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Happy end of the first week of July! Where does one find fireworks in London at such short notice? Unfortunately, I think I’ll be more likely to be nursing a summer cold than celebrating but I hope that my fellow America expats celebrate in good fashion tomorrow!

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Last weekend, not only did I attend Pride, but I also attended the Crystal Palace Festival, both of which were phenomenal amounts of fun. 

This week I attended the launch of House of Fraser’s new line “Gray & Willow” which I thought was absolutely exquisite. I’ll be writing about it more next week, so look out for that post! 

Yesterday, I got to see Waitrose’s Christmas Preview. Oh my goodness. Look for some tasty treats coming to a store near you this fall! My personal favourite was a decadent “sausage roll” but instead of sausage it was pulled pork. It was, in a word, delicious! 

I know many people in England have been too hot this week, but I’ve been relishing the weather. It is my ideal. You can take the girl out of New Mexico…. We’ve even been sleeping with the windows open and there’s nothing better than a fresh nighttime summer breeze. 

Usually, with the warm weather comes healthier eating habits for me. When it’s hot, I crave salad. Don’t ask me why! 

I had my first ever Twister this week. I can safely say that this is a huge error. I can’t believe that I’ve gone 27 years without ever trying one. I’ve now gone through a whole box. They are the King of Popsicles. 

We may actually book a wedding venue sometime next week. But we shall see. Wish me luck! It’s the only decision that we have been a bit confudled on. After that everything is just going to fall into place. *She naively says now.*

I’m going to Bath this weekend for work, fingers crossed for nice weather. 

What are your plans for the weekend? Anyone doing anything of the 4th of July?

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