London || Picnic at the Tower

My favourite tourist attraction in London is the Tower of London. I love getting to go there. I relish opportunities to take visiting family members there. Between watching cheesy reenactments, touring the dungeons and standing on that weird conveyor belt that goes by the Crown Jewels, I just can’t get enough of it.

And then there’s the beautiful tower bridge, which whenever I walk past I sing the “Biggles: Adventures in Time” theme tune quietly to myself. (If anyone knows what I am talking about, congratulations, you are my new best friend.) There are few areas in London that are more stunning so when Guoman Hotels invited me to their Picnic at the Tower, you could bet I was going to be there. 

We haven’t been having great luck with the weather lately, so I crossed my fingers all day in hopes for good weather, and my wish for no rain was granted. The picnic was held on The Tower Hotel’s riverside, pop up bar area, The Lawn. Drinking Pimms in the shadow of Tower Bridge felt surreal. I also slammed home my miniature desserts in about 2 seconds flat because they were a) tiny and b) delicious. 

It was a great opportunity to catch up with some of my favourites like Emma, Angela and Frankie, as well as finally getting to meet some of the bloggers that I read religiously, like Jasmin and Erica. Plus, I got to meet a whole new group of fabulous and interesting bloggers. (Apologies if I haven’t mentioned you by name here, but I had awesome conversations with so many new people that this post would get exceedingly dull if I drug it out any longer.) 

shard and the tower
more tower bridge
more shard and tower
tower bridge top
tower bridge
the lawn
guoman picnic

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