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Naval Warfare at Peasholm Park

One of the things that I’ve always heard Sam speaking about from his childhood and finally had the chance to experience was “Naval Warfare” at Peasholm Park. In the lake, naval battles are staged with smallish 21 foot recreation naval ships, U-boats and merchant vessels. What’s most surprising is that all these boats are manned! You watch them blowing each other up, catching fire and bombarding each other and you think they are remote controlled and then at the end all the boats do an acknowledgement lap around the lake and the tops come off the boats and the captain inside waves. I was shocked! I was convinced they were remote controlled.

It’s become a Scarborough legacy. This has been going on 3 times a week during the summer for the past 80 years. The shows are only 30 minutes long, but that’s still an impressive history. After WWII, the boats staged and recreated the Battle of the River Plate. 

Its catch phrase is “The smallest manned navy in the world” and it certainly is! 

naval warfare
organ pavillion

first bombardment
smoking boat
boat on fire
boat sinking
captain waving

Tickets are £4 for adults £2.20 for children.

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  • That’s such a unique attraction! And so cheap!

    • It is cheap! 😉 And admittedly it’s a weird thing to do on a summer afternoon, but I guess that’s part of it’s charm! x

  • How crazy I would have thought they were remote controlled too! Seems a bit scary and claustrophobic to me!

    • I didn’t believe Sam when he told me that they weren’t remote controlled! In fact it wasn’t until the very end when the people came out the tops of the boats that I actually believed! x

  • Bloody hell talk about crazy yeah I also would have thought they were remote controlled

  • The ship battle sounds interesting. This a beautiful and exciting place.

  • Wow they do look like tiny little remote controlled boats – it’s kind of funny to see this man in the last photo…like how is he fitting in there??

  • THIS IS THE COOLEST EVER! but how do they FIT in the boats?