Vlogging my Weekend (London Scenes)

Hi guys! I’m back with another vlog to update you on what I’ve been up to lately. As usual, I try to keep it short and sweet, but only because my own attention span is so short when it comes to vlogs! Are you a long vlog lover? Or more of a short and sweet aficionado? 

For many reasons, I think this is my favourite vlog that I’ve done so far. Maybe it’s the glimpses of Zomato’s 7th Birthday Party, or the snatches of some of my favourite parts of London. (The Southbank, Borough Market.) Or maybe it’s just the pure joy that comes from a really, really good weekend comprised of 3 birthday parties, a colleague’s leaving do and a play. 

Plus, I finally qualified for my own custom youtube URL which makes me very happy!

hummingbird cupcake
The birthday boy shared around his Hummingbird Red Velvet cakes. 

Drinks at Earlham Street Clubhouse at the Tomato Party.

I want to know what my readers have been up to lately! What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in the past week?

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  • I’m at work so can’t watch your vlog yet…boo!! The most exciting thing I’ve done this week is have a university reunion with some of my friends on my course, we stayed in yurts in Devon, went for a long sunny walk, drank a lot of elderflower gin and jumped around in huge waves! Either that or my perfect strangers parcel arrived which was pretty exciting! Alice xx

    • Yurts in Devon sounds ideal! What was the name of the place that you stayed at? x

      • It’s called Yarde Orchard – very eco friendly campsite and right on the Tarka Trail so perfect if you were going cycling. Plus they do great breakfast, pizza and cakes…etc 😀 Not too expensive either, it worked out £10 per night each for us, with the bell tents and smaller yurts for even less! 🙂 xxx

  • I LOVE this vlog Amanda! You are just the sweetest – I loved everything about it! It sounded and looked like one of the best weekends! We had a really lovely one too at the French Festival and just hanging out with my sisters going to the movies (Magic Mike 2 haha) and getting my hair freshened up! It was great! xx

  • You just have fantastic video skills girlie!! Loving it…you have me feeling so inspired!!!

  • The start when you are walking around was like the opening credits to your own show!

  • Sweet dance moves, yo 😀 Lots of birthday parties! I’ve never had a party for it, but my birthday was yesterday, so that was my most exciting thing lately. Hummingbird cupcakes…why didn’t I think of that?!

  • So fun!! This video triples my excitement for my Europe trip that starts on FRIDAY!! That’s the exciting thing from my week. Running errands and packing and doing last minute things for my trip! Our first stop is London so I’ve been devouring all of your London posts! 🙂

  • Such a cute video! Looks like you had a lovely weekend 🙂 xxx

  • Thanks! 🙂 xx

  • You seem to have a great weekend. I love those Red Velvet cakes.

  • Kelly

    I went with my family to see The Book of Mormon last Friday night. Hilarious and so much fun!

  • I definitely love short vlogs – though I love to myself make long vlogs so I don’t know about my contradictions lol and aw I was invited to the Zomato party in Edinburgh but it was so early I wasn’t able to attend 🙁 and finally LOL to you guys dancing in the tube haha!

  • Look at you all sober at 11pm on a Saturday night. I need to sort my life out.

  • Love this short little recap of the weekend!!!