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Happy end of the first week of July! Where does one find fireworks in London at such short notice? Unfortunately, I think I’ll be more likely to be nursing a summer cold than celebrating but I hope that my fellow America expats celebrate in good fashion tomorrow!

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Last weekend, not only did I attend Pride, but I also attended the Crystal Palace Festival, both of which were phenomenal amounts of fun. 

This week I attended the launch of House of Fraser’s new line “Gray & Willow” which I thought was absolutely exquisite. I’ll be writing about it more next week, so look out for that post! 

Yesterday, I got to see Waitrose’s Christmas Preview. Oh my goodness. Look for some tasty treats coming to a store near you this fall! My personal favourite was a decadent “sausage roll” but instead of sausage it was pulled pork. It was, in a word, delicious! 

I know many people in England have been too hot this week, but I’ve been relishing the weather. It is my ideal. You can take the girl out of New Mexico…. We’ve even been sleeping with the windows open and there’s nothing better than a fresh nighttime summer breeze. 

Usually, with the warm weather comes healthier eating habits for me. When it’s hot, I crave salad. Don’t ask me why! 

I had my first ever Twister this week. I can safely say that this is a huge error. I can’t believe that I’ve gone 27 years without ever trying one. I’ve now gone through a whole box. They are the King of Popsicles. 

We may actually book a wedding venue sometime next week. But we shall see. Wish me luck! It’s the only decision that we have been a bit confudled on. After that everything is just going to fall into place. *She naively says now.*

I’m going to Bath this weekend for work, fingers crossed for nice weather. 

What are your plans for the weekend? Anyone doing anything of the 4th of July?

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  • What a week indeed!! Twisters, nom!!

  • Twisters for the win!! Totally having a red white and blue BBQ, have to, it’s on a Saturday!

  • I don’t know what a Twister is… I’m doing life wrong again, aren’t I?!

  • Oh no! Get well soon!
    I totally crave salad – and fruit! – in this weather. When I was in Japan it was so hot I’d eat nothing but white grapefruit all summer.

    • Basically, if the weather was more consistently nice, I’d definitely have a much better diet. But on a rainy day, bring on the grease! (And salt. And sweets) x

  • I am so in love with Twisters that I even have a Lip Smackers that is Twister flavor!!

  • I need a Twister right this second!

  • So many happy things Amanda! I love all your photos – they are do summery and are making me wish it were that time of year for us too!! Best of luck booking a venue. That’s the first big things to tick off the list – so many other things just fall into place after that! Xx

  • Jenn Sie

    Secret Cinema and a visit to a restaurant and maybe Mayflower pub, seeing as I am also an expat and it falls on a saturday. Wednesday’s weather was brilliant and reminded me of ‘home’, but the public transport wasn’t nice in those temperatures.

    • How did you like Secret Cinema? Have you gone before? Lots of my actor friends have been involved in them in the past and they always have a blast working for them! x

      • Jenn Sie

        It was amazing!! I’m a big fan of star wars. It was so good. πŸ™‚

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Happy 4th of July lovely πŸ™‚

  • When you said Twister, I thought you meant the game for a minute! Have fun in Bath, loved it there – and looking forward to meeting you very soon

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • You as well! I love Bath too! Any opportunity to visit is a great one. I’m lucky in that I get to go out to Bath every few months for work. This weekend it was beautiful as usual, but very, very rainy! x

  • I’ve been murdering boxes of Twisters left and right. It’s the only popsicle for me. And I did my “July 4th” stuff yesterday at a Grub Club dinner @ the House of Vans. Lots of fun πŸ™‚

    • Did you eat Twisters growing up or like me are you a Twister newcomer?! x

      • I did eat them! But only once in a while; there were other popsicles in my “top spot”XD Pushup Pops used to be my favorite. Do you remember those? The sherbet in those cardboard cylindrical containers that you had to push up as it thawed? They used to have Flintstones characters on the box and on each popsicle.

        • Those Flintstone pushups were my absolute favourite when I was little. To be honest, I wouldn’t say no to one now either! ;D xx

  • I hope you feel better! this can be a hard weekend to be away, so all the love to you.

    • Thanks Betsy! I’ll admit that I did have one brief cry this weekend. No because I am so patriotic, but after about the 17th snapchat from my brother/friends/family I felt a bit overcome. x

  • You seem to attend many events these days. They must be very interesting and wonderful events. I hope you will have a great trip to Bath.

    • Thank you so much. I know that I’m lucky that there is always such a variety of things to do in London! Bath was lovely, but rainy. xx

  • So many amazing events you lucky thing! πŸ™‚ Twisters are the absolute bomb, I can’t believe you’ve only just discovered this??!! Plus they aren’t even that bad for you (so you can definitely justify eating a whole box!) Your photogrid sums up basically my ideal, so many great things in life!

    Alice xxx

    • I don’t think they exist in America (or at least I never came across them) so my childhood was sadly lacking πŸ˜‰ x

  • Agreed! x