighton for a few years, then opened a London branch, which didn’t work out, so it’s just the Brighton one again now! SO good.
    Rosie xx

  • I’m dying to go to Brighton!

  • This just looks like the perfect coast town!

  • Christine | A Keane Sense

    What a fun day! Love the stand in cutout picture of you two! What was the temperature like?

  • The photos of you and Sam are very lovely and cute. Brighton is a good place for summer vacation. I love the blue sea and fresh atmosphere.

  • i can see why they live there too!

  • Brighton is one of my favorite cities in the UK! I’ve visited in late summertime and it was super sunny but windy! I’d live there too to be honest!!

  • Ellen Smith

    I really want to go to Brighton, like so badly <3
    It is absolutely beautiful.
    I am glad you had fun 🙂
    Great pics.


  • So cute! I’ve only ever read about Brighton in some truly awful, time-wasting chick lit books, but it seems just as charming as they made it sound! 🙂

  • Looks like so much fun!!!! I still have never been to Brighton!

  • Wow what wonderful photos, looks like fun

  • It’s definitely a good day out! x

  • Haha I love that photo of you and Sam “having the time of your lives at Brighton Pier”! 😀 x

  • Brighton looks so lovely!! Especially that beautiful summer weather – it’s making me wish for beach days too! Is it a long train ride from London? Xx

  • haha love the photos! Definitely would not put my feet in the water in Scotland right now – but how was the water down south? The weather did look nice, despite the wind! I heard so many good things about Brighton, it looks very quirky!x

    • It was chilly. I’d out my feet in, but not the rest of me. Although there were quite a few braver people than me – definitely at least a dozen swimmers on the beach! x

  • Brighton on a sunny day is such a treat! The beach is packed and there’s a great vibe in the air! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  • Ashley Angle

    Brighton looks amazingly fun!

  • I was there recently too!! I would have loved to have seen the mermaid parade. Am very jealous.

  • I love your pictures! Brighton looks like a fun day trip.

    Also, you and Sam are adorable. I just feel like if we hung out, we’d get along great, as long as y’all can manage the nerdiness of my engineer husband.